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  1. They've sent all the shirts I've ordered!
  2. Raspyrock


    I liked it --- especially the hamburger phone. ----- kinda like the Air Supply burger!
  3. http://blog.washingtonpost.com/the-trail...re?hpid=topnews AHEM.
  4. Raspyrock

    1,300 Members?

    .... and the laundry was hell back in the 'smoke-signal days'!!
  5. Raspyrock

    Giants Win!

    I even won a few bucks on that one.
  6. .... someone makes a point to buy you Raspberry M&M's !!
  7. Considering that the 2007 tour was "in support of" the "Live" release, it would only make sense to end that chapter if an agreement was reached with another label for new material.
  8. LOL --- Where's former Sen. Mitchell when you need him.
  9. I was hoping that Biden would do a bit better. He has some good foreign policy views.
  10. Those scholarships are awarded to those kids based on the same achievements, in Arkansas schools, as the American kids. I want to build an electric razor-wired double wall at the border too, but it's hard to blame the kids, with a double-standard, for what the parents have done. The Feds have created a lot of problems for the states. No Wonder Arnold wants California to sue the Feds over EPA stuff ----- these lawsuits should also come for immigration issues also.
  11. Still rooting for the accountants, IRS & H&R Block people to get REAL jobs!!! Some people now call it the Huck-a-boom!!!
  12. LOL does it have "I Just Wanna Make Love to You" on that program too?!?!?
  13. For those interested: http://www.hardrockbiloxi.com/entertainment/hard-rock-live
  14. Even though she's been a good girl, MJ is still hoping for switches!!!
  15. LOL. You the man Lew!! Great job Dianed!! Maybe youz guys can help the 'Berries write the next 'Hands On You' styled song???
  16. I know plenty of Jewish people who celebrate the Jewish holidays as well as Christmas. It speaks well of them to understand and appreciate others traditions while holding on to theirs.
  17. Atlanta, Nashville and/or Florida are the next logical considerations!
  18. Maybe they will re-record the up-tempo version someday.
  19. I confess, I like Money Down too. ------- As well as ICHBYM.
  20. I don't believe 'Let's Pretend' has ever been in a CDG/Karaoke format. GATW can be found on two brands, Overnight Sensation on Sound Choice & I think 'I Wanna Be With You" on a rare format instead of the most popular 'CDG' format.
  21. SHHHHHHHHHHH!!! When I'm good, I'm good. When I'm bad, I'm better!
  22. What's in the egg nog??? I heard the female MAY have been drunk. Really now, you think??
  23. Don't think there can be any personal exemptions, but for food .... that might work???
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