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  1. and BTW Braves kicked some Met hiney tonight!! GO BRAVES!! (I really should shut up, because I might jinx it) LOL!! Ronda
  2. Steve, I am anxious to see her, and I had heard that Eric had given her one?? Raspy I don't even know if Whitenake if doing anything right now. It's been what, almost 10 years since a studio "album" Anybody here like Rick Springfield? Ronda
  3. EEKS MATH!!! If I'd known all along how well versed in math you all are....I'd have been on here getting some help with geometry. Albegra is fine. I can deal with numbers....but geometry...that's a monster!! Ronda
  4. James, you're right, we need for Bush to perform well. I just get concerned that no matter what's laid before him to try and put this to rest, that he's gonna veto anything and everything. And my biggest concern is that we are fighting a world wide enemy. And this enemy doesn't fight fair. We've been over there for so long now and things are not improving. When do you say enough is enough? Ronda
  5. Here's the link (DOH)!! http://news.aol.com/topnews/articles/_a/...S00010000000001
  6. This article appeared in the Sunday edition of the Arkansas Gazette.....Does Carter have it dead on? Ronda
  7. I live in a town of a little over 700 people. We were warned last night that if wanted gas at $2.99 a gallon we should do it NOW....today the price of regular gas went to $3.23 a gallon!! Conspriacy? Possibly. Blatantly ripping people off....YEAH!! I know that every year since the war has started, and just as school lets out for summer, gas prices spike. Middle class working folks are taking a beating!! Ronda
  8. raspyrock, I've had the pleasure of seeing Whitesnake twice, once in Biloxi,Ms. in 1988 and then again in Little Rock, Ar. and the year eludes me, but Steve Vai had replaced Vivian Campbell. I was NOT disappointed either time. I'm originally from Marietta raspy, and the last time I was in Atlanta was around 1986. So I would imagine I'd be as lost as a goose in a snowstorm (I can only imagine that Atlanta has "expanded")! And the Berries/Braves combo...Oh, you gotta believe it'd be hog heaven!! Tommy, I just hope she doesn't "back out" before October. She will be the biggest act in the area in a looooong time! Ronda
  9. Ann, I'll go with you!! LOL!! Eric Carmen and the Atlanta Braves...WOO HOO!! Welcome Diane from Dallas....we're pretty close neighbors!! Ronda
  10. That could put both parties on their ear!! Make them all step back and gasp in horror that they just couldn't get the job done!! Bush has made it very clear that this war won't be over during his term...so whoever steps in needs to know their a** from their elbow and be willing to do whatever it takes to bring this to an end!! And someone who's actually seen battle and knows what it's about....I'd be willing to bet he'd think twice about jumping into anything head first without a plan!! I hope he does run. Even if he didn't win, it'd probably be enough to scare the britches off both parties!! Sterling, I like Obama too. He's very well spoken and seems to have his feet on the ground. I liked Bill Clinton, but I don't know if we're ready for Hillary. I'm with you on that. Give someone else a chance! Ronda
  11. Please let us know when you complete your article. This is very fascinating, although sad. Annie, they have REAL wings now!! Ronda
  12. I think they are all too "close", as in their styles, ect.,accept Sanjay; he just got by as long as he did on the "teeniebopper" votes. Ronda
  13. WOW!! So will they "confiscate" or just get copies of the photos? Ronda
  14. Weren't there two young "men" (and I use that term VERY loosely), who were caught by local police after starting a fire around the Okie? Ronda
  15. I dunno Muzza...that could be interesting!! And since I'm asking questions here, let me pose another. Who is the back up band in the "Make Me Lose Control" video? Ronda
  16. OH, and Thomas Hayden Church....wasn't much of a fan during the "Wings" era, but I LOVED him in "Broken Trail" w/Robert Duval (a wonderful actor)!!! Ronda
  17. I was wondering if it was going to be all they had said it would be. NOW I know, and I wanna see it!! Thanx for the reviews!! Ronda
  18. Phil, that IS chilling. I voted for Bush also....I just felt like there was nothing on the "other side" that made me feel secure. Now I feel a little better about some of the '08 candidates, but how much better? I don't know.....I too think Gore should throw his hat in the ring....and I feel like if enough folks step up and encourage him, he might just do that. James, you're right. We should pray for our leaders. I think one of the biggest signs of the times was Tony Blair announcing he's stepping down next month...I think he's been a leader to be looked up to. Ronda
  19. Raspyrock....oooh, I love me some Whitesnake!! Well, I've never had the chance to see either Pat or Joan, and it may be the only chance I get. I really dug her in the 80's. I did love Pat w/Martina McBride on Crossroad (CMT) she has this power house voice that is awesome!! I'd go see her live in a heartbeat! Ronda
  20. Silly is my way of keeping the grizzly on tranquilizers!!
  21. Ya'll don't know what's it's meant to me to be able to get on here and just get silly....I needed the release!! You're all wonderful!! Ronda
  22. Margaret, I bet that's awesome. Will have to check that one out.....thanks for postin' that! Ronda
  23. Pink DOES rock!! She's good...and her new song is great!! I enjoy watching the solo artists....but I think it's time for a change. And hollies, I defenitely think they should do a few "covers" shows. The bands could range from Polka to Heavy Metal...would be fun to watch!! Ronda
  24. I think I'd be more apt to watch if they had a "battle of the bands" doing original songs! Ronda
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