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  1. Happy Birthday,Eric! Have a fantastic day!! Kumiko from Toronto
  2. I am very sorry to be late to send a message as I don't know how to post since this site has renewed. But now I knew ...(Maybe...) Anyway ..... Happy Birthday, Eric!!! Kumiko
  3. Happy Birthday,Eric!!!! I hope you have a fantastic day! Message from Japan(I'm staying in Japan this summer.It's very hot and humid... )
  4. Wow!It's great!!! I know that Japanese TV show,(that was used to be popular among young generation!)but I had never seen it. Great thanks for your post,LC!!
  5. Happy Birthday Muzza! I hope you have a fantastic day!
  6. Prettymom! I also exprienced my awful birthday 2 years ago same as you My husband and two daughters forgot my birthday! To things matters worse,even if my husband let me bring his cell phone,which he had left at home,to his office,he still didn't noticed it was my birthday on that day!!! I was extremely sad on that day....,so I feel the same way. But forget it! Please be happy!!! Again,Happy Birthday Prettymom!!!
  7. Happy Birthday PM from Ontario same as you!! Sorry to be late to tell you. I believe you'd had a wonderful day!
  8. Happy Birthday MJ!!! I hope you have a fantastic day!
  9. I watched it ,too!!! I'm very happy to see it.
  10. Happy birthday Lee Marshall!! Enjoy your birthday celebration more!
  11. Happy Bithday Julie! Make yout birthday celebration longer!
  12. Happy Birthday Jannygurr!! Make your birthday longer and be happy!!!
  13. Happy Birthday,CubbiefanMike!! Sorry to be late to say!
  14. HT from MO,darlene and Julesberry,thank you for making my birthday longer! I'm still enjoying!!! How happy I am!!!
  15. hungryeyes,The kiwi connection,marlene,Bessieboo,Laura and AnnieKNY Thank you very much for the message for my birthday!I really enjoyed it!!I hope to have a chance to see you this year!! Love Kumiko
  16. Happy new year, Eric! I hope you have a wonderful year!! See you again soon!!
  17. Bernie,MJ,Darlene,Jay52,and mymooladi,thank you for the posts for me.I always feel warm when I read the posts in this site.EC board members are incredibly heartwarming people!!!
  18. I am extremely happy to attend the Saturday show.Finally my dream has come true. I met Eric,Wally,Dave and Jim.I'm so impresed that they are all very friendly. Though I sometimes struggled to speak in English,they are very kind.For Japanese fan!!please come if you can!!!(I know it's very far.....) I was at lower ground left table and there I could really see that Eric played the piano.When he played 'I can remember','All by myself',I felt like in heaven!!!!And I could see Dave's always smiling.How lucky I am.... Again thank you for Diane for the badge,and Bernie,Susana,MJ,Marvin,52j,Lew,Tommy,ira.....many board menbers.(sorry for Gail,I missed to say thank you for tel directory.) THANK YOU!!!
  19. Wow,how wonderful it is,Annie!!!And I was in Kuala Lumpur,too!!! At that time I was strugglig to take care my kids,so I didn't know the news about EC....Sorry for Eric!
  20. That's a really exciting story!!! Actually I used be in Malaysia about 3 years ago,(many Japanese restaurants there!) at that time I didn't know Ras's reunion.....Probably there are many hiding EC fans who don't know that in the world!!!!
  21. I feel the same way...Actually I'm not a Canadian,but I always feel that goods are too expensive because of the taxes....(But I love Canada!!)
  22. Mine has been delivered when I was not in,so I'll pick it up tomorrow!!But according to the slip it's charged $23.62 as taxes!!! Why is mine more expensive? so painful....But anyway I feel excited!
  23. Hi KEIKO!! I envy you!!Maybe I should receive it in Japan...I am STILL waiting WAITING in canada...We have to be patient,Pierre.
  24. I am still waiting....Has anyone in Canada received LE so far?
  25. Happy Birthday,Eric!!! I hope you have a fantastic year with good health beside your family and e.c family,too!!=)
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