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  1. Thanks so much! I was wondering where I could go to order...is this the best place, or is there a way to order them through raspberriesonline.com?
  2. Hey Everyone, How do you go about ordering/buying the Japanese re-issues, the ones of the Raspberries CD's? I'd love to get them!! Thanks for any help! If at all possible..would like to order through a U.S. site, rather than something like Amazon.UK
  3. Thanks mellie! I finally (through extensive determined, research, lol!) found a free (temporarily) software program on the web...which helped a lot...but, after reading on a consumer site the not-so-great reviews for once you do purchase their software (it then magically doesn't do it's job), guess I'll have to look into what my brand recommends. Thanks for your help!
  4. Wow cool, thanks for sharing!! That song is one of my husband and I's, favorites, from the early 70's!
  5. Thanks so much Al! I'll try and check over at the other forum if I have more questions, thanks for the heads up!
  6. I agree I've always been a Letterman fan, from day one ~ kinda miss the old days, though. It used to be that I couldn't wait to watch Dave..I honestly still really enjoy him, and would take him over Leno anyday, but it's not quite the same as it was, the past few years That being said, I find Letterman to be more my cup of tea ~ lol!
  7. Hi Everyone, I have to say, today's technology is truly giving me a headache...lol...I recently got myself a brand spankin' new, cell phone ~ came complete with video capability (which I mainly just like, as a gadget to play with lol) and what everyone seems to think they need, lol, a camera phone...now I'm just totally lost and confused, as I recently did a mini video at a concert and can't seem to figure out, how to convert the format of the video (appears to be *3G2*?) into anything, that will make it so I can upload it to my photobucket account and share with friends, or upload it to You Tube ~ if anyone might know how I can go about it, please post here ~ I'll be so excited ~ LOL!! I've been struggling and struggling and just not getting anywhere I did try one program (can't remember what it's called), and it did seem to convert my video...but the timing was so bad that it wasn't worth saving, ugh!! I need a program that's free, even a free trial software would work, thanks so much ya'all for any help!
  8. Hmm...can anyone help me out, still trying to find out if we'll receive a confirmation e-mail, once it's shipped? Thanks so much for any info!!
  9. LOL me too Darlene!! Aaah to have hair like Eric's lol!! Now, off to go find that thread (with the *serious* discussion of Eric's hair, HA!)!!
  10. Thanks mellie!! I'll check it out! I'll drop you a PM soon, hope all is well!!
  11. Hmm...my sis often uses photobucket, what's wrong with that site? I agree, some of the profiles on Myspace can be very questionable, at best...especially the young 'uns..ugh!!
  12. Will we receive an e-mail once the actual shipping date is released, or do we have to come on here or www.raspberriesonline to find out...if anyone knows please post here, thanks!!
  13. Wow, wish I had heard that!! Too cool!! I'm a big Donny fan (Donny has a brand new CD coming out later this month, called *Love Songs of the 70's*!) and knew he had this new radio show...can't get much better than hearing Donny introduce Eric and giving him props!!! Thanks for the post!! I wonder if I can hear this show online?
  14. I participated in the Pre-Sale for the limited edition DVD/CD set, was wondering if we'll (those who paid/ordered) will receive an e-mail notification when they'll ship ~ or do we check on ericcarmen.com and raspberriesonline.com? Thanks so much!! Can't wait for it to come out!!
  15. Thanks so much everyone for your input!! Wow, I so badly really want to get *both*, but can only afford to choose one right now...praying that TONIGHT! stays in stock, as I think Overnight Sensation is more up my alley at this time ~ I feel like I missed out on seeing so much from the early days (though I was a TOTAL fan at the tender age of 10, lol, and stayed one throughout the years!), it would be just what the doctor ordered IMO!! My b'day is coming up in another month or so, maybe I can convince family members to get me TONIGHT! as an early birthday present ~ that would totally rock! Thanks again everyone!!
  16. Thanks so much for the link, great insights by Tom in this interview...
  17. Awesome, I'm so glad to hear that Dave is doing well!! Thanks to julesberry for posting and Roadie #3 for the info, can't wait to see what develops for May!
  18. I just saw this very sad update now My heart goes out to Brad Delp's family, may he rest in peace...such a tragic loss.
  19. Eric my thoughts and prayers are with you in this very difficult time, my heart goes out to you I lost my Dad early last year and it was a huge loss for me, it can be so very hard. Take care and know we're here for you.
