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  1. Thanks much everyone --- very much appreciated!!! Rock On!!! --- RaspyRock (a.k.a. Rockin' Joe)
  2. Ya know, that Jim Stafford don't look too bad in those recent Branson, Mo. ads.
  3. .......... and then go to the final team who had Lombardi as coach ........... REDSKINS!!! (How soon we forget.) P.S. .... at least now I see that BHP knew ... my respect for Pat grows!!! You DA MAN!
  4. Happy Birthday!!! Have a great day and best wishes the whole year through! ROCK ON!!!
  5. Amen to the amens ... or sumpin' like that!
  6. I'm thinking the GREEN teams advance to SB.
  7. Who sings that song "I'm in love with a stripper"? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=1006050911382
  8. Oh yes, women are increasing their interest in the NFL games. No doubt.
  9. Party like it's 1946, 2010 ..... or 2011??? With an expanded format next year likely, is it possible? Two teams, each going into the bye week anyway, could be set up for the grid-iron. NBA & NHL may not like this though. All about TV revenue.
  10. I say go back to 3 divisions so as to have 3 div. winners + 3 wild card contenders --- instead of 4 & 2. With only 3 divisions there would be 5 or 6 teams in each division and a better chance of a winning record at the top.
  11. See a trend developing here ... I'm the next to last pick in my other FFL. It turned out alright ... except I picked 2 QB's w/ the same bye week! The wonders of an offline draft party (w/ beer) kinda thing.
  12. C'mon Cartmill!! What could be better than an ol' FFL slobber-knocker on Cartmill's team!
  13. Thanks for the wishes y'all. You're the best. I had a good day! Keep Rockin' --- INDEED! Thanks again.
  14. HMMMMMM!!! http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/286296
  15. I like both of those guys, but I'm just crazy like that!!! I think I've heard Eric channel some of his inner metal health a time or two!
  16. If they'd have signed w/ Epic or some other label, it likely would've been better. Seems Capitol was trying to find a Beatles-like band or replacement and this caused the band to be pigeon-holed, if you will. Said to be Beatle-like is a compliment, so long as your not packaged that way and the record label isn't pining away about the days of yore.
  17. Great minds think alike!
  18. Superb! Thanks to Eric, Bernie and all involved.
  19. Happy Birthday --- hope it was a great day!
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