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  1. That's great to know, thanks for the heads up!
  2. I'm late to the party lol, but wanted to join in and give a BIG WELCOME to Suzanne!! Thanks for joining us here at EC.com!!
  3. Actually, the *only* 'Berries LP I felt had 'too much filler' was maybe Side Three (though it gave us TONIGHT ~ LOVE that 'Berries tune!!)...I totally love just about EVERY song on the first LP, and Fresh and Starting Over (give or take a few on Starting Over)!
  4. Count me in as another big fan of that song, and the climax part in particular...I just LOVE that song It has special memories for me I won't ever forget!
  5. That's just wrong So very petty and so sad!
  6. You're welcome austinberries! I love looking at pics through the years, and wow, such great pictures that I'm SURE, have a lot of great stories behind them as well! I would love to know more about the picture Trindy referred to, above in her post too! I'm still exploring the DVD itself since the hubby & I were on vacation right after it arrived ~ can't wait to see more!
  7. Wow that's awesome!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  8. Thanks so much Kirk! I was blown away, when I read that Eric turned up, at the GT ~ is this GT in New Jersey? So very awesome, and yes, truly shows a lot about Eric and his connection with the fans! And like you said, on his birthday, no less I wish I had met some of my fellow ericcarmen.com'mers when the hubby & I were at the first Raspberries' Reunion concert at HOB ~ I'll never forget the feeling of excitement and total happiness!! Truly was one VERY special day!!!
  9. Okay, after reading all the posts, I was really really WISHING, I had been at this "WAB" event/get together... but am feeling TOTALLY lost on the origin of it, and where it's held...and how often (how many) times a year it's held...and if Jim & Eric always turn up at this awesome, prestigious fan event ...can anyone help me out? LOL! Seriously, I just joined ya'all probably in the past six months or so, so I have NO clue on what this is all about ~ but sounds like a GREAT time was had, by all (and imagining singing *karoake* w/ Eric Carmen...~Gulp~! ) ~ what an incredible day it must have been!! Sadly I wasn't able to be online at all during Saturday morning/afternoon, maybe next time around! Thanks ya'all for any info, much appreciated!!
  10. Be sure and do it, it's totally awesome seeing all the pics, so many I've never seen before! I have to say, after looking at the montage (while pausing), I always knew this but WOW, Wally was a total cutie (lol I'm sure that would make his day, HA!)!!! After Eric, Wally was a big fave for me There's so much to discover on the DVD, I've only scratched the surface (had company for a couple days so been busy!)!
  11. Can anyone tell me, what's the difference between the limited edition (which I have!!) and the Special edition that's being offered? Is it basically the same? Thanks for any help!
  12. What does that mean exactly (I try to be a techno-geek but guess I'm one in training, lol!) that it's HDCD? What type of equipment is needed to take full advantage? I have a fairly new CD player for our audio/video system but not sure if it 'has' what it takes Just the same I'm TOTALLY enjoying the quality, love it!!
  13. Overnight Sensation literally gave me chills, listening to it (AND watching it on the DVD!!)! DWSG is another BIG fave...can't get much better...just am lovin' the whole CD (standard, deluxe, limited...I have them all..lol!!)!!
  14. Wow do I EVER feel out of the loop...okay, what exactly is the WAB (I saw something about it being an EricCarmen.com summer party?) and where is it being held?! Help! I have a feeling it's something that's already sold out? LOL!
  15. Okay, I keep seeing references to "WAB" the past couple days ...wow I must be so out of the loop ~ what is WAB (I just KNOW it's going to be something I should know, HA!)?! LOL I agree, we're *BOTH* important... Edit: Okay never mind ...just saw the *thread* regarding WAB (the EricCarmen.com Summer party?) on the forum ~ hoping to check it out!
  16. Wow, no one? Lately I'm starting to feel invisible on here...~snif~!
  17. Hey Ya'all, I just got done watching the awesome opening montage on my limited edition DVD (MAN I love that ~ can't get enuf, lol!!) for probably the fifth time, lol
  18. Happy Birthday Eric!! May it be filled with special memories with good friends, and loved ones, and be a happy, healthy year ~ I have a feeling it's going to be a very special year ahead!! I want to take a moment to thank you and the band, and everyone involved with the making of the Live On The Sunset Strip CD/DVD ~ it was a very belated *birthday* gift from the hubby, to me ~ though originally it was to come within a month of my b'day (in May ), it was well worth the wait ~ thanks again for all the musical memories over the years (been a fan since Don't Want To Say Goodbye!)! Take care and most of all, have FUN! Hope to see you in concert again soon!
  19. I can't say ENOUGH about the standard disc...which makes me think that's technically a GOOD thing..since it's the one that's 'most accessible' in the stores (I saw quite a few copies at our CD Exchange store, and at Barnes & Noble too!!)...I was listening to it again today (though I DID just get my special limited edition today as well, yaaaay!) while out doing errands, wow, love it ~ it completely and totally, lifts me up listening to it...besides the fact (hope it's okay to use adult language on here, lol!!) it KICKS complete and TOTAL A**!!! I can't thank everyone enuf, that was involved with the editing of this lovely gem, along with of COURSE, the band ~ YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!
  20. Wow, I have a friend that lives in Madison, OH ~ LOL (she grew up there but just moved back last year)! I'm SO EXCITED ~ MINE arrived in the mail today as well!!! Yeah baby!!! Can't wait to watch the bonuses on the DVD and of course, the concert ~ just arrived 10 minutes ago and I had to come on and post!!
  21. I have yet to see it!!! Can't wait!!! If anyone might know when it'll be airing again....
  22. I was just going to post about this edition!! I just got the standard edition last night (what can I say, I have the *Berries* fever, lol!!) at Barnes & Noble (yep, they had it in stock!) in Westlake and I just love it! I love the way the songs seem to flow into each other, and it has the basic necessities of 'Berries songs ~ I give it a big thumbs up!! I'm definitely in Raspberries heaven these days...now, for the BIG (Limited!!) edition to arrive...That'll be it, I'll never come down! HA!
  23. Too cool, I'll definitely check it out!! I had the pleasure of hearing the interview, thanks to Michael Stanley for being so gracious to our guys, and thanks to Eric & Jim for a great insightful interview!
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