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  1. Besides, I initially mis-read it as 'Raspbernie Festival' ...... so when's WAB this year?
  2. Just when I thought the Summer couldn't get any more exciting.
  3. I thought we had him busted, but apparently not: http://www.loveme.com/tour/zaporozhye/ :p
  4. And ..... uhhhh ..... speaking of Biloxi ...YES, believe it or not, this really happened. I was sitting at the blackjack table at the Hard Rock Casino, and actually WEARING MY RASPBERRIES T-SHIRT, at about 5 past 9 in the morning -- and guess what song comes on their sound system .... you got it: GO ALL THE WAY.
  5. Figured you'd like that Muzza!
  6. Good artist ---- will be missed. R.I.P.
  7. Happy Birthday!!! Have a GREAT one!!!!!!!!
  8. Should there be any Southern Hemisphere dates -- please save them for our wintertime so we can escape the cold!!!
  9. Got my passport renewed --- Canada, Japan, Europe, or Down Under?
  10. A thousand poxes on your Eagles for that one, Tiggsherby.
  11. Happy Birthday Kathryn. Hope you have a super fun birthday party!
  12. Happy Birthday Fred. Have a great one!
  13. Atlanta, Charlotte & Myrtle Beach, S.C. is closer to Gene. ------ just sayin'!
  14. I've considered the possibility of this too. On the 12th ballot Gore or Edwards start to look good. Some state delegations are only obligated thru a certain round of balloting. Plus, if Fl. & Mich. send only uncommitted slates to the convention......... Great theatre none-the-less.
  15. Will keep an eye out. I'm sure Mr. Bundles has sampled many things!
  16. Russians should watch out -- NZ vodka on the rise! Thought it funny that my ex was from Russia & liked Finlandia Vodka!!
  17. Yep, Muzza -- "Sh#ttin' & gettin" takes on a whole new meaning!
  18. Fuel up the Kiwi Express baby! Perhaps one day -- more bucks to NZ and less to the Middle East??? http://www.nzherald.co.nz/section/1/story.cfm?c_id=1&ObjectID=10381404
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