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  1. Just was wondering, how soon are y'all planning on arriving, at the HRC tomorrow for the presentation? I know it starts around 12:30, but thinking it might be wise to get there around 11 a.m. or sooner? When I spoke to an associate at the HRC earlier, she mentioned it's been PACKED there, all week!! Can't wait!!
  2. Not sure if anyone else posted this, but they showed Eric, Dave, and Billy on our local news at 11 P.M. tonight, rehearsing for their show!!! TOO COOL!!! Edit: Whoops, just now saw someone already beat me to the punch (and posted the same thing!), lol! I'm just too excited tonight, what can I say?! LOL!
  3. How can they NOT, after that awesome performance?! Here's hoping!!! Such an exciting time for our guys, love it!!
  4. Wow, too cool! Man I wish there were a video of this eventually...lol!
  5. Will Lee? From David Letterman's band (forgive me if I'm wrong, lol!)?
  6. Said it before, will say it again ~ wish I were THERE!! Thanks Marvin for the updates!!
  7. Thanks!! What time is everyone going to try and be there tomorrow? I know it 'starts' at 12:30 (I think), but would it be wise to arrive there closer to 11 a.m.? Should be a fun time!!
  8. Thanks! Unfortunately the hubby & I are on our way, out the door lol, so won't have much of a chance to check everything out..was under the weather for most of the past week, so I've been behind!!! I'm very excited for the Raspberries and will be there in spirit if I don't go (depends on my sister)!! I'm guessing from a couple posts I just now saw, that there won't be a concert during the presentation at the HRC tomorrow~ if anyone can confirm, that would be awesome~ thanks!!
  9. Hi Everyone, My sister and I were thinking of going to the Hard Rock tomorrow, to go see the 'Berries donate their memorabilia, so cool and I'm SO happy for them (it's been a long time coming!!) ~ but when I called the Hard Rock Cafe just now, the HRC associate said that there won't be a concert? Does anyone know if that's the case? I haven't been online much the past week, so wasn't sure! I'm still wanting to go regardless, but my sister was hoping to see them perform (she's never seen them in person all these years!!)...thanks so much for any info!!
  10. So funny you posted this...the hubby & I were searching for Doris Day's classic movie, "Pillow Talk", to watch on TV/cable this weekend (one of our top faves!), but can't find it anywhere...you'd think, it would be a natural, for Valentine's Day weekend, lol! IA, Doris Day was the best!!
  11. Maggie, that was awesome (and such superior quality!!) ~ thank you!!!
  12. I agree. Guess only time will tell ~ hoping for the best, for our country. Yes, I voted for McCain, but mainly due to how he was/is a (war)hero for our country, and more importantly, has more experience, and other reasons that I won't bore y'all with ~ LOL! I generally try not to discuss politics on boards if I can help it, but saw Tony's post and had to comment!
  13. Totally agree!! Love these pics, thanks for sharing!! Would love to know, where they were taken
  14. WOW Awesome thanks Bernie! And I love the pics and the article, fantastic!
  15. LOL so true!! Wally always manages to crack me up and put a smile on my face! Love these pics, thanks for sharing!!
  16. Wow, I'm diggin' the top pic, lol ~ love it of Wally!! I could hardly recognize Eric....WOW!! Thanks for sharing!!
  17. Well, I was browsing on the internet and I came across two of the 'Berries CD's available for sale, as Imports ~ and I saw a few VERY (!!) positive, reviews, totally cool ~ but my question is, I guess I'm sadly behind the times ~ what exactly is a *Digipak*? I've never heard of it and would love to know what it's all about...not so sure I can afford the much pricier, amount, to get one of the imports (I realize the quality is much better), but you never know....lol!! Thanks so much for any help/info!!!
  18. Omigosh I remember that episode!!!! ROFL!! yeah, really, where CAN we find a radio like that?!
  19. I'm so sad to hear this! I grew up listening to Eddy Arnold, my Mom loves him. Such a great man and definitely a legend.
  20. Wow, totally awesome! Thanks for the heads up!!
  21. Michael (Or MJ, as his die-hard fans call him!) Johns was IT for me Still can't believe he got the boot (heaven knows *I* voted, lol!), especially during Idol Gives Back week! AI is quickly losing their credibility IMO (at least to do with their "voting" system) :-/ Hope to see the AI tour!
  22. I don't remember that show (GO!) but would LOVE to see this clip (Tonight being one of my special faves!)!!
  23. Awesome, thanks for posting that for us Bernie!
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