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  1. Eric, I was wondering, were you an honor student in school? I know that most people who are musically talented are exceptional students, especially in math and science. Ronda
  2. put on your outfit, get in your outfit that is parked in the driveway and will soon drive on the parkway to go to your outfit ....It boggles the mind!! Good ones guys!!!! Ronda
  3. Ecstasy, I love that term, and it fits us ladies to a "T", does it not??? Muzza.....awwwwwww, that's so sweet!!! Ronda
  4. Pat, that's WONDERFUL news!! Gives me goosebumps!! I would surely love to write to him, to thank him. So, if you do get his address, I would like to resend my letter. Muzza, that sounds interesting. I may have to see if YouTube has snippettes of some games!! Ronda
  5. MAM, I LOVE a good garage sale. I would go everyweekend if I could. Just a few weeks ago my mother and sister-in-law went to one and bought a MARK IV set of drums for my son....$75.00....cowbell, throne, tom, bass, hihat, and the works....so the saying is true that one mans/womans junk is another mans/womans treasure!! Ronda
  6. This may be silly as all git out, but yesterday I went to a local garage sale....amongst all the goodies, I found a small round tin with raspberries on it.....it's like a fruit bonbon(although there were no candies in it)...all words are in french/english. I thought it was neat.... Ronda
  7. Funny how such simple jobs are given such GRAND titles!!! Ronda
  8. Thank you Pat!!! I could not for the life of me remember her name!! Oh, and BTW, Pat, did they move Lt. Rice? I got the letter back that I sent with a stamp on it "moved, no forwarding address". Would still like to send him a letter!! Muzza, I'm familiar with everything accept "NETBALL".....anything like basketball? Ronda
  9. Ya know, if he did (is doing) what they say he's doing.....there's no hole under any jail deep enough!! Those fights are brutal and are usually to the death. WHO WANTS TO SEE THAT??? I think if he's guilty, he SHOULD be taken out of the NFL!! Ronda
  10. Thanks for your reply Eric. I was a big hair band fan in the day....I never knew you "crossed over"!!! Keep up the good work! Ronda
  11. Trolley Wranglers....sounds like the title of a John Wayne movie...."Ok pilgrims...round 'em up and move 'em out" I LOVE IT!!! Ronda
  12. Does anybody remember the "well endowed" lady who used to charge the field and kiss the players? What was her name? Now that was just funny!! But funny isn't good enough anymore.. it has to be taken to the "next level".... Somebody wants on tv....screw up the outcome of a game as a fan and you'll be pasted everywhere!! Muzza, do you all have baseball there...like major league style? Ronda
  13. Eric, it DOESN'T suck....It's really, really good!! I like the fact that you took the time to sit and write that. Very cool!! I have a question, if you don't mind,......What songs did Axel Rose and Motley Crue cover? When I read that I was stunned!! Ronda
  14. My hubby goes into a store, gets only the things he needs...and gets the heck outta there. Me, I say, "Ok, I have x amounts of dollars....lemme see how much I can get for that x amount"...kinda like a game.....and I could be there for HOURS!! Kiwi and Muzza, here we call the grocery carts bascarts, buggies or just carts (I call 'em buggies)....never heard them called trolleys....very cool!! Ronda
  15. BTW, Tommy Thayer is the new "Ace". And Eric Singer the new "Peter". "Family Jewels"....don't ya think the kids are more grown up than their parents??? LOL! Ya gotta love it. Ronda
  16. I saw KISS in concert 3 years ago....(I thought my son was gonna vapor lock when Gene did "Unholy" from the rafters!!!)...I was impressed with their show... Maybe the voices and faces have changed, but when you hear "Rock and Roll all Nite" live with confetti snowing down on ya and thousands of fans screaming at the top of their lungs (me included), you're doing something right!! I thought Melinda Doolittle would actually be the winner this year.....but I don't think she'll be hurting for any label to pick her up... she made a name for herself!! I was glad Jordin won too....the guys this year were not at all on their game (IMO). I think of all the winners of AI, Kelly Clarkson is my all time favorite. I like what she's done and I like the way she's "grown" into her music! Ronda
  17. HOW CLEVER!!! I LOVE IT!! "Return to Fender"... An artist in every aspect of the word! Thanks for sharin' that Jumpman!! Ronda
  18. Thanks Susana....I'm really jazzed about...my 16 year old son is telling me "WE HAVE TO GO" LOL!! Ronda PS....Braves lose ANOTHER ONE!!! *()(*KJL:KJLKHJERUWOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
  19. Did I tell you I would jinx it??? DID I??? Three straight losses for the Braves....*sniff* When will I ever learn??? Ronda
  20. Yep, I think Ted and Laura make good points.... I cannot imagine at my age having another one....I've got two in highschool...Just imagine what it did to her body!!! I think there is a such thing a "too late". Ronda
  21. MAM, you got that right. Nancy was AWESOME!! Didn't miss a note!! I did watch Ozzy though. It amazes me that he can barely talk, but can sing like it's nothing?? I love the new song he has out too. Ronda
  22. Did anyone watch? I have to tell you that I was blown away by Gretchen Wilson/Alice in Chains...MAN O MAN....and I'm wondering how we get Eric/the Berries on there?? Ronda
  23. Sterling...Nope, I'm a 39 year old mom homeschooling my 13 and 16 year old children. I think part of the problem is that I really stunk at math in school. I think for one thing, I had one of the worst text books I could've gotten, but the good news is....my 16 year old took his end of geometry exam...made an 80, so at least I know he learned something. Anne, that's not a bad idea. I'll take any advice I can get too. The steps for the proofs are so long and drawn out. Thank heavens tomorrow is our last day. I can regroup this summer and buy books I'm confident in.....any suggestions Sterling? I kinda liked the Saxon book I used last year. Any advice will be welcome! Ronda
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