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  1. I've been hearing both solo Eric songs (not just All By Myself, surprisingly ~ the other day they played *She Did It*!), And 'Berries songs, on WMJI 105.7 a LOT these days!! For anyone else that might listen to 105, keep your ears open for both ~ I always get so jazzed when I hear Eric's songs and the 'Berries on the radio! Of course I'm not overly fond of John Lanigan, lol...but that's another story! This is a cool thread, can't wait to see all the posts!
  2. Well, needless to say, I'm behind ya'all in today's technology lol...don't have an iPhone just yet (my hubby jokes w/me that I WILL have one someday...yeah..once the price comes down to $150 let me know.. LOL!!)...but I do have an EnV cell phone ~ for those that are familar with enV (not sure how it's typed to be honest!), I think I've heard you need to purchase a separate *kit*, to download MP3's off of your computer to your phone...for anyone that might have an enV, do you know if that's hard to do? I LOVE to learn but not always the quickest student, HA! I'm so jealous, so badly want to load all my 'Berries MP3's to my phone and join in on the fun!! That one phone someone posted (a Blackberry model?) that they can listen to their loaded songs, get a phone call, have the music pause, then once they hang up the music starts up again...sounds totally awesome....maybe someday!! And I have to concur, Eric, that is just the CUTEST pic ...your son is darling...and Tim is adorable as well..thanks for sharing!
  3. Thanks Ted! After checking it out, I'm still looking for a program, this one didn't work in the way I needed...possibly being a relative *newbie* makes it hard for me to work with some programs, lol! If anyone has a free program they can recommend that's good for a newbie, please post here...thanks!
  4. Great choices Don (love both 45's!!)! IA, sadly kids today don't have the same great programming such as the Top 40 AM we did, when we were young :-/
  5. Wow, awesome!! Thanks so much for the links for the vintage interviews w/Eric & Jim!!
  6. I received my e-mails!! I love the bonuses I received, totally awesome!! Thanks so much!!
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm having major problems lately (just in the past few days!) with error messages and my 'puter shutting down while on websites (including Yahoo!) which is becoming greatly upsetting and frustrating, don't remember having so many situations in the past...I thought one approach I could take, is going about finding a registry repair software program...but I'm having *no* luck, finding one that is literally 100% free and doesn't just SCAN your computer, but repairs each and every problem that is found during the scan, for free..is there a good and reliable *free* registry repair program out there? I wish I could afford one of the $30-$40 software programs but funds are really tight right now If anyone might know of one, please post here....thanks so much!!! I'm so wanting my 'puter to be 'healthy' again lol!!
  8. I know what you mean chris The Beatles and the 'Berries helped me through the loss of my father in January of 2006...don't know what I would have done, without them! I hope you get to see the 'Berries live sometime soon (I saw them for the official first reunion concert in '05 at the HOB, was in TOTAL heaven!!)!
  9. Has there been any update on this that I'm missing? Seems as though over at Raspberriesonline.com, no one official has posted any update since right before the end of May (and they were still waiting for Rykodisc to make an announcement?) Thanks for any info ya'all!
  10. I agree Kiwi! Never in a *million* years, would I have imagined...thanks Eric for taking the time to share these insights with us ~ truly fascinating for me as a long-time fan (since the tender age of 11!).
  11. Missed being able to say Hi by just two games ~ oh well! Hope you enjoyed Sunday's game down at the Jake, though it's hard to swallow a loss to Detroit...ugh Those Detroit fans can be something else! I agree, it's SO awesome to have two pro sports teams doing so INCREDIBLY well at the same time ~ it's been a long time coming ~ my Mom said to me just the other day, "Once in a Blue Moon" lol, to do with how well the Cavs are doing along w/The Indians ~ apparently we just had a Blue Moon over the weekend, must have helped us out...hey I'll take whatever we can get! I'm still so excited, Congrats to the Cavs on their awesome victory!! Ahhh to watch it on a Big Screen TV in High Def...my hubby would have been in heaven...lol!
  12. I'm sooooo excited!!!!! WOOOOO!!!! I can't believe it...what an exciting time for Cleveland sports...it's been a loooong time comin'....the hubby and I *witnessed* (no pun intended, HA!) the incredible Indians WIN, Friday night at Jacob's Field...now this tonight tops it all off, victory is SWEET!!
  13. Thanks Muzza! I just went over there and checked it out!
  14. I was just going to post and ask, if there's any word on the shipping of the Limited Edition DVD set...can't wait!!!
  15. Help! Still looking for these MP3's...thanks so much for any help!!
  16. Am I missing something? I don't see anything here
  17. I haven't been online for quite awhile and I'm so sad I missed ALL of these aforemetioned MP3's ~ if possible, can someone please PM them to me? Thanks so much!!!!
  18. That's a great tip, thanks! And IA, I surely don't want Eric to stop posting ~ we truly enjoy his insights!! Thanks Eric for taking the time to post, I don't know any other artist that does that on his own site on such a regular basis, you rock!
  19. That's good to hear!! I was wondering if anyone has ordered from them at all in the past! Thanks so much!
  20. So glad to hear you're doing well Eric and that you're able to put the legal issue behind you, I know it's been a very tough start to the year for you and your family. My thoughts and prayers are always with you! Take care of you and get back to rockin' and rollin' as soon as ya can, can't wait to hear and see the DVD on VH-1 (fingers crossed!)!!
  21. Wow, thanks!!! Has anyone from here ever ordered from that site (cdjapan.co) before? I've never ordered from them and wondering if anyone has had problems with getting their CDs at all.Thanks again for the info!!
  22. Wow learn something every day lol!!
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