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  1. Darlene, it will be 20 - 23 percent. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. The current systems sucks, so lets dump it and try something new. We waste 15 billion dollars of GDP every year to maintain compliance w/ current tax laws. It's worth it to try something new. Also, I like Huckabee's view that more decisions should move back to the states. This may help un-ravel lobbyists influence. Easier for an individual citizen to travel to a state capitol and try to influence a state politician, than to deal w/ those in DC.
  2. Yep, we're gonna pay one way or the other. I just don't wanna waste a whole lot extra time in the process of doing it!!!
  3. Wasn't hollies65 the guy that worked for the park service in DC and discovered that the 'million-man-march' was actually the '3/4 of a million-man-march'?
  4. Looks like Rollins from the Reagan campaign years has signed on to help the Huckabee campaign.
  5. Yes Eric, you guys rocked-out to the max! As I told you and Jim after the show: "You guys are getting better all the time!". We could tell you guys were having fun -- as I mentioned to Dave. Looking forward to more shows! Keep up the great work!!!
  6. I will be there along w/ Danny S. & Dianed -- and if Stringer + guest get there in time they may also be in the mix. Time to Raspberry Party Cleveland!!!
  7. I'm actually leaving 74 degree weather here in metro Atlanta, in less than an hour, to start my journey up there, spending the night in WV and going the rest of the way tomorrow. I forgot to give burnt offerings to the weather gods. Hopefully some others have. Hope it's at least tolerable weather.
  8. ...... er ..... uh ........ beer then, Marvin??
  9. Your one to talk ..... w/ a SSN of TWELVE!!!
  10. Make that a pair of tickets in Row F, now available.
  11. ........ pending any significant action ..... this could take a while ....
  12. WEEELLLLLLL ........ w/ a few drinkie-poohs!!!
  13. ....... and we're gonna party like it's 2999!!!
  14. Not bringing equip. but may bring DVD of one performance w/ live rock karaoke band for entertainment! And have discovered that Cleveland has ample karaoke bars!!!!
  15. How long has Al K been involved with the Raspberries?
  16. What?? No 'Berries Bus?!??? How 'bout in Europe???
  17. And it is a primo ticket near the front!! How could you pass up the chance to sit w/ Dianed and myself?? Does it get any better than that?!?
  18. But the fact is -- some of the bands of that category would love to have a combo concert w/ the Raspberries --- especially featuring Eric Carmen. Yes, bring on : "ABM", "Hungry Eyes", and "MMLC". I've understood from another thread that MMLC has already been rehearsed by the 'Berries??!! While I'm more interested in Raspberries material, I love MMLC.
  19. Here in the Atlanta area during the summer there was a combo concert of Def Leppard, Foreigner & Styx. This created some 'buzz'. Several people were talking about it. Need to create media buzz & combo concerts actually does this --- this alleviates/solves the situation where many people would've gone to the concert had they known about it. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Nothing ventured - nothing gained. Time to tinker!!!
  20. I've been saying that some cross-pollenation would be good -- whether "featuring Eric Carmen" or opening act or both. Hope most shows have multi-tiered pricing. Some folks will pay 50 or 100, while others only 20 or 30 bucks. Prior holiday plans and general holiday focus may detract from sales in some cases. I'm still thinking February in Florida has a nice ring to it. April in Atlanta?? WORKS FOR ME!!! Tour w/ Cheap Trick --- have Fountains of Wayne open up for ya! Variety IS the spice of life!!!!
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