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  1. Julia, that's very interesting. And every word of that poem is true!! And is it not amazing that all of these changes have taken place over the last 20 years or so? I remember as a child, our prayers in school, and you had to know the pledge of allegiance by heart by the end of the second week in first grade......You came to school dressed appropriately or you got sent home to change. You respected your teacher or you met the paddle in the principles office. Now we just shove pills down their throats and make excuses for Little Johhny or Little Suzies behavior.....Andy Griffith would not have tolerated this from Opie now would he?????? LOL!
  2. Kathy Lee, I'm going on 2 years now. It's nice to see another mom who homeschools!! Our school was consolidated with another district, and we lost our high school. I was lucky because we had a great school, and as a community, we allowed monents of silence, the pledge every morning, and you could walk in as a parent and be very welcome. So many of the kids from our local school are in the new district, and so many have dropped out, skip school, been arrested, and have failed their classes. And one of the ladies I know who works there says that every day she just wonders every day if it'll be the day she'll find herself hiding under her desk..... I decided that even though I might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, that I could study and teach my children. This is my first year with both of them home. It's tough, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I've caught a lot of flack for it......I've heard things like "you're depriving them of a social life", "you're putting them in a bubble".... I just tell everyone that at home I know my kids are safe, cared for and getting and education! Something the new district can't offer them! Ronda
  3. It's funny how things come full circle, huh? Kirk, those two songs are the ones that when I listened on YouTube, I went.....HEY WAIT!! So I kept on digging......HT, I could listen to "Go All The Way" all day long......I've listened to it so much that my daughter knows the words! That song just is amazing......it's soft and mellow, yet has a crunch to it, and the bass line is excellent!! Ronda
  4. Thank you Pat, I will send this young man a letter promptly. And I checked out your Myspace site.....very nice!! I enjoyed listening to your song.
  5. THANK YOU BRUCE!!! I love the Beach Boyish style of No Surf in Cleveland. Ronda
  6. I would like to shake the hand of the child who wrote this. Reasons like these are the reasons I homeschool!!! Ronda
  7. Kathy Lee, Thank heavens I'm not the only one!! But like you, I'm making up for lost time in a hurry!! I'm just amazed at the number of songs I'm hearing now that I've heard before, and actually know the words. And all the songs and bands Eric has been associated with. What a career!!! Ronda
  8. I've looked under every possible title HT, and I'm getting a lot of info, but no sound clips or snippets of them. Ronda
  9. Bless Jesse for giving his all for the millions of us who take for granted our freedoms.... AnnieNY "Freedom isn't free." AMEN!!! Pat, is there a way to email Jesse, or send him a letter? I've been wanting to do that for some of our soldiers for so long, but didn't know where to start. My best friends 19 year old son will be going to Iraq with his reserve unit in June. He got the news last week. She's a nervous wreck, and my heart goes out to her. My heart goes out to every parent with a child over there. Ronda
  10. I wonder what kind of publicity he expected he'd get? Ronda
  11. Ok, I'm gonna be honest up front here. I have ALWAYS been a huge Raspberries fan....no if's and or but's, and I've always had that "teenage" crush on Eric (but who of us ladies will deny that?).... And it was not until several years ago that I rediscovered the Berries.....and the deeper I dug the more I learned about Eric's solo career. Ok, to make a long story short, I plugged into Youtube and found Make Me Lose Control. From the first chords of this song I knew I'd heard it. As the song went along I knew all the words....I'd heard it but did not realize it was Eric! I have to know if anyone else here discovered these things like I did? If every one of you comes on here and says no.....I may just find me a rock to hide under!!! I did know about ABMS of course, but lost track after that......I had my heels dug into the heavy metal scene. Oh, and btw, I love the video for MMLC....that American Graffiti theme is genius!!
  12. I wanna hear these songs....I've looked them up on Youtube to no avail.....Anyone got a link where I can go take a listen? Ronda
  13. AnnieNY, you make a great point. We see so much of this on tv and in the media. I was thinking about this today, and it's quite sad. But, we will always remember the names and faces of the people committing the crimes, but the faces and names of the deceased will fade away. Why? Because the media "feeds" on these things. You will see pictures of this kid for weeks, and be reminded of the types of weapons he used, and you'll know all about his family and his problems, and his name will come up over and over again. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold......we know just about everything about these two guys, how they dressed, types of weapons, what they said...etc. What do we remember about their victims? It's almost as though the killers are "glamorized". How unfortunate is that?
  14. Ok, I have to put my 2 cents worth in. James, my husaband said the same thing. I do believe in being armed to protect yourself. But I could control myself and not shoot someone for being "rude" or a jackass, but not everyone is of that mind set. So, the honest, nonviolent gun carriers will wait the alotted time to get their guns, and the bad guys will get theirs faster through other channels. What's the answer? I don't think there is one. Gun laws aren't working. Do I think that if someone on campus had been armed that this guy could have been stopped? I absolutely do! But who wants an armed student in their dorm? I think this is something that we will have to deal with over and over again. Do I think the solution is for our guns to be ripped from our homes? Absolutely not! So as I said, I don't think there's a clear cut answer to this. I was watching the photos of the students who were murdered on CNN today. I sat and cried because someone lost a son, daughter, father, sister, brother........for absolutely no reason. My heart goes out to their families. It is truely a sad day. God bless 'em all!!
