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  1. Happy Birthday Eric! Have a great one!!!
  2. On long flights, altering seat surfaces ( seat, pillow, blanket ) can ease the butt torture a bit. Or, like the lady sitting next to my wife decided to do on a recent flight - - sleep on the floor! Not sure if the crew ever caught on or would've cared, but I suppose on a 15 hour flight people may try anything to get comfy.
  3. A release of any 'new' material could help their case, even if it was recorded in the 70's and never released back then. They certainly belong in HOF besides anything new, but it does not hurt to muse about what can or will help the cause. Are there any hidden or 'lost' recordings to speak of?
  4. Happy New Year Everyone!!! Hope to still see you around!
  5. Go Macro? Economies of Scale? Perhaps a Power Pop site of blended communities? This may attract more advertisers and be more economical to run. Just trying to look for answers and think outside the box. --- Joe
  6. I tend to agree with LC's sentiments --- knew I'd not been by for a while and was a bit guilty about it. Life comes at us all fast, too fast. Hope the site can keep rolling for a bit longer so we all can catch up with each other. We all still actually have one serious goal left -- getting Raspberries into RRHOF!!! I think we can do it! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!
  7. This effort is so-so. It's like someone got too carried away with the simplistic or retro aspect?? For purposes of the television production ?? -- that may have impacted the song recording?? Original Raspberries version seems better layered.
  8. A belated Happy Birthday to you kind sir!
  9. Yes, more music creation is good thing.
  10. Time is the key element. It changes many things. New information leads to new perspective. Many rockers come out of retirement once they encounter multiple college tuitions at once ....
  11. Happy Birthday Eric! Sorry I was a bit late --- I've been busy to the 3rd power. Hope it was a good one for you. --- Joe
  12. happy belated birthday RASPATHENS!
  13. Welcome. I think relating to music is important to most of us. You will enjoy this site.
  14. I would like to associate myself with the last three comments!!! RASPBERRIES TOUR -- BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!
  15. OK!!! Where's all my FFL league mates?!? Time to sign Up!
  16. Happy Birthday Eric. Have a great one!!! Take care.
  17. Happy Belated Birthday Dude!!! Hope it was a great one, and many great ones to come!!!
  18. Nice link LC. This nearly caught me off gaurd at the movies in Cebu, Philippines. I exclaimed "Raspberries" once I heard the tune crank up. ---- But not completely off gaurd. When I saw the "1972" sub-title .... with Nights in White Satin playing upon the intro to the movie .... it did float through my mind that my fave band the Raspberries had a nice review, from -- I believe - a SoCal music reporter, of Raspberries actually doing the song better than the original version by Moody Blues.
  19. Maybe one of those laid-off newspaper folks could phone-hack the answer for us??? (kidding --- well, sort of)
  20. Happy Birthday Eric!!! Have a great one!!! --- Joe
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