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  1. A natural pre-amble to the Iditarod, no doubt. No wonder all the female dogs ( bitches ) are all revved-up for the race.
  2. Very funny. I've seen some of these before, but not all of them. Think I'll have to share this w/ some friends.
  3. I once went to house settlement on leap day: 02-29-88.
  4. Good one John. Girl w/ wooden leg: Eileen Asian girl w/ wooden leg: Irene!!!
  5. http://www.usatoday.com/life/music/news/2008-02-26-clapton-north-korea_N.htm Is North Korea on a PR campaign or what?
  6. Biden likely kicking himself now for not running in '04 ---- the Dems only needed someone about 1 or 2 percent better than what they had (JK) to win Ohio & the presidency.
  7. And McCain vs. Obama likely means Calif. is in play. Hispanic vote does not seem to be Obama's long suit + McCain is from the adjacent state ... & Gov. Arnold will help out where he can.
  8. I heard on cable news that some GOPers are considering to vote for Hillary now to help McCain in the general election. Nader & Bloomberg could complicate any equation.
  9. .... just like another (middle-eastern) radical group ...... having trouble adjusting to modernity.
  10. Glad to see things on the mend. I think both dudes are pretty cool.
  11. Does your Russian girlfriend have a boyfriend?
  12. Glad to see the Giants put Pats in their place. Any team that comes within one play ( or errant time-out ) of losing to the lowly Ravens -- who fired their coach at the end of the season -- had to be seen as vulnerable, and they were. Congrats to Giants. Good Job.
  13. Superb!!! Now the party is really over for the Pats. Glad we don't have to hear them drone on 4ever ------ had they won. ( Still wish my 'Skins had of done better in SB7 against Dolphins, but hey I was in the Rose Bowl stands for SB17 against Miami --- Redskins Revenge!!! )
  14. We came to America --- No taxes, guys hunted & fished all day, women did most of the work and we THOUGHT we could improve on a system like that ...
  15. I need to re-up my passport soon anyway!!
  16. Next thing, they'll allow Tang in the grocery stores or something.
  17. Talk about slow on the up-take: http://www.abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/wireStory?id=4199077
  18. OK Lew, this is where you look at your watch and ask MJ : "OK, how much time we got?".
  19. Bush has such an ego, he thinks that he is the embodiment of American ideals. Nothing could be further from the truth. Less than a year to go, so no sense in impeachment efforts. However, I don't mind if proceedings advance once they've left office and him and Cheney spend a few years in jail for their malpractice of civil duties/service.
  20. ...... Which TV show is best suited for Eric Carmen???? ---- ( besides the obvious of being a future judge on American Idol )
  21. ----- or get alternate exposure on the big screen or small screen and crank up your recording career again after that.
  22. The Ultimate brush-off: "My people will call your people, and they'll do lunch."
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