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  1. Prettymom! I also exprienced my awful birthday 2 years ago same as you frown

    My husband and two daughters forgot my birthday!

    To things matters worse,even if my husband let me bring his cell phone,which he had left at home,to his office,he still didn't noticed it was my birthday on that day!!!

    I was extremely sad on that day....,so I feel the same way.

    But forget it! Please be happy!!!

    Again,Happy Birthday Prettymom!!! LuvLove

  2. I am extremely happy to attend the Saturday show.Finally my dream has come true.

    I met Eric,Wally,Dave and Jim.I'm so impresed that they are all very friendly. :lol: Though I sometimes struggled to speak in English,they are very kind.For Japanese fan!!please come if you can!!!(I know it's very far.....)

    I was at lower ground left table and there I could really see that Eric played the piano.When he played 'I can remember','All by myself',I felt like in heaven!!!!And I could see Dave's

    always smiling.How lucky I am....

    Again thank you for Diane for the badge,and Bernie,Susana,MJ,Marvin,52j,Lew,Tommy,ira.....many board menbers.(sorry for Gail,I missed to say thank you for tel directory.)

    :) THANK YOU!!! :)

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