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  1. Sorry, with all due respect, I have quite a few *friends*, that totally know who the Raspberries are ~ in fact, when I sent them e-mails telling them all about the awesome concert experience I had on the 14th, they were impressed and said they would make a point of checking out, the new CD that came out. One of them lives in Texas, never visits Cleveland...so to me, this spells nationally known on some level! I too think it stinks that there wasn't a follow up review for the show...however, that being said...I'm a born and bred, Clevelander, and I TOTALLY (!) get the 'Berries!!! Always have!! It makes me sad to think, that some of the boys in the band think that about Cleveland (that Cleveland doesn't "get" them)...~sigh~
  2. Thanks John. Oh well I'll try Amazon.co.jp.,bet I won't find them though Another case of a day late, dollar short lol!
  3. Hi Everyone, I called the Wyndham Hotel today, and sadly no one turned in my poster that I lost last night ~ I'm still disheartened that someone would just take it, and not turn it in (I guess I'm naive lol, as I know I would have!)....oh well.... if anyone has one extra and is willing to sell it for the original price, that would be so awesome! It was a special gift from my husband from what was to be a special night, and it would mean the world to me to have it for the holidays. Thanks so much everyone for reading my post! Hope everyone had safe travels and is staying warm!!
  4. Thanks so much Billy! I'm calling the front desk today and making sure no one turned it in, keeping fingers crossed.
  5. Hi Everyone, Well all I can say is, WOW, what a show ~ I have to concur with Trindy, my hometown did us proud, the boys truly got an awesome reception tonight ~ Truly something special to be a part of!! I was overcome to finally hear ABM live, think Eric and the boys did FANTASTIC ~ I literally almost felt like crying (it was a *religious* experience lol, what can I say?!)!! I still feel their VERY first reunion concert at the HOB in '04 was THE greatest concert of the 'Berries I've ever been to, but that may be so much just because...it was my FIRST time to finally see them! I still have great memories from that night!!! The only down thing from my night, the hubby and I went to the Wyndham (sp?) Hotel after the show, with Mellie (Mel B!) and somehow, while amidst all the excitement, my husband apparently dropped, my "Raspberries LIVE!" concert poster, I had bought at the show...I was SO EXCITED to get that poster, needless to say I was heartbroken to have it disappear (even asked at the registration desk, but no one had turned it in sadly!). I realize at some point I can probably purchase it again, but funds are so tight for the hubby and me right now ~ I was fortunate to be able to have my Christmas gift early and finally pick up the "Raspberries TONIGHT!" book, and even had it signed by Bernie and Ken, Wally, Jim, and Dave ~ that was so special and a definite highlight of the evening for me! I'm hoping someone might have found the poster, it would mean so much! I'm so sad I won't have it to hang up in our den for the holiday but oh well. I also want to say it was so nice to meet so many people tonight, Mellie (it was so awesome to finally get together!!), DianeD (thank you for the 'Berries pin, love it!!), Reid C, HT from MO, and many others...man my *brain* is mush after tonight..lol!! Hope the boys come back to Cleveland again soon, and maybe, just maybe, have some new material!!
  6. I know, this seems a little odd...in the past, Michael Stanley at leasts makes sure to say, that The Raspberries are coming up as special guests...haven't heard a *peep* Are we sure it's still on? Sadly I'll be have to make an important long distance call soon and might miss it...ugh
  7. Does anyone know, a good place to grab some coffee after and a bite to eat? My friend and I were hoping to go somewhere for a time but rather it wasn't a "hopping" bar (ie., Winking Lizard etc.) ~ LOL! I'm not used to looking for anywhere to eat downtown other than Winking Lizard or Paninis ~ thanks for any suggestions!!
  8. I think someone mentioned in another thread (just saw it lol after once I posted, sorry!) that cameras are okay, just don't use flash? Thanks everyone!!
  9. They're still coming up I guess ~ hopefully!!
  10. Thanks!!! Whew, thought I missed them! Haven't heard Michael Stanley even say, that the Raspberries would be coming up so I was worried.
