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  1. I read that eric's grandfather had a boss who couldn't pronounce their long Russian last name so grandfather shortened it to Carmen. Does anyone know what the original last name was?
  2. seattle steve, i live in seattle proper, in fact, always have. i get around the state a little. lots of pretty areas here. if it's any enticement for eric, well over 90% of the visitors and transplants i have spoken to express absolute adoration for the seattle area. they always say how beautiful it is. i am definitely willing to travel to see eric.
  3. glad to see the responses. i was wondering if i had crossed some line or something. i used to do hair in the 80's and still do my family's hair. in fact my picky teenage daughters would never dream of anyone else touching theirs. my hair is curly like shakira's, but i am addicted to my flat iron. eric's hair is always great long or short.
  4. I've loved your hair over the years. It looks really thick and seems very wavy or curly. I used to style hair so if this seems unusual, now you know where I'm coming from.
  5. I meant has eric ever been to seattle. I haven't, up until now communicated much online and already see that I have posted things that can be read more than 1 way. Sorry, I intend to learn from my mistakes. I am very much aware and delighted to see how active eric is here at ec.com!!! What a beautiful experience for us. Already in the last 2 days I've gotten insight and answers to questions I've long had regarding Eric. I love it here!
  6. hi sherry, thanks for the greeting! cool name! you're the traditional sherry or cooking sherry. i'm just a derivitive.
  7. Wow, what a nice group of people here @ EC.com! Well, of course, we are a cut above. Thanks for the very warm welcome, except for uncle fester's. By the way, it is slightly overcast, but very bright and beautiful today here in Seattle. I needed my sunglasses on my drive to pick up my daughter. On clear days we can see 2 sets of mountain ranges from the freeway. Does anyone know if Eric has ever been here?
  8. I'm certain that that there are tons of fans here in Seattle. My heart would flip if you stopped here for an appearance or 2 sometime in the near future! I wish all the love, joy and happiness in the world to you, Eric and your beautiful family! Sherri
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