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  1. Hey Mike, that's really cool!! If I had $9,500, I'd have to give it a whirl just to say I did it!! I like the fact that there are artists from every "area" of music....from southern rock to hard rock and everything in between. I think if this were made into a "reality show"...I'd actually watch this one!! Cool way to get a bands name out there!! Ronda P.S. I wonder if the money is donated to charity?
  2. Raspathens, as a teenager that was my favorite thing to do. Sit in a dark room, headphones on, and just picture it myself. Actually, I still like to do that. I like watching videos, but I miss the days of "Friday Nights", and "Midnight Special". Ronda
  3. LMAO!!! Don't ya wonder how they got away with stuff like that??? Sorry Marlene, I maybe got carried away!! For the most part, that was Jim's attire in the day. Very few shows that he wasn't clad in the white spandex and shirtless. LC, that was "Turn Back Time", I think??? Anyway, have a great one!!! Ronda
  4. I do believe yesterday was one of the scariest weather days we've had in south Arkansas in a looooong time, and I do not care to have another day like it!! 3 tornado warnings in 3 hours time....and the last one went right over us!!! We got lucky and just had some downed trees, a lil flying debris, and some shingles on a few roofs blown off, but some folks weren't so lucky. The little town of Dumas, Arkansas was leveled!!! Two tornadoes in 2 hours time. It looks like ya'll in the north are dealing with another round of snow and ice......WEIRD STUFF!! Hope all ya'll are safe and sound!!! Ronda
  5. I'm trying this, hoping it works.....thought I might as well throw this one in!! LC, I think you've started something!! LOL!!!
  6. Raspathens, sorry, I somehow missed your post....so he IS looking for some air time?
  7. Muzza,I think he's looking for his own tv show?????? Oh, I agree with you on the soap opera thing. It gets amusing that certain things are even deemed news worthy. I think if I have to see another shot of Britney Spears bald head and tattoo, I may lose my lunch!! Kiwi..... Ya'll sleep tight!! Ronda
  8. Hey LC, I still have a ringing in my ears from that one!!! Kinda like somebody scraping their finger nails down a chalk board!!! lol! Ronda
  9. Muzza, you hit the nail on the head!! I just think that less is more in most cases.
  10. Oh man, and that is such a wholesome song.....what must his mother have thought? LOL!!! Ronda
  11. Bessieboo, I'd tell you to move to the Land of Opportunity and be my neighbor, but then you only have the Opportunity to do as your told and not ask questions, and if you have a problem, no one will assist you! Did they ever make a decision, 'cause I've only read snippits of this and that and it was pretty redundant.
  12. Me too....hands down. Eric's had a lil more bite to it!! I love the slide at the beginning of the song....now, "THAT"S ROCK N ROLL"!! Ronda
  13. That's a beautiful song by the Police....and I agree it was well done. Elegant, just like the song, and it left something to the imagination. So many aritsts today rely on......how do I put this nicely......"gratuitous" shots. Not necessary if you have a song that can stand on its own!! John Legend did a video "Ordinary People"....great song and a really good video. "Boys of Summer"....Oh man, haven't thought about that one in eons....I agree with ya too. "Sunset Grill" the music to that one is great. Was there ever a video for it? I don't recall. Ronda
  14. Eric, how do you feel about doing "scripted" videos over live performance videos??
  15. Oh, and dianed, since I have to travel to other towns to take care of business (small town and nearest Wal-Mart is about 20 miles), a friend of mine searched those areas also.....helpful to know the faces of danger when you have to travel too!!! Ronda
  16. Dianed, I sent this to several of my friends. Was surprised at the response from those people. So Cudos to you!! Bessieboo.....FULL FLEDGED MEMEBER?? I have reached the top of the mountain....and I would like to thank the academy.....hehehehehehe!!! You're a woderful cheerleader!!!! Ronda
  17. Aussietime, It was actually 72* here today, and as much as I love winter, I was ready for this. Funny thing is....last Friday....it was snowing here!!! I wanted snow ALL winter. I guess I didn't specify how much, 'cause we got just enough to get me excited, and it was gone just as quick!! But cabin fever was setting in. I had just about dusted the wood off all the furniture!! So spring has arrived in the nick of time!!! Ronda
  18. That would be "for better ones" !!!!
  19. Ya'll are TOO FUNNY LMAO!!! Head hurt indeed!!! LOL!! I do support him in every way. I have NO talent when it comes to music.....NONE!! I can bang out chop sticks, or the wigwam song.....END OF TALENT!!! So to watch him "just do it" is awesome to me. He's a HUGE KISS fan. So, he's just about learned every one of their songs. I'm considering a keyboard also. Our piano is older than Methusela (sp?). Think a keyboard would spark more interest. And yes, it is a God given gift, one I tell him he should be thankful for each and EVERY day!! His biggest endeavor right now is learing "Eruption". He's playing a Fender Jagmaster guitar and a Fender Precision bass. Not exactly top of the line, but that will come with time. He'll appreciate it much more when he has to fork over the $$$ out of his pocket for a better ones!! Thanks for all the feed back ya'll!! Ronda
  20. Nothing wrong with blowing off steam. I needed a laugh today and I got it. You guys are hysterical!!! Eric, it was nice to finally "meet" you!! Ya'll have a good one!! Ronda
  21. Dianed....this is about the best link I've ever clicked on. I'll be passing this along to the folks I know!!! The offender in our area......yes, we're lucky, only one, but EVERYBODY in town knows about this person and makes sure they keep their distance. In a small town like this, you don't get away with much!
  22. Sorry, didn't mean to disappear, but both kids down with the flu and they are priority #1 Any takers?? lol!!
  23. Eric, I think you've got something there!! There are people who'd give their left arm to see this!!!
  24. Well, they say Rock and Roll never dies.......so here's the proof??? LMAO!!!
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