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  1. thanks Eric for being patient and tolerant with your fans and brave even to mix with us (in spite of our being or acting stupid, flippant, silly, disrespectul sometimes)
  2. great suggestions for dvd night guys ... I can stay there for ages wondering which ones to get ... will do that now and have a dvd nite - have been on the pc too much lol
  3. like what tunes make you want to buy what products?
  4. welcome back - we really missed you - the best moderator in showbiz
  5. so what cereal did you buy? but its true, theres music playing in nearly every shop I visit too - mainly radio
  6. the book summary is still interesting even in sections
  7. but I prefer "Im through with love" the melody is catchy and more upbeat and there is some hope left of a reconciliation as I interpret it ... a great song
  8. to me only a man can really deliver this song in that gut wrenchingly sad way - its an honest a performance as Ive ever heard or seen
  9. and really should apologize to the boss ? .. I dont have access to the book EC mentioned and feel its a little out of my league but its interesting to hear about the sort of things that are in it
  10. I agree and there have been some talented and enlightening writers on this thread too.I especially enjoyed Erics style of storytelling and agree he could be a writer of books as well as of songs.
  11. first record purchase for me was Liberace - and I worked at the shop
  12. Im heavy built - lot of fatty tissue and being in my 70's and not able to walk much Im very overweight so a rather ugly sight Im afraid - sorry now have to confess I really do use a walking stick and have dentures but for awhile there i felt ok
  13. Operating a radar all the time can make one very tired - the best radar love is when many people care and take turns to comfort each other when they are down. Plus Gods love and love for yourself as well as for others are also vital to keep things in our lives in perspective and add to real radar love.
  14. I still cant see those links but that sounds so awful
  15. "Aussie I hope your procedure goes well, look how quickly Pat Riley is recovering from hip and knee surgery. Amazing" thanks for those words of encouragement have been putting on a brave smile but feeling very nervous - but just got to get through it and and am sure I will ... Im lucky to have family and friends who are supportive
  16. other than that everyone is really great including Eric,Bernie, moderators and others........ I will keep checking in (be off air at least a week)
  17. I will be moving to the Eastern States as of tomorrow to go to hosp for awhile. My brother is moving to a house over there as well. Ive enjoyed reading all the posts but there are some horrible scary posts on here that are not pleasant at all - and insanity and evil words are just asking for trouble with higher powers above so some people need to mend their ways - or possible drug habits - not people on this particular thread
  18. natural remedies include vitamin b supplements and lots of walking which clears the mind
  19. drugs and alcohol can make it far worse - best to get off it if you are in that situation - seek professional help from a doctor or psychologist
  20. Firefighters work best as a team as they see one world and one God instead of fighting over religion and nationality, etc.
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