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  1. Ericphan, think you hit the nail on the head!! I loved going to the shows, but was always prayin' that I wouldn't get killed or mauled!! That's why I normally chose seats off the floor, yet close enough to the amps and band as to not miss the show!! Ronda
  2. I know it seems like I was a wildcat, but it was just all in good fun. I was a good girl, but I had to blow off steam somewhere. Where better than in an arena full of thousands of screaming people?? Just to let loose for a few hours and scream till I was hoarse and all I heard for days was a ringing in my ears!! Never did the alcohol/drug thing....still don't. Tony and Raspy....ROFLMAO!!!!! That's just too danged funny!! I never saw anyone trampled or anything serious accept folks getting squeezed against the rails up front, and this one time a young lady couldn't hold her alcohol...so she gave it to my boots!!! And that was at a Bad Company/Ted Nugent concert....Last show I attended up until a few years ago....took my son to see KISS....I was amazed at how differnt the crowd was. Concert goers ranged in age from toddler to 60+....Made for a nice show too. So I'm not complaining, just curious. Was wondering too what the wildest crowd was that Eric performed for. Ronda
  3. Elton defenitely seemed to have lost a little fire....he was such a showman in his day....Yellow Brick Road, Captain Fantasitc and the Brown Dirt Cowboy...Excellent records...but so much of his newer stuff lacks that *umph* he once had. When he performed "Saturday Nights All Right for Fightin'" I was cringing. Not his best performance of that song by any stretch. And that is an awesome song. Davey Johnstone still kills though!!!
  4. I was just curious, or if it's just me. When I was younger, going to a concert meant taking your life in your own hands But shows I've seen in the past several years seem a little "tamer". Do the crowds seem more reserved or is it just that I'm getting older (outside only..still young at heart ) Ronda
  5. Did anyone catch it on VH1 today? I found myself fascinated with a band/group from Britain called Take That. They had a Beatlesque sound on the first song they did, and the harmonies were outstanding. I also thought P Diddy's tribute (although I'm not into the hiphop/rap scene) was pretty moving. I thought Rod Stewart did a good job also. Was a lil disappointed w/ Elton John...think it was choice of songs? Status Quo was also a tight band...very good!! Ronda
  6. Yes it does Muzza.....It's very fascinating to me. Here we always think of Christams as snow on the ground...bundling up....never thought about it really, that in your part of the world it's summer during that season. I love hearing about the traditions of Christmas in other parts of the world. Thank you for sharing that!!! Ronda
  7. So Feb. 6 would be like our July 4th? What kinds of traditions do you have at Christmas?
  8. When I click on a video, it comes up a box that says there is an active x component missing and unfortunately there is no free download for it. I do have Quick Time. Can watch or load almost anything, just not these videos....although, I can hear the audio, just no video. Kinda weird to me. I'm pretty ignorant about these things myself. Ronda
  9. I have a question for you....Do you all celebrate a lot of the same holidays we do here in the states? Ronda
  10. This is a great thread!!! I'm not the very educated on New Zealand, but I have a friend in Australia who once lived there.....from pictures, I remember lots of rocky shore line? Bike riding very popular...especially extreme stuff. Lots of exotic birds and animals. From pics I've seen, inland almost reminds me of Florida, maybe kinda windy there too? Ronda
  11. I've tried watching the EC/Raspberries videos, but it says I'm missing an active x component......is there any other way to watch them? I want to see them, and I've tried everything I can think of!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Ronda
  12. Mike, you'll have to be careful with this, but have you ever tried Epson salts? You use one tbsp to a gallon, and I know for a fact it keeps slugs (which I have a problem with) from chewing my vegetation. Also makes flowering plants bloom like crazy!!! I would just be careful with shallow rooted plants (dogwoods for instance). With 4 dogs and 3 cats, I have to be careful about pesticides and poisons in the flower beds. Also, if you like flowering plants, bell plants are perfect.....disease free, "critters" won't eat 'em, and they have a beautiful greenery. You can grow them ANYWHERE....even a rock garden. Ronda
  13. Petunias (regular, wave and mexican purple) Seedum Jefferson plant Cannas daisies trumpet plants bell plants lantana gardenias roses (regular and miniature and lady banksia) crape myrtles day lillies tiger lillies azaleas dwarf azaleas holly hocks lavender elephant ears ferns Louisiana irises bearded irises no veggies......ground too hard in most places. Ronda
  14. Kiwi, what if I move in with you and Muzza can come here with my kids and hubby....it's sweltering and the hot flashes are insane....I need COLD AIR!! LOL Ronda
  15. Kisses and hugs I can understand, but high fives? Who's gonna patrol the halls to make sure that NONE of these things happen, and how does the football team celebrate? Wave at each other??? I'm with you Jules, I feel fortunate to have grown up during a time when you were allowed to be a kid, and not EVERYTHING was improper.....poor kids today are missin' so much!! Ronda
  16. Ericphan, All I can say is it takes two to tango. It took guts to ask for our opinions. I think Bessie and Muzza have by far covered the bases. And Raspathens is right....all women are different and want different things...And as a woman matures/ages, she wants different things in different stages of her life. But without knowing her side, that's hard to determine. The one things you said that is soooo very important is that you're still in love with her. Start with that and rediscover your marriage. Ronda
  17. Seattle Steve, I guarantee you the words to "Go All the Way" could be "arranged" to fit any major sporting event.....World Series, Stanley Cup, etc. And BTW, is Girls Gone Wild REALLY a sporting event??? LMAO!!
  18. I just wanna know......if every inmate gets a "rash" do they get a "get out of jail free card"??? Can you see the exodus from the prisons? "Hey bubba, I got a heat rash...I'm outta here"!!! Sheesh.....she's a big baby who couldn't handle her punishment....they'd have put me under the jail and thrown away the key and told me to "just scratch it"!!! Ronda
  19. SPROTS??? Uh, well.....you know what I mean...LMAO!!!
  20. Don't know Billy, I'm still learning. I'd like to know if he did though. I just know that so many artists are riding the "sprots wagon" right now. Just wondered if Eric were approached to do something like that would he, and which sport would he prefer? Ronda
  21. Many artists are writing (or using some of their previous material) for sporting events... NBA, Hockey, Baseball, Football, Wrestling,etc..... Would you ever consider doing this?
  22. Matthew, I'm very happy for you that your team did so well. I hope they continue to win and "Go All the Way" You think they could rub some of that good vibe on my Braves? Ronda
  23. My birthday..."Hello Goodbye" The Beatles Graduation..."Greatest Love of All" Whitney Houston Thanks for posting that link Ira, I looked up a lot of important dates and was surprised to find out what the song of the day were! Very Cool!! Ronda
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