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  1. Hey Muzza, I'm gonna have to throw that one around!! Whop Whops!! I LOVE IT!!
  2. I watched American Idol last night.....I must say, I wonder why some of those folks have made it as far as they have.....they were SAD!! The only one who was REALLY good, was the lady who sang last, and her name evades me. The rest kinda butchered and tortured the 60's!!!! Ronda
  3. Oh man, in Arkansas we've got a ton of 'em!! "Ya'll"--all of you "Back 40"--way off (middle of nowhere) "The Bottoms"--woods near the river "Horns"--deer antlers "Holler"--yell "mud bugs"--crawfish "jest"--just "dinner break"--lunch break "ice box"--refrigerator "deck"--back porch Ronda
  4. HT, It's always wonderful to see a community pull together and help their neighbors who are in need. We need more people in the world to care like your community does!! Ronda
  5. So even though a lot of the suits sound frivilous and a little greedy, a lot of them would actually have a case? I guess I sound a little ignorant, but I really thought that cases like that would never see the light of day. Maybe it's because I feel like in most cases a little common sense would keep some of these things from happening.........like the lady who sued the weather man because of a miscall on the sun/rain thing. Would she have a case since it caused her "physical harm"? Please enlighten me here. This is very interesting!! Ronda
  6. If life doesn't give you roses..........SUE THE FLORIST!!! http://money.aol.com/special/crazy-lawsuits Ronda
  7. LC .... And this isn't a good time for on-the-job "training," is it? BINGO!! That's EXACTLY it!! Ronda
  8. LC, I have not had the opportunity to watch the DVD, but I have to say I'm impressed with your knowledge on this subject. Although it may not be a huge step, I've changed all the bulbs in our house to the sprials....a bit more expensive initially....but a money and energy saver in the long run!! As for candidates for our next president (and yes, I like Al Gore and wish he would run).....that's a tough one. Whoever steps in is going to have a mess to clean up. I don't know that any of the candidates are "ready" for the job. It's pretty darned scary!! I'll tell you who I will NOT vote for. Former Arkansas governor Mike Hucakbee......10 years of him has put Arkansas on its ear. My thought is that be we Republican, Democrat, Independent....the bottom line is that we all want the same things......a safe clean world to raise our children in, world peace, and peace of mind!! Ronda
  9. Hey Tony, that's really cool!! I think people who have natural talent are soooo lucky!! Aussietime, the poor little princess....whatever will she do?...... NOT TIME!!!! She'll get outta that one with the flick of an ATM card.......and folks like us......we'd be UNDER th' jail!!! And she'll have FUN FUN FUN til her daddy takes her 100 gajillion dollars AWAY!!!!!!!haha
  10. I don't agree with some of the findings in this article/experiment......I mean, I went through my "heavy metal" days.......and I remain quite sane......sane enough to know that if I tried the head banging stuff I once did, I'd probably end up in traction!!!
  11. Uh, that would be "newS".......dang fingers!!
  12. Hey Aussietime, I'll trade vehicles with ya!!!
  13. I do have a question.....Tommy Burrows.....same Tommy Burrows from Edison Lighthouse?
  14. "The Departed"....that WAS a psycho movie. I didn't know who were the good guys, who were the bad guys....they just ALL got shot!!!!??? Kind of hard to follow!!! I also can't believe Clint wasn't nominated for "Letters from Iwo Jima" for best foreign film either!! Over all, the show was a little slow to me. Half the stuff that was on there I'd never heard of! And yes, "Happy Feet" beat out "Cars".....and "Cars" is one of the best animated movies I've seen. As far as what folks were wearing, I'd have to say best dressed went to Helen Mirren (I agree Bessieboo).....and the hairstyles....a lot of 'em looked like they let my cat style 'em!! I'm not much of a critic, but that's my take on it. Ronda
  15. Yes, spring is right around the corner....as a matter of fact, it was 72* here today......in FEBRUARY!!!!! But I'm not gonna complain. It was long over due!! Oh, and in Dumas, Arkansas....as of last new report....NO FATALITIES!!! Possessions lost...lots of structural damage....but those can be replaced!!! Ronda
  16. HT, you're right, singing makes you feel good and is good for the soul!!! Kind of cleansing in a way. Ronda
  17. Awwwww, you guys are so sweet.....and yep, it defenitely puts things in perspective......We can try as we might to control the things in our life, but Mother Nature has a mind of her own!! Thank you Annie, I really like it here....everybody has been super nice!! This is a great board, one I wish I'd found sooner!! Have you had much snow up your way? I know a lot of the norther/n.eastern states have been bombarded!! I don't remember a winter like this....CRAZY WEATHER!!! Ronda
  18. P.S. when the commercial came on, I stopped what I was doing to watch, my daughter looks at me and says "Is that the Raspberries mama". I was shocked!!! She likes the song "Go all the Way" and she recognized Eric's voice...There is hope yet for the younger generation!!!!!
  19. Driving alone, windows up, music up. I love to sing along........I cannot tell you how many songs I've killed that way! But anyway, you're right...nothing like good tunes and the sound of the tires on the highway!!! Ronda
  20. I guess I overlooked the prize part of it in my reading. I would like to see it aired just like you said. I hope they do air it though. Would be fun to watch!! Ronda
  21. Hey Paul, I was thinking the SAME THING!!! When Ennio Morricone accepted his award, it was cool to see Clint Eastwood translate for him. It's the power of Eric's works, because now I wanna adopt a poor lil' robot!! What a song....what a guy!! Second runner up, Visa with the elephant.
  22. Yes, that's the one I was refering to!! (Thanks LC), And yeah, it was rough!! LOL!!! Ronda
  23. Bessieboo, bad thing about all of this was that our local tv station wasn't "current" with their info, so relied on the trusty Little Rock station to keep me up informed....they didn't leave the air through the worst part of it, cause those storms were poppin up FAST!! My daughter and I got in the hall and rode it out.....and in a split second it was over. Thank heavens there was no damage here (it went right over us), but ya'll keep the folks in Dumas in your prayers....they need it! Ronda
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