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  1. Hey luv', I remember looking under tables and behind things for your poster. Did you ever find it or get a replacement?

    Hi Reid C., I remember you helping me look for

    my poster, it was so nice of you, no I never did find it

    sadly! A very kind fellow fan from EC Dot Com offered

    me an autographed poster from a different 'Berries concert,

    I was so touched!! That was one evening I'll never forget,

    meeting Wally, Dave, Jim and Eric was something I'll always treasure!

    That night we also (the hubby & I) got LOCKED out

    of the Playhouse Square parking garage (couldn't find the buzzer to let you in) as a result of hanging around in the Wyndham lobby too long, lol!! Very scary but thankfully another patron was leaving and we were able to 'sneak' in under the gates!! I'm sad to hear Eric and the boys won't reunite again, but so grateful I was able to see them 3 times during their reunion! :o)

  2. I would love that too! I was there for that show and it was one of the most special concert memories I've ever had (next to seeing Paul & Linda McCartney in concert in Pittsburgh many years ago!)! Do you think there's really a chance that might happen someday? ;) Keeping fingers crossed! :)

  3. I talked to Eric at The R&R HOF inductions last year. Very friendly guy. Period.

    Hi hollies65, I'm sure Eric is a very friendly guy, I have no doubts he was just feeling

    rushed and/or under the weather at the time (when I met him at the hotel lobby briefly)!

    I didn't mean to say he isn't a nice guy, I'm sorry if it came off that way frown

    It was such a once in a lifetime event (meeting Eric!!) that I was just disappointed it didn't work out for me. I've met quite a few celebs and know how very tough and incredibly tiring, it can be, to try and accomodate each and every fan! Maybe someday I'll get another chance, here's hoping! smile

  4. Well, one never knows what happens between point A and point B when you think someone os coming back. We all know anything can happen, so I'm sure you weren't being ignored or anything like that.

    I do remember after the show in the hotel that there were many people talking to Eric as well as the band members, and he was quite accommodating to them all.

    So chances are...it was nothing but the simple fact that perhaps when he walked away with all intentions of coming back, he was side tracked, and the night went on.

    We've all been there...I'm sure you know what I mean.


    Thanks Wendy for your reply and your thoughts! I'm also guessing Eric

    originally had plans to come back later on, unfortunately the hubby & I weren't staying

    at the hotel, and had to be able to get to the parking garage before it closed on us

    (which it ended up doing, lol!!), or I would have definitely stuck around! It was

    disapointing to be sure, but I understand things happen. I hope to someday get my

    book signed by Eric, to make it complete, that would be awesome! I've been a HUGE

    fan of both Eric and the 'Berries ever since I was 10 years old (aaah youth!!), that concert and meeting the guys at the hotel is one evening I'll never forget!!

  5. ^^

    Too cool Wendy!! Actually, at the time I met Eric (and all the guys!) in '08, at the hotel lobby (other fans/friends were there), he did say no....or looked at my 'Berries book with all the other's siggies (that I just got), and said he needed to go take his coat off (I had heard he wasn't feeling well at the time), and I never saw him again after lol....wasn't sure what to make of that, bummer! It was my first meeting of EC so it kind of had me down....oh well! Wally was so nice and made me feel totally at ease, I'll never forget that evening with so many special memories ('cept I also lost my Raspberries souvenir concert poster at the hotel lobby as well lol!)! :o)

  6. Wow I'll have to check it out, too cool!!

    How did you get a pic with EC? smile The one (and sadly

    only!) time I met Eric (after last 'Berries reunion concert at Playhouse

    Square!), I couldn't get him to sign my 'Berries book (but Wally,

    Dave, and Jim obliged, they were so sweet, I was *so* excited lol!!)! :-O

  7. Hi Everyone,

    The hubby & I were originally planning on going to the Indians game (last) Saturday, couldn't make it after all ~ I'm so hoping to find one of the (reversible!) "Beach Party" hats they gave out at the game that Saturday, if anyone has an extra I might have something from previous Indians games to trade (including sealed in bag still, blankets, or various bobbleheads!)~ please contact me at

    dcofan71@msn.com if anyone has an extra~ I'd be so very grateful ~ thanks so much for reading my post!!

    I have excellent feedback on eBay (as a buyer, don't sell lol!) under dcofan71 also, you can trade with me with great confidence!! Hope everyone has fun at the games this weekend, GO TRIBE!!

  8. Hi Everyone,

    I'm hoping someone out there might have an "extra" Diving Grady (Sizemore) Bobblehead from Saturday's game ~ I've been collecting the Grady Bobbleheads for the past couple years, and sadly I wasn't able to go to Saturday's game, at the last minute we had a change of plans frown I've tried eBay (or should I say evilbay, lol!)and keep getting outbid literally at the very last 40-60 seconds (two different auctions),

    it's totally crazy and very frustrating lol!! eek

    I have a couple spare (MIB) Grady bobbleheads along with the "Wild Thing" Rick Vaughn bobblehead for a possible exchange (would exchange one bobblehead of your choice!),

    if anyone is interested please PM me ~ I'll be forever grateful lol!! Thanks so much for reading my post (hope it's okay to post this!)!! wink

  9. I picked up "Past Masters" (remastered) and The White Album today, was wondering if anyone has bought The White Album (remastered) yet, and if so, what did you think of the quality (as compared to the "original" CD release of the same)? Thanks in advance!!! smile I also got Rubber Soul in the special "cube" set, that comes with a Tee ~ too bad it's in XL though ~ LOL!

    I noticed that BB had MUCH better sale pricing on Past Masters, than Wal-Mart ~ just a heads up!

