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  1. Thanks so much everyone (well, everyone 'cept umm, Lee lol! )!! Don't forget to vote next Monday ~ so excited Marie made it to the semi-finals!
  2. Hi Everyone, For those that are watching DWTS, I'm asking a really, really big favor lol...I've been watching since the start of the season, since one of the contestants is someone I've grown up with and have admired so very much over the years, Marie Osmond ~ she's in really big need of our help with voting online tonight, if anyone is possibly able to place some votes for her that would be just awesome ~ she's had a very hard and sad past week, with her father having passed away last Tuesday, my heart breaks for her and I would so hate to see her go this week, she's worked so hard to get where she is! If anyone is able to vote, the address to place your votes is: www.abc.go.com/primetime/dancingwiththestars The deadline for online voting is 12 noon EST, Tuesday! And here's the link for where you go to register, only takes about one minute and is quite easy (even for a 'puter newbie like me lol!)!! All that's needed is an active e-mail address https://register.go.com/abc/register/register Thanks so much everyone for reading my post and for any votes!! Hugs, luvthemraspberries
  3. Wow, too cool Tim! Congrats!! I'll have to try and listen in, on the streaming broadcast (thanks for the link)! My hubby is a local area DJ and I Can Remember (lol, *pun* intended!) when he did his first on-air show ~ he was so nervous, but did well, I'm sure you did awesome!! Can't wait to hear IWBWY and ABM!
  4. Way cool!!! Thanks for the heads up, I'll be sure and pick up a copy tomorrow!
  5. Hi Al, thanks so much for the reply!! Is it the same *design*, on front and back, as the ones being offered now online, just short sleeved? Just want to make sure!! Thanks again!!!
  6. After reading another thread, I'm guessing these won't be available at the Cleveland concert, oh well If anyone knows for sure, please post here...thanks so much!!
  7. I asked this in a new thread I started, but will these also be available at the upcoming Cleveland show? Thanks for any info!!!
  8. Hi Everyone, I've been getting e-mails about the new "Live 2007" concert t-shirts, that are now available online, and was just wondering ~ will these ALSO be available, at the Cleveland Dec. 14th concert?! I'll be there (have my tix, yaaay!!) and can't wait ~ but I figure if they'll be available at the show, I much rather get mine there...thanks so much for any help!
  9. One of my ALL TIME favorite 'Berries tunes!!!
  10. YEAAAH BABY!!!! I have to say, these young kids are ONE special team ~ the hubby & I have had the pleasure of going to 6 games at Jacob's field this season, and can't wait for more to come!!! GO TRIBE!!!
  11. I'm SOOOOOO HAPPPPY!!!!! WOOOOO!!!! I have to tell you, I never doubted it for a minute...I love my Indians!!!! Congrats to the Indians and Eric Wedge (and kudos to Paul Byrd!!)!!
  12. Just wanted to say, Fausto was awesome...and Travis got an incredible game winning hit when needed, let's give credit where credit's due! Hey the Indians and the Yankees are BOTH great teams! I just happen to LOVE the Indians...LOL!
  13. Seems as though our guys could handle the gnats lol :-D Fausto was INCREDIBLE!!! GO TRIBE, So happy they won!!!
  14. Great idea, hope to see (hear!) one soon!
  15. Me too Raspyrock! That song totally kicks butt, and has such incredible dynamics, just like Bernie said...to see that in person would be just awesome!!! I kept whispering to the hubby, at the October (reunion)show at the Cleve. HOB..."if they do ICHBYM, be prepared for me to Whoop and Holler BIG time!!"...lol I think he was worried (the hubby's not big on whoop'ing and hollering lol!!)!! I have to agree with Bernie, that would be one *heck* of a set!!!
  16. OMG, that's one of my TOP favorite 'Berries songs, "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine" ~ if I knew for a *fact* they were doing that song, I'd be there in a heartbeat...lol! I was so hoping to hear them do it when I went to the first official reunion show at the HOB in Cleveland, but sadly it was a no-go ~ Not that I'm complaining, the entire concert ROCKED!!! But just the thought.....
  17. Is there somewhere where I can see that video?! Sounds too cute lol!!
  18. WOW awesome!!! I'm so happy for the guys, hopefully this is a *sign* of things to come!! Off topic, but ....an appearance in the play offs for the Indians (here's hoping!!)...and the 'Berries possibly starting another mini tour = Luvthemraspberries one happy camper!!!
  19. I haven't been online for a few days, has it sold out?
  20. Very cool!! I don't have an iPhone, but glad to see they're adding ringtones
  21. ITA with everything Raspberry Rick said!! Totally cool, what a great story to be able to tell fellow fans and family and friends! But I would definitely take the leap and move into a bigger apartment..this is coming from someone that is SO incredibly frustrated, with her tiny house ...LOL!! Cool story Trindy, thanks for sharing!!
  22. The only stores I've found copies at, so far (though I haven't been able to check on this in the past 10 days), in Ohio ~ are Barnes & Noble, and a (I think?) local record chain called "The Exchange" ~ used to be "The Record Exchange" I made sure to profusely thank the friendly clerks at BOTH stores, for carrying the deluxe and standard versions of the CD ~ only found the deluxe at The Exchange, though, along with the standard ~ at Barnes & Noble, all they had was the standard version (which I HAD to snap up, lol, though I already have the super deluxe version and the deluxe!!)! I plan to check at our Best Buy in the next two days and see what they can tell me, hopefully I can get some info! I had checked BB within a week of when Live On Sunset Strip came out, and got the same story about how I could "order online" ~ which always frustrates me ~ LOL!
  23. I LOVE I Can Remember!!! Definitely has always been one of my Top 5 'Berries songs! I agree the version on Live On Sunset Strip is totally awesome ~ you have a fan here (of ICR, silly ~ LOL!)!! ;-)
  24. Wow I'm DEFINITELY on my way to check this out! Thanks so much for giving us a gentle reminder to go and check out the BOATS Blog on a regular basis ~ I hope somehow A Temporary Hero gets released, along with so many others of Eric's long lost gems! Okay, just came back from reading the story behind ATH, and listening to the demo...all I can say is WOW! I literally got chills at the end of the demo, just incredible!! Thanks for sharing this gem with us Bernie!
  25. All theatrics aside (lol, figuratively AND literally, within the VH camp!!), I've always felt the DLR years were the best..sorry, JMHO Diamond Dave may be a royal pain in the you know what, but that was THE Van Halen for me...being a fan from day one, I'll never forget how cool the music was back then ....even the album covers were ultra cool (love the Women And Children First cover lol!)!! I'm surprised at how they're treating the legacy of their band by how they altered the cover of the VH album on their website...not cool...but I'm still interested to see how this all plays out in the long run. Time will tell!
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