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  1. Thank you, Eric, for considering everyone's feelings like you always do.

    I can't speak for anyone else, but I would be thrilled if the "limited edition" offer were extended to those who didn't get the chance to purchase it.

    I remember being heartbroken when tickets to the first reunion concert were sold out while my computer was down. I was fortunate that an absolute *angel* purchased extra tickets and sold them to us so we could attend that breathtaking historic event! That taught me to act on all offers immediately before they're gone.

    In my view, the more people who purchase the cd/dvd and attend Raspberries concerts, the better. I'm hoping everyone feels that way.

    smile --Darlene

    Actually, though I was VERY excited, when I heard/read about the limited edition set ~ I've been a LONG time Raspberries fan, since the very beginning ~ I felt pressure to hurry up and buy it, lol, of course that does/can happen, when it's such a limited edition offer ~ but my point is...if it had been a bigger edition in the beginning, I might have *really* taken more time to consider, whether I could afford the package or not...now, of course, if 100-200 more are now added, that makes it seem as though fans were put through a 'hurry up and get it' type thing, that later on becomes just the opposite :-/ Does anyone understand what I'm saying? frown I can totally appreciate, the long time (other) fans out there, like Maggie, that were not aware and were left out in the cold...would want the edition made bigger...and I'm totally happy for Eric and the band, and all involved, that it turned out to be a total success ~ but at the same time, in a way, left me feeling let down, can't explain it Indifferent That being said...I'm VERY excited about getting my set, and can't wait to see/listen to it. From what I've read about it to this point, it sounds very special, and I want to thank Eric and everyone for putting it together for us fans! Counting the days till it arrives! smile
  2. PA Steeler Fan said:

    I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you how much I have enjoyed your music over the years. For me, it is timeless.

    I have to echo that! :wub: Wow, being a *newbie* to this board, I didn't know that Eric actually personally posts on it from time to time...too cool! :lol: Just want to share...I had the honor of FINALLY seeing the Raspberries live, for the reunion concert back in '04 at the HOB, and it was one of THE most AWESOME concerts ever! I was blown away from just the (going down memory lane!) opening montage/video..but couldn't believe, I was getting to hear just about EVERY song, from the first 3 LP's (not every song from Starting Over LP, I'm pretty sure) ~ wow ~ I was on Cloud Nine for quite some time after! Thanks Eric for all the special memories, and for the music! And thanks to Wally, Jim, Dave, Scott, and Mike too ;) You guys rock!!

  3. James said:

    As a kid I didn't much care for "With You In My Life" but now I think it's one of the group's best songs....great vocals and a lot of stuff going on with the instruments. And I guess "Come Around And See Me" is similar in this vain.

    LOL I have to laugh, don't know why, but I ALWAYS loved *With You In My Life*, back when I was growing up..thought it showed a tender side to Wally, which endeared him even more to me...but I agree, it is a fairly simple song, not necessarily Wally's best (IMHO) ;) I also agree, all the elements of each member together, even when considering songs that were written JUST by Dave, or JUST by Wally, or co-written by Eric and Dave, or Eric and Wally..or Eric and Scott...that's what made the Raspberries special.

    I love just about ALL of their songs! I love that I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine was brought up...that song totally blew me away the first time I heard it, I LOVE it! I had these visions of Eric and Scott (mainly focused on Eric at the time lol!) writing it, inspired by a new all-encompassing love, just to find out later on, via the liner notes on the Greatest Hits CD, that alas, it was just a song that Eric and Scott wrote to try and capture that feeling...LOL! :) I've always appreciated Dave's songs (and think he's a sweetie!), and Wally's, besides Eric's...but agree that Eric was the genius of the band, song-writing wise ;)

    I just can't wait for the special limited edition DVD/CD set to come out...put my order in and can't wait for spring! :)

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