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  1. Hi Eric. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on some of these sessions and touring with the Beach Boys. I've always heard that Carl was such a kind, sweet and gentle man. He was certainly underrated as a vocalist. Ah, Kip Lennon. Are you a Venice fan Eric? There is something to be said for those special harmonies that come from brothers and cousins. And I'm sure as Lawrence Welk used to say "Da lovely Lennon sisters" had some genetic influence! The Everlys, the Bee Gees, Neil and Tim Finn, the Wilsons (Brian, Carl, Dennis), et. al are just a few examples of voices that harmonize in an awesome way. Be well, SNazz123
  2. Hi Bernie and Kathy. My pin arrived today and I must add my great thanks to you two for creating this beautiful piece! The copper is so beautiful and the pin hefty - as weighty (in a good way) as Eric's illustrious career. The double pin/backing pieces are necessary given the heft of this treasure. Thanks for drawing my name! For those of you who want to buy this item, I strongly recommend that you do so. You'll be very please with this great keepsake. Bravo! And thanks again! SNazz123
  3. Just met Mr. McDaniel (Bo Diddley) on February 10th. He was described as being "frail" but he played for about 90 minutes and had stories to tell. Like frankenberrie at his show, we sat within 10 feet of this legend and it was awesome to hear him sing and play after all these years. We got his autograph on his CD box and booklet and were possibly the only people in the club to get a photo with him. Very special man. Very special night for us. He's been in our prayers since we learned of his stroke last night. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in its sophomore year of existence. He's a pioneer and we bow to his life and contributions. Get well soon Bo Diddley! SNazz123
  4. Don't forget the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom in Hampton, NH Eric! It's a big old ballroom, not a gambling joint, by the Atlantic. You and the family would like to see an ocean, right? :-) As I told you before, John Fogerty, Steve Winwood, Collective Soul, Lindsey Buckingham and others have played this venue of 2,000 and have said, from the stage, how much they like the place and its fans. Just think - Autumn in New Hampshire and walking along the beach. You and my wife and I could talk music and Macintosh whilst you are here! :-) SNazz123
  5. Howdy JohnO. Up to 18 days and counting. My email from them said 4-12 days but up to two months! I imagine that the customs process can interfer with speedy delivery. However, I've gotten things from New Zealand in one week. Anyway, these CDs are worth the wait JohnO and I appreciate your turning me on to this site and recommending it so I had confidence. SNazz123
  6. Hmmmm. I ordered mine to be shipped to New England in the States and it has been 16 days so far. I'm waiting with baited breath for these gems. Cannot wait! SNazz123
  7. Congratulations Eric! Although I'm fairly new here I am a veteran when it comes to following your career over the years. It must warm your heart that so many people still care about you, personally, and the music you've created. My only regret is I arrived to the party a wee bit too late to get one of the 300 CD/DVD packages you had for sale. I'm still bummin' about that one! Looking forward to being on board for the next 10 years Eric. So glad that Bernie and Kathy (thanks folks!) gave you a foundation on the internet "back in the day". Thanks, Eric, for sharing so much with us here. It is a constant education you give us into the music business and the stresses and strains and the joy, too, of the journey. When you tour again with your mates make sure you make it to the New Hampshire area. The Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom (not a gambling establishment just a 2,000 seat venue) in Hampton, NH would be a great place for a gig. John Fogerty, Collective Soul, Lindsey Buckingham, Steve Winwood and others we've seen in the last year LOVE this venue. God bless and keep on rockin'! SNazz123
  8. Little pieces. Big pieces. It doesn't matter! Eric, thanks for your keen insights into the "behind the scenes" of Clive and associated labels. I've followed his career for years but your summation of the arc of his career was great. Just a quick Clive story of my own. I was in NYC on business and was walking on 57th, I believe, and straight in front of me was a guy struggling with his briefcase. I realized it was Clive and I said, "Hi Mr. Davis. It is nice to see you!" I'm sure he wondered "Who the hell is this guy." I then realized we were right in front of Arista Records and that Mr. Davis was trying to open the door. I opened the door for him and wished him a good day. As the door shut I had another thought so I opened the door to see a security guard at his post and Mr. Davis still struggling with his briefcase. I said, "Oh, Mr. Davis. I just want to say that I've followed your career for years and I want to congratulate you on your being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You deserve it!" He said, "Thank you" and I left. SNazz123
  9. "1985" is a hoot hosskratz. Have you ever seen the video? It is quite funny if you can track it down...perhaps on Youtube. SNazz123
  10. yskogg - Did you notice any increase and the low end of these recording? Any extra "oomph" with the bass and drums? Still waiting for my treasure trove to arrive from Japan. SNazz123
  11. Wonderful news for a wonderful guy and his family! Grab that gusto Eric! SNazz123
  12. Can't wait for mine! Thanks for the reports yskogg! SNazz123
  13. Aha ira! Another thing we have in common! FOW is probably one of the last of the great power pop groups and a cause to rejoice! "Traffic and Weather" is so much fun with hilarious lyrics, great harmonies, and instrumentation that would make Brian Wilson smile. It'll be interesting to see if Eric is familiar with this group and what he thinks as well as other EC.com folks. SNazz123
  14. "Commanding presence"...that says it all ira! And I, too, saw him with a musical conductor and full orchestra. I remember telling him "Gene...you haven't lost and I heard you 25 years ago!" Just a phenomenal voice and he treated me so nicely. You don't forget those moments. Glad to share my little story ira. For those of you who think you might be interested in checking out Gene's many great songs. For not too much money you can probably find a 50-track Hits package on CD if you search the net. Spend $10-20 USD and get a package like that would be my recommendation rather than spending similar money for a puny 10-12 track CD. SNazz123
  15. Great question Kirk! Can the remastering with the latest technology result in sonic improvements over previous releases? Can these technologies, indeed, reveal things subtle and not-so-subtle from the original master recordings? I've gotten remastered items recently and the previously bass-shy end was restored in the remixing and or remastering process. I'm hoping that will be the case with these Japanese remasters. Here's hopin'! SNazz123
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