  10. I know this is late, but just had to come on here and extend belated birthday wishes for Wally!! birthday Just have to say, Wally's the best! I'll never forget when I met him after the last Cleveland concert (State Theater), he was so cordial and made me feel so at ease, and kindly took the time to sign my 'Berries book, which was such a thrill!! Hope it was a groovy day!! psych

  11. Art said:

    This is a very boring time to be a fan. Nothing ...no news....rumors...nothing. I am going back to watch some paint dry now to liven up my summer a little.

    At first (after seeing your avi lol!) I thought you meant, a very boring time to be a CLEVELAND INDIANS fan (sorry couldn't resist!!) ;), but then I realized, you meant Eric and the 'Berries :D ...lol (and I'm a big Indians fan BTW!!)! Yeah, I agree, we need some exciting news (ie., a concert here in N.E. Ohio!)!

  12. Ahhhh... they just cut off the ending -

    "عش من بابل! إنه ليل الجمعة"


    "Live from Babylon! It's Friday night!"

    [insert laugh track and applause]

    mellie!!! Where've you been, girl?! winkspin
  13. Eric Carmen said:

    Actually, I've never charted any of 'em. I've seen a few of them and it's kind of hit and miss. Sometimes they're pretty good, and sometimes they're not even close. I use a lot of pretty sophisticated chording and inversions when I write. They may get the actual chord right, but rarely do they get the proper inversion, which is where most of the "magic" is.

    It's how you voice the chord that makes all the difference.

    Thanks for sharing that with us E! I have

    to say, IYCYM has ALWAYS been one of

    my favorite 'Berries songs! Everything about

    it is perfect :)

  14. Maggie Clarke said:

    If it makes everybody feel better, the pop critics in Cleveland are just as snarky as some of those in NYC who wrote up the amazing benefit concert at Radio City on April 4 for teaching transcendental meditation to at-risk kids. Imagine trashing Paul and Ringo (who sang together at the same mic as well as Ringo on drums and Paul downstairs on Hofner) with Sheryl Crowe, Eddie Vedder, Donovan, and comics Jerry Seinfeld and Howard Stern and on and on.. That was historic and now looks like Paul and Ringo will record some stuff together. I've put up 4 pages of photos on MaccaLand so far - access via www.maggieclarke.com

    Thanks so much for the link!! Awesome pictures (and I like the Fleetwood Mac ones, as well!)!

  15. All I know is that the improved sound is going to make the listening alot more enjoyable.

    Recently, I read a short preview/review of the "White Album" in Mojo Magazine and they raved...so I'm hoping for the best.

    THAT particular Beatles album (though, they basically weren't acting as a "group" anymore, during the recording of the White Album!), I'll be first in line for ~ one of my all-time

    faves! smile

    I hope these re-masters are top notch ~ I'll pick and choose, lol, as I don't need yet a third or fourth, copy of another Beatles album (however, am a HUGE fan!!)~ that being said, can't WAIT!!

  16. I can't really help you, but I can understand your frustration! I got an iTouch yesterday and can't get it to connect on the internet! I don't know if I'm just too old to understand or if it just doesn't make sense!!!!

    I did Google some of the problems and found a website that might be helpful for solving our problems--I just haven't had time yet to work on it! Here's a link to the site: iTouch Help Site


    Thanks so much Julie for the link!! I wish I could help, but I'm pretty clueless, myself, lol, on how I got mine connected (it was a long and tedious, process, had to call the manufacturer of our router, to get it up and running lol!) ~ good luck with your touch!!! smile
  17. Hi Everyone,

    I want to restore my Touch to literally how it was, straight out of the box when I bought it (getting the larger GB in it's place) ~ I read on a forum, online, that this is the correct and least, time consuming, way to go about it ~ does anyone know, if this is a proper procedure? confused

    I've only had mine for about a week, and barely installed any apps (maybe two), but of course have my iTunes library on it...... here's the procedure I followed....any help would be awesome~ Thanks!!


    Settings --> General --> Reset --> Erase All Content and Settings

    Don't waste time by restoring it through iTunes because it'll restore to your old preferences by default, and it takes longer.


    My only concern is, I literally took this as the correct procedure (well, you CAN do this, literally right through your Touch itself), and I've already returned it, to the store...I'm now totally nervous, that since I didn't do it "through iTunes" (which I've now, read elsewhere), it may not be guaranteed to be 100% restored to the original factory settings?! eek

    When the process was done, it showed an apple screen briefly, then a "connect to iTunes" screen! If it didn't do it completely, what pre-cautions should I take just in case?! Indifferent

    Thanks so much for any help!!! smile

  18. MJ said:

    Wally's smile is the greatest asset of the band - and I hope he contiues to do so (smile I mean)throughout his life..... but I'd still like to view it again from the stage guys!!!!

    Completely agree!! ;) And YES, I'd like to also view it again, from the stage!!! LOL!

    I know this is an old thread, lol, but just had to add to it (via Bernie's recent post of more of Wally's contact pics)!!

  19. Well I never made it :(:( So disappointed!! I'm so envious of how you (Tim from Wisconsin) were able to see the soundcheck Friday afternoon!!! How awesome!!! I've been sick with a virus on and off for the past week, and this morning it got worse...too much to deal with running around downtown...so I had to pass :(

    Hope everyone that went, had a great and memorable time!!

  20. LC said:

    Cleveland.com updated a report on the Rock Hall festivities with this 'graph (I'm sure we'll read more shortly):

    The party's musical entertainment included a set by Cleveland's power-pop Raspberries, who got down to business with a rousing "Tonight."

    LOVE it!!! Thanks LC for posting!! :)

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