  20. I'm trying to find Boston's website ~ I'm in such shock, feel so sad to hear of Brad's truly untimely death I grew up loving Boston's music, their music and the 'Berries were mainly what I listened to when my parents split up, helped me to feel better and I'll always love Boston (and the 'Berries!). What a terrible loss If anyone can lead me to Boston's site, it would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  21. It's heck being a *newbie* to all of this, lol ~ just have to ask, what does being converted to paper jackets, mean, as far as how the CD itself looks/appears? I feel totally stupid asking...LOL! I so badly want the BEST possible re-issue of the 'berries original LPs to CD I can get...guessing this will be the way to go? Thanks for the info guys!! EDIT: Umm, think I may have figured it out lol ~ I have the 'Berries very first LP on CD, as a UK import, and it looks like it might be a converted to paper jacket styled, CD ~ is that possible (for those that may also have it!)? I can't wait for these to come out, though they're a little pricey!
  22. Hi Everyone, I just came from the 'berries Myspace page, and was checking out the store...wow, so many great things to choose from, I'm in Raspberries heaven lol! I'm trying to decide between 2 of the books that are for sale, the Overnight Sensation book by Ken Sharp, and of course Raspberries TONIGHT! by Bernie Hogya and Ken Sharp ~ which do ya'all recommend, if you can only get one right now? Love that they have most of the Raspberries LPs on CD for sale too!! Thanks so much for your thoughts everyone
  23. Thanks so much frankenberrie for responding to my post ~ my first reply, means so much (lol was starting to feel invisible, HA!) I'm so sorry about your dad, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I don't think you went overboard (unlike another poster lol), hey, we're all entitled to share our thoughts/opinions, it's all good! That's what makes forums so great (as long as they don't get out of hand lol!)! I don't think I'll be posting here though much longer, feel as though I've walked into a room of close friends that isn't ready for new members...but maybe that's just me I hope this will be an awesome 'berries year, will ALWAYS support the Raspberries and can't wait for another concert (fingers crossed!)!
  24. Can I be really honest here? I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Raspberries, they have meant a LOT to me, over the years ~ when my father passed away, just this past January (of 2006), one of THE main CD's I listened to, to make me feel comforted in some way (and to help bring back good childhood memories), was the Raspberries Greatest Hits CD ~ Eric's incredible vocals, the genius of the composition of the songs, Wally's incredible guitar playing and his injection of *fun* (LOL!) in various songs, David Smalley's songs and his contributions to the band, Jim's awesome drumming, and of course the later incarnation with Scott and Mike, was also fantastic (and highly underrated IMHO!)...I have to say, all of that, makes them so special to me. I always have felt they deserved SO much more success than they got, too. I guess I wanted the positive feeling of enjoying the 'berries totally, to last and I feel it should, so all this in some way, brought me down ~ but ya know, I think I'm going to just ENJOY the package, and be thankful that I was somehow, able to get it (lol, if it hadn't been for my in laws giving $$ for Christmas this year, I probably couldn't have!)!! And you know what? I didn't feel bad, about ordering the special DVD set...until I saw the negative posts regarding the pricing,..over at the other board (thank you frankenberrie for posting above!) And to speak to the *limited* aspect of it..I already know, lol, that I'm in the minority (I'm a newbie to specialty sets being sold exclusively, honest.. ), but I have to say that thinking it COULD sell out at any moment (I had faith that it would!), made it so I ordered 'quickly' without REALLY considering, the financial aspect/repercussions of getting the set...BUT, that being said ~ I am REALLY excited about getting it, can't wait for it to arrive (and want to thank everyone so much for making it a reality!!)...just wish I hadn't read all the negative posts...I tend to let things get to me, which I shouldn't. Could it have been a little less, perhaps? Well, maybe...maybe if certain aspects of the set hadn't been included, and other things you have to pay licensing for, etc., didn't get into the mix per se...it could have been closer to $75 possibly. But I think you really need to take so many more things in consideration, as Eric posted above! Please forgive me for posting so late, in the game, just wanted to express my feelings, thanks everyone for listening! It's so awesome to see Eric posting on here, such a treat I'm hoping to see you guys do another concert in Cleveland sometime this spring (or summer!), that would so rock! Keep rockin' and keep smilin' (and thank you for the music!!)!!
  25. That sounds like a great idea! I really think that would be the way to go, but of course I don't know all the legalities involved Thanks for posting your thoughts...I never would have thought of that as a possibility, makes perfect sense
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