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  1. Aussie, that's a good question! I'll have to give that one some thought and get back to ya! =) Muzza, sometimes the music is the only thing that keeps me from turning into a grizzly bear and gnawing the tires off of a rude, obnoxious shoppers buggy, so, let the music play!! haha!!
  2. BTW..Great question Darlene!! =)
  3. "Hero"--(Nickelback/Josie Scott)--"Spiderman" that movie came out right after 9/11 and the song just tugs at my heart strings when I think of the true Heroes of that day!! Ronda
  4. I just found out this past weekend that Joan Jett and the Blackhearts will be playing Music Fest in El Dorado, Arkansas in October....God willin' I'll be front and center!! She is one of my all time favorite female artists next to Pat Benetar!! Ronda
  5. My hubby is a perfectioinist....he'll work himself to death then beat himself up for not getting it "just right"...or second guessing and mumbling and groaning about what he could have done different....that's when I'd like to slap the taste out of his mouth!!
  6. Brian, that really makes sense (the Rapsberries), I never thought about that. Thank you for that insight!! Muzza, I am seeking an "EC shopping tunes" awareness group at this very moment!! =)LOL!!
  7. Capn' Crunch!..My heart just broke to see that poor old man on the box "all by himself" in that big ol' ship! Ronda
  8. This is in no particular order, because I like them all equally 1. "The Bridges of Madison County" 2. "Steel Magnolias" 3. "Lonesome Dove" (both) 4. "Broken Trail" 5. "Nuts" Ronda
  9. Aussie, it IS gut wrenching isn't it??!! It'll tear your heart out!! That's why I wondered if it was an experience Eric went through first hand, because you can't fake that kind of intensity!! And when I'm walking down the cereal isle with a tear in my eye....well, lemme tell ya, it's GOT to be touching! Ronda
  10. Don't ya just love a good garage sale? Never know what you're gonna find!! Way to go Frankenberrie!! Ronda
  11. I was listening to "All By Myself" today in Wal Mart (YES Wal Mart!! I hear an EC song everytime I'm there !!), and as I was walking along and mouthing the words, I just wondered who or what might have influenced you to write such a beautiful, heartfelt song. I'm sure that question has been asked and answered, but I've only been here a short time, and would love to know. Thanks! Ronda
  12. Bessie, I think you picked a winner there! LOL! I don't think I've ever heard those lyrics. But then again I'm not a talking heads fan. I love Styx, but "Mr. Roboto" has some seriously lacking lyrics. Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto, domo...domo Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto, domo...domo Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto, domo...domo Thank you very much, Mr. Roboto For doing the jobs that nobody wants to And thank you very much, Mr. Roboto For helping me escape just when I needed to Thank you-thank you, thank you I want to thank you, please, thank you They shoulda called it the "Thank You" song!! Ronda
  13. Braves fan

    Oh, boy

    Mellie, you may be the one person who makes an impact on this young lady.....Good for you!! Ronda
  14. That's great news, and I hope the rest of 2007 will be a wonderful and fulfilling year for you and yours!! Ronda
  15. quote by EC.. "I'd like to suggest putting Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and the whole gang on the ground in Iraq and keep 'em there until they figure out a way to end this mess." AMEN brother!! I sometimes think it won't stop until Bush can wave a banner saying "I WON" (emphasis on "I") Ronda
  16. The perfect song for a Jag/Ford commercial.... "Never Gonna Fall in Love Again". I know it's a kind of a "breakin' up song", but the title would be perfect. Ronda
  17. "I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt..so sexy it hurts" and "I'm a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World" Ronda
  18. I was reading a top 20 list of the worst song lyrics....thought it would be interesting to see what you all think. What ARE some of the worst song lyrics??
  19. WOW!! What a car.........you gonna name her??? Ronda
  20. Braves fan

    Oh, boy

    Muzza, you never cease to amaze me my brother!! Ronda
  21. Braves fan

    Oh, boy

    I have two children, and I'll tell you now that if it were one of mine who had done that, I'd wanna know. The girl IS probably upset about the loss of her stuff. But that's good for her. She needs to be scared. She also needs a good REALITY check!! As far as I'm concerned, her right to privacy ran out the door when she invaded yours!! Ronda
  22. I was second guessing myself on that one Raspyrock, so thanks for confirming it for me! And I agree with your review of the JT version. Ronda
  23. Hollies, I used to own this song on 45, and I slam wore it out!! This is a great video! The b/w version is pretty cool too!! Thanx for sharin'! Ronda
  24. How sad!! He was not that old either. That song will live forever!! As long as we have Halloween, we'll have the "Monster Mash" RIP Ronda
  25. Didn't John Travolta cover "Never Gonna Fall in Love Again"? And if so, how did that come about? Ronda
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