  11. Are they still coming up? Hope I haven't missed them!
  12. Does anyone know, what the State Theater's camera policy is? I haven't had a chance to call and check. Probably won't be getting great pics in my seat (lol), but just in case.... See everyone there!!!
  13. Does anyone know the *best* place to park, $$ wise? I'm guessing the Playhouse Square parking garage is our best bet (sadly due to family situations, never got around to ordering a parking pass)? Wish I could be with ya'all but with the hubby's work schedule, I'll have to be there in spirit (I'm going to the concert mais oui!)!! Have fun everyone!!
  14. Hi Everyone, I'm just wondering, if anyone has possibly heard, from mel (mellie) today ~ I'm getting a bit worried, as she and I were to arrange to get together before the concert tomorrow...haven't heard from her saying she's arrived as of yet (at her hotel), hope all is well!! I called her hotel and she still hadn't arrived. This weather has been so unpredictable, heaven knows how travelling might be for all! Safe travels to everyone!! Thanks so much ahead of time, if anyone posts
  15. Keeping fingers crossed, Michael makes this available for listening again later (as he did the last time he interviewed Eric)...I probably will be out and about at that time, but could miss it!! Thanks for the info!!
  16. LOL!! Well, though I guess it might be difficult to sing now...I'm still keeping up some hope ... gotta have faith!
  17. Is it still possible to get the Raspberries reissues (from CDJapan)?! Sadly I was too broke when they first came out (partly from getting my extra special deluxe LOSS set!!), SO want to get the *Fresh* reissue if it's stillavailable!
  18. Hi Everyone, I'm sooo excited and just can't WAIT for the 'Berries show Friday at State Theater ~ this will be my first time seeing the band since they did a New Year's Eve concert in '04, I believe ~ it's been too long!!! I LOVED every minute of the show on New Year's Eve, but there was just one, lone, song from their archives that was missing for me ~ I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine ~ if they play that this Friday, you'll hear *me* screaming for joy from the Mezzanine ~ LOL!! For anyone else going, that also would love to hear them do this song Friday, please post here ~ maybe Eric himself, will see our plea and they'll consider doing the song! I'm also REALLY excited to hear any of Eric's solo material too, this should be one incredible show!! See everyone there!!!
  19. Thanks for the heads up!! Sounds like I *found* my Christmas present from the hubby...lol!
  20. The hubby & I went to see The Guess Who at a local fair (ugh) just this past summer, and though the other (newer, except for Jim Kale) members truly put on an *awesome* show, Burton's presence was very missed! We thought Burton was going to be there, but alas, not sure what happened but he wasn't there for the concert. I'd LOVE to see Burton w/the Guess Who, I have to agree, he is an outstanding, and very underrated, talent
  21. </font><blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><hr /><font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Originally posted by Reid C.: <strong> Hey there, luvthemraspberries. I didn't mean to sound cold heated or anything towards Marie. Truly a tragic and hectic week for her to be sure. It is unfortunate that these things occur at the most inopprotune times. Still, competitions must go on, and may the best man or woman win. I give Marie and Jane Seymour three heartfelt "tens" for pushing past the the pain and being the ultimate super troupers.
  22. With all due respect...her performance was sadly lacking in content, because her father had just passed away mid-week, the week before ~ and she buried her father the Friday, before, DWTS was on, Monday (besides the entire Osmond family taping OPRAH, Thursday the week before). It was a tough week for Marie I'm sure, my heart goes out to her. I thought her first performance was just beautiful, and truly captured the *essence* of the rumba (JMHO)
  23. Did anyone hear it this morning? Darn I must have literally *just* missed it ~ sounds like they played some of ABM, and you had to give them the name of the song (along with the fact they added trivia about ABM)? I tuned in a little too late and missed out
  24. Wow, thanks for the tip! Hope I get to hear the question today since I'm up so early this morning!
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