  15. My son has decided that he wants to attend the Power Chord Academy in St. Louis, Mo. They seem legit, but has anyone else heard of 'em? It's for kids 12-18. I've done some looking into this myself, but it's the first time I've heard of it. It's $1595 a WEEK for the one week, but they recommend 2 weeks (DUH!)...so wanna hear from anyone who's heard of 'em.
  16. Thank you popdude.....I just didn't see that bein' Eric, and I was wonderin' if the seller might have thought it was???? Will have to look that song up and give it a listen!!!
  17. Holy cow....when and where does it stop?
  18. Was doing a search and came across this band. Eric's name came up along with this. Did an Eric Carmen search on Ebay to verify, and sure enough this bands name appeared. Stated the band was from Cleveland sometime around '79? The picture on the cover didn't look like other photos of Eric I've seen from around that time. Anyone know?
  19. Cool Chick, thanks for the reply. Oh, I can only imagine how MySpace could wreck a life or a friendship or marriage. I have kept a close eye on my son. I've already made him delete two people from his list. People he's known since kindergarten, for their "prank". Paulie, I'm not a MySpacer myself. Doesn't appeal to me. I do know the people on my sons list, and he's set his space to private (which in this day and time may mean nothing), but he has to accept you before you can view his page. All the folks on there now are people I know, so I feel a little better about it. But, I've looked at some of the other profiles on MySpace...Girls as young as 14 "strutting" their stuff so to speak. My daughter is not allowed to even THINK about looking that way or dressing that way. I'm just old school when it comes to kids, and I think they have so little time to be children and so much time to be adults....why rush it? Ronda
  20. Braves fan


    The topic of "who can say what" came up on Hannity and Colmbes(sp?)" show, and there was mention of remarks that Sharpton and Jackson have made in the past concerning other races, religions, etc. . With this the question was posed that if Imus was to be unplugged, why not Sharpton and Jackon? AND, how the rap genre is putting out music that talks about violence against women, and the use of racial slurs. My take on it is that when you have people like Imus "representing" the white populations and people like Sharpton and Jackson "representing" the black populations, then (and excuse my expression), both sides are screwed! Rosie O'Donnel made a racial comment about Asian Americans. She appologized and went about her business. Why was she allowed to do so? I do not believe in "slamming" anyone. And I do not choose my friends by skin color or religion. My belief is that for the most part people will get along when left alone. But when you stir the proverbial pot, what can you expect? I see a huge sprial just beginning, and who knows where it will end. That's just make take on it. Ronda
  21. All the food sounds delicious!! Have you ladies ever considered a cookbook? Our Easter was pretty simple. We dyed eggs (the hard way) with food coloring and vinegar and cooking oil for those "psychadelic" eggs. Ham, potatoes, peas, rolls for dinner. Used to do Easter baskets when kids were younger, but both are a little too old for that now. I miss those days!! But seriously, what about a cookbook? All the goodies sound wonderful.
  22. Marvin, that's ok. Some people really got tired of the "we're almost there" thing for 14/15 years, and there was some question as to how "serious" they were about it all. Some thought as long as they kept the NLE top spot for those years, they were satisfied. And it's cool. I'm just a dyed in the wool fan......Native Georgian here, and it was born into me!! =) Angelina......yeah, Smoltz was impressive. And isn't if funny that 40 would even be considered RETIREMENT age????? Didn't realize Glavine started the season for the Mets too (they are a game ahead of us according to yesterdays standings on ESPN.com)I miss the Glavine/Smoltz/Maddox triple threat. Since that disbanded they've struggled with their pitching for several years, but I'm hoping this is the year!! I grew up during the Dale Murphy era. With Glenn Hubbard, Bob Horner, and Rick Mahler (who btw passed away). So they've gone from good to bad to ugly and back again!! But I hang with 'em every year!!! Paulie, injury is defenitely no stranger to the Braves. I just hope they make it through this one with minimal damage. Hope ya'll have a great Easter weekend, and God Bless!!!
  23. My Braves are 2-0, and I have a feeling we may have what it takes to make it this year!!! Renteria is a powerhouse, and McCann and Thorman are showin' what they're made of!! WOOHOO GO BRAVES!!
  24. Eric, you are in my thoughts and prayers!! God bless you friend!! Ronda
  25. My son decided to get himself a MYSpace space. He was showing me what he'd done and some of the friends he had on there. I clicked on some of them, and I was bout flabberghasted at some of the "stuff" they say!! Thing is I knew most of the kids on there and I wanted to wash their mouths out with soap or scrub their finger nails or something!!!!! Just call me fuddy duddy!!!!!!! Ronda
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