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  1. I see your point, Bernie...the only thing that truly *puzzles* me, is it was actually "70's" night on AI...Celine didn't record the song in the 70's...lol! Oh well. It was still awesome to hear it getting airplay on the show, that much I'll say!
  2. I've been looking for a GOOD, reliable, EZ to use free anti-virus program, not having much luck. Just recently installed *Zone Alarm* and not sure what I think of it yet
  3. I heard a snippet of Party's Over and posted about it (second post) on the thread started regarding GATW being played during the Super Bowl Pre-game show!! Wow, I too would love to know who is responsible for playing the 'Berries on Fox, too cool!
  4. Can't wait to see a pic!! Congrats Kirk!!
  5. One thing I'm confused by, did you really have to do a screen capture, yourself, and e-mail it to Bernie? Or is it that TPTB here at EC.com, captured the lucky member? Thanks so much for any info!!! Good luck to everyone that was online this early a.m. (on the East coast)!!
  6. Hi Everyone, Well, after a little investigating, it looks as though the New version, of my Ad Aware, might be causing my problems..after once I do a smart scan and remove the spyware, that seems to make it so I have to log back to EC.com and other sites. Ugh. Does anyone else use (the new) version of Ad Aware, and have the same problem? Guess it's back to square one (for a free spyware program!!)!
  7. I'm hoping someone can help me, lately I find myself having to CONSTANTLY, log on, when coming on EC.com, and other sites I frequent...this has become a real headache and never used to happen at this frequency...can anyone tell me for sure, if that's a true sign you have a virus, on your 'puter?! I pray not, but this has me really baffled. I do take care to "check" the box, that says it will keep you automatically logged on, and that normally would do the trick. I use my AVG anti virus scan every day, so not sure what the problem is...thanks so much y'all for any help/tips!!
  8. I just heard it and was going to post it!!!! That was totally too cool lol!!! I also heard a snippet of, "Party's Over" ~ yeah baby!!!
  9. Hi Beatnut! Ugh, my *mistake*, lol ~ I was thinking you were talking, about the (impromptu) M&G after the December 14th Cleveland concert...sorry 'bout that!! I wish I had been at the Highline concert, but the Cleveland one totally ROCKED!
  10. Wow,that's totally awesome!! Here's hoping (I win!!)!!
  11. Man, I can't believe, I missed out on the VIP passes and meeting the boys...~sigh~! If only I had known about the impromptu M&G after the Cleveland State show, I would have had such a better and more special, memorable experience that evening...oh well. I was connecting with some friends that had come in from out of state and totally missed the boat on Eric's wife passing out VIP passes!
  12. I have an awesome pic I took, of Dave with Mellie (at the after party) ~ but would need to make sure with her, if it's okay I forward to you ~ I'd love to have it included (if you're accepting ones of fans w/the boys)!
  13. I so love that song, definitely one of my faves!
  14. Just an update, I got my Highline concert (signed by all the boys!!) poster a few days ago, and just love it!! It will be *treasured* for sure! Thanks so much to Anne for sending it to me, she really made my day (and year!), such a sweet thing to do. I still feel sometimes like I need to *pinch* myself, looking back on all the awesome 'Berries shows I've had the good fortune, to attend, since the reunion ~ here's hoping for more (well, one can hope, ~wink~!)!!
  15. Oh I hope not! thanks so much guys for the awesome memories, it's been truly incredible!! I'm still hoping that there's some new material to come ~ I remember Wally mentioning that, at the after party at the Wyndham...that would sooo rock!
  16. I love She Remembered, and She Did It ~ def two of my top faves of Eric's songs! Sunrise and ABM is always on my list. Great topic!!
  17. Thanks for the info I had totally forgotten about the Scene Pavillion show...my Mother In Law had passed away, the day before. She had been ill for a very long time but was suddenly admitted to the hospital the day after her birthday (July 10) and passed away 4 days later.
  18. Just saw the pic, wow what an awesome memory!! I think the poster is featured on raspberriesonline.com (in the store), right ...if so, I've seen it!!
  19. Hi Beatnut, Welcome to the forum!! Thanks SO much for your very generous (and thoughtful!!) offer, means a lot! I had a very sweet board member e-mail me a little while ago and she's sending me that very same poster (from the Highline concert!) with all the boys' signatures on it, I was just overwhelmed and blown away when I got her e-mail (almost made me cry lol!), ya'all rock!! Thanks again Beatnut, that was so kind! I've never been able to get all the boys autographs (particularly Eric is usually MIA lol!), so I'm really excited! Take care and welcome to the EC board!
  20. Hi Ya'll, I was listening to my 'Berries CD earlier while out and about (you know, doing all the required "Christmas returns", HA!), and was wondering if the Raspberries ever have done *Get It Moving* in concert since their reunion shows? Gotta say (and I've ALWAYS felt this way!!), that song sooo totally rocks!! It would be just awesome to hear the boys do it sometime, if they haven't already (wasn't done at the State show I know!)! I was at the very first reunion show at HOB in '04, and though it seemed as though they went through just about EVERY song in their catalogue (I was in heaven lol!), don't remember hearing that one...Dave's songs have always had a special place in my heart! Thanks everyone for reading my post, Happy New Year to everyone!
  21. What Raspberries show was there in Cleveland, in 2005? For some reason this means nothing to me...wow I was sure I knew everything (LOL)! The last performance I can think of (not inc. the ones in '04, one of which was a New Year's Eve show of course!), before the show at the State, was maybe for Winterfest?? Hmmm.....
  22. Yep, I watched it ~ luckily the hubby came across it and let me know!! I'm a HUGE McCartney/Beatles fan, loved the special it was fantastic! Hope everyone got to catch it!!
  23. Hi Everyone, I have to say, the December 14th concert here in Cleveland was TOTALLY awesome ~ WOW is all I can say ~ I felt like I had been waiting for it, for literally a *lifetime*, lol (tho, I had the pleasure of seeing the INCREDIBLE reunion show at HOB in '04!!) ~ what a night, one I won't soon forget! To hear the 'Berries do That's Rock and Roll, and ABM, literally almost brought me to tears, I was soooo happy....it was clear that the boys were so "ON" and I was in heaven!! The one thing that has me down, though I was so very fortunate (and thrilled beyond belief!!) to meet Wally (what a sweet guy!), Dave, and Jim, sadly I just managed to miss, talking with and meeting Eric at the Wyndham Hotel that night. I was so lucky to get Wally, Dave, Jim, and Bernie and Ken, sign my Raspberries Tonight! book, but was so bummed about missing Eric The hubby and I were parked at the Playhouse Square parking garage, and just couldn't stay (as it was, we just *barely* found our way, into the garage since it was locked tighter than a drum lol ~ what a scary moment, ugh!), had me totally bummin'. I felt like I've been waiting for that moment ever since I first fell in love with the Raspberries, back when I was only 10 years old (boy do I feel old, lol!)~ they've been my special favorite group throughout the years, and ALWAYS will be ~ their music has gotten me through a lot of hard and sad times, nothing matches how their music makes me feel, it's been incredible to be a part of this reunion and resurgence over the past 3 years ~ and can't wait to see what develops (new music, hint hint!)! I hope that the boys return to Cleveland again for a concert early next year, maybe I'll have my chance then...would mean the world to me. Thanks so much everyone for listening, and reading my post! It was so much fun to meet some of the board members at the Wyndham, inc. mellie (Hi Mel!!), Maggie Clarke, Reid C, BerriesBabe, and DianeD, along with so many others (my memory is terrible anymore lol)! What an incredible year this has been for the Raspberries, I'm so happy for them (and for me !!)!!
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