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  1. I have to agree, "Lover" is one of my All-Time favorite songs...of a Cleveland band (next to the 'Berries, of course!)...that brings back such awesome memories!
  2. BEAUTIFUL, what a treat!! Thanks to Bernie for this gem!!
  3. Have I missed something? Are the limited edition sets now not due to arrive, till 7/31 (read Mellie's post so not sure)? Just checking!! I can't wait...I'm trying to be patient..really I am...lol!
  4. Thanks so much Al!! This is my belated b'day gift from the hubby, can't wait!
  5. Wow this is getting exciting!! Thanks for sharing the pics, love it!!
  6. I'm so glad I was able to find a deluxe set at a local CD store ~ and for just $19, too ~ it's just incredible, so worth the wait (especially the DVD ~ LOVE it!!)!!
  7. Can anyone tell me...I'm guessing they're being shipped, via USPS (rather than UPS)? From other posts it seems logical..but I want to be sure (may need to put a *hold* on our mail so need to know)! Thanks!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!
  8. I've seen that turntable at Circuit City (that you can hook up to your 'puter), pretty kewl! Hoping to be able to afford getting one, one day! I still have my turntable and of course, all my 'Berries LP's (along with Beatles, and many other groups!!)!
  9. Whoops I was thinking of my friend Mellie! LOL! Oh well what can I say...I'm totally delirious after listening to my deluxe set (and watching the awesome DVD!!)!! If anyone is looking for one of the deluxe set, just PM me, I might be able to locate one!
  10. Hey Darlene, let me know if you can't find a deluxe set for Millie (I'm a myspace friend of Millie's! ) and I'll see if the CD Exchange store in my area has another copy still! I found one there earlier today, at the time they had at least another copy but I didn't pick it up, wish I had! I'm so excited that I found one!!
  11. Thanks again Al for your input and for clarifying everything for us! Right now as I'm typing, I'm listening to/watching the DVD from the Deluxe set that I was so fortunate to find earlier today...can I just say, watching *Overnight Sensation* is literally just giving me CHILLS! If this is any indication what we're in for with the Limited Edition, count me in as one of many that feels the wait is so worth it (I apologize for being testy earlier, lol!)!! THANKS AGAIN for all that ya'all did, to make this such a special and timeless package, for us long-time, loyal fans!
  12. If anyone else is in need of a copy of the deluxe set, PM me...I might be able to snatch one up tomorrow, if it's still at our local CD store (I could call and ask for it to be put aside) Feels good to be a 'Berries fan!!!
  13. That was so cool of you Jay52!! Makes ya feel good to be a 'Berries fan!!
  14. Thanks Mellie I actually was thinking of that (filling out a hold order for our mail!), after having posted... Let me just say, though of course I can't lie and say that I'm *not*, a little disappointed, by the delay ~ at the same time, I'm incredibly excited and am SO happy that the 'Berries are getting played on the air again with a new release, and selling out the CD on Amazon and in local stores (our Best Buy DID have some copies, but they sold out in a flash!), that in itself is awesome, something I thought I'd never see! I couldn't stand it, I saw one of the deluxe editions with the DVD at a local record store (CD Exchange) and picked it up ~ it felt good!! I have yet to watch the DVD, but will later!! Hey, if nothing else, I know my Sis will gladly take it off my hands, so it's a *win/win* situation! Thanks Al for posting also regarding the delay, much appreciated!
  15. Unfortunately, this yet third delay, can end up making a BIG difference for me...which has me a little upset and bummed...the hubby & I are due to go away within 6 days, of the latest posted shipping date (Aug. 6), so heaven KNOWS if I'll be home, and able to intercept my very long awaited CD/DVD set. That could be a very real concern. I have to say I can understand some of Trindy's frustrations, and I feel she's entitled to be upset if she so chooses ~ honestly, if it weren't for how much I trust all that's behind this CD/DVD pre-ordered set, I would almost think there was something fishy going on, but of course I do KNOW better I also think we should have received it, before the general public, but that's JMHO I understand that there can be delays, but still I am disappointed in how it was handled...please don't get me wrong, I am TOTALLY excited that finally, the Raspberries have a new release out there and that it is making (so far!) a big *splash* in various outlets!! I feel the hard work that's been put into the limited edition will definitely be worth the wait, but sadly that still doesn't make it easier to accept ~ call me impatient ~ LOL! I'm praying I'll be home, for when it arrives (we don't have neighbors we can rely on, to receive/intercept it for us)!
  16. SO true!! Totally awesome! I can't wait to pick up that article in the Plain Dealer next Sunday, thanks for the heads up!
  17. You're so welcome! Thanks so much Eric for helping to bring this awesome day to all of us ~ I'm so excited you just can't even begin to know! The Raspberries have ALWAYS been special to me, ever since I first heard Go All The Way in '72 ~ I know this CD/DVD will be a huge success!! Thanks for the incredible music and memories over the past 30+ years, ya'all rock!
  18. I just picked up the standard version CD on iTunes because I just can't wait lol (I also pre-ordered the deluxe limited set when it was originally offered!)!!! Truly a moment I never thought I'd see again, picking up a new 'Berries CD ~ this so rocks! Congrats to Eric, Wally, Jim, and Dave on this fantastic (and long-deserved!) day! And Congrats to all us long-time fans, that have waited so long for this day!!
  19. Just wondering...why is it so much later for us that pre-ordered than for when you can pick it up in some stores (from what I'm reading)? This could be a problem as the hubby & I may be out of town within a week of the 6th, ugh!! If anyone can explain the delayed date that would be great! Guess I'm getting anxious but I'm confused just the same... can't wait!!
  20. Can anyone tell me when we should be expecting the special edition CD/DVD set that was the original pre-orders ~ I'm getting confused as to whether mine should be arriving at my door (I'm hoping and praying!!) within the next couple days? Thanks!!!
  21. Wow this is so exciting, WOOOO!!! Thanks for the heads up on Borders, I'll be sure and check it out since I should be out that way soon!
  22. I just finally picked up Kelly's CD a few days ago, and I have to say ~ I was expecting NOT to like it (with how so many have downplayed it, and commented that it's not like "Breakaway") ~ I was completely, totally blown away! I recommend it highly!! There are a few stand outs, as always ~ for me (and these were pleasant surprises!) my faves are, "Sober", "One Minute", "Be Still", "Maybe", "Yeah", and one incredible chestnut in the bunch ~ "Irvine" ~ it's hauntingly beautiful and features incredibly insightful, lyrics during an obviously troubling, time, for Kelly. I can't get over the tremendous growth as an artist and writer, on this CD. If you aren't careful, you'll miss the mystery cut on the CD after "Irvine" ~ it's called "Chavis" (you have to wait two or so minutes once Irvine ends) ~ very much reminds you of a Janis Joplin style, bluesy, jazzy song. LOVE this CD!!! I wish Kelly much success with this CD, I think there could easily be a Grammy Nod ~ JMHO!
  23. I saw The Secret many times in the 80's!! That brings back such memories!! Thanks (to the OP!)for posting!!
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