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  1. Dear Santa Bernie and my ec friends! I don't post much but I'm never far from 'ear' shot. You all still bring me many smiles. None more brightly then those from Santa's wonderful bag of gifts this year. We all have our struggles throughout the year but somehow, some magical way, Eric's pure and breathtaking voice, makes it so much better. So much.... I played all the 'gifts' but especially Fooling Myself as much as possible before it vanished like Santa, yet just the touching gesture filled me with the spirit of the season. You are such a selfless and giving person Bernie, so so special. Thank you Bernie and may the coming year be filled with much more comfort and joy for you and us all. Christmas Part 2 today was even better I think because it was SO unexpected! You are a Prince!
  2. Hey Ronda!! Wanted to add my warm welcome. Yes it does get goofy and silly and also very loving and supportive around here. You will fit right in!! Thanks for sharing the story of your name, loved it. Welcome to the family. p.s. LOVE that avatar too. So many new ones. Can't ever have enough of THAT handsome face!
  3. Hi Sher!! A very warm welcome. You are going to love it here. Eric Carmen Heaven on earth! Enjoy! Hope we see you around often. And I love your avatar too! Great choice.
  4. Just getting caught up and I find there is now a My Space page. Bernie, Eric is right, there has got to be more then one of you!! But I'm so glad that one of you is 'ours'. The page is just awesome. Now maybe some of the 'My Space Generation' will discover some of the the most beautiful, moving and rockin' music ever made!!!!
  5. Bernie, I can't even begin to imagine what is really in that vault, but this is a gem! Never saw it either so it's always great to experience something 'new'. I just LOVE the fact Eric is so happy and smiling so much during it. I don't care if it's the 80's or not, a man with his jacket sleeves pushed up is just downright SEXY!!! Eric has always been cutting-edge sylish. Makes one think just what might have been, had they used THIS version for the theme....
  6. Oh my goodness...... Bernie, there are not enough thank you's to send to you today. This is and has always been my most cherished Eric song. The emotions I connect with it are indelible. As much as I loved the actual video (HC, the suspenders got me EVERY time too!) the Solid Gold performance, IMHO, was breathtaking. It always felt so 'real' to me, like Eric was taking the opportunity to sincerely convey every note and word...... danmichel, I agree 100%, it should have been HUGE. This is a treasure I'd so hoped for Bernie. I'd lost my VHS tapes of most of my Eric/Raspberries a long time ago, so seeing these mean more to me then I could ever tell you. You are, without exception, the and my hero. (Gee, if this is what happens when I'm away for a few days, I might have to plan more vacations!!)
  7. Welcome Capricorniana47!!!! We all have so much in common already, we love Eric's music and you'll find quite alot of it here. Lovely to meet you!!
  8. BESSIE!!! I have never seen THIS version. Where has it been???? I agree 100%, the best I've ever seen. I don't remember ANY of the videos getting that close to what I consider Eric's most handsome and mesmerizing feature....his eyes. What a find!!! THANK YOU! psss... Mr. Webmaster, do you think this gem might just pop up around here? YT is okay but you never know when they will vanish. Once it's here safe and sound I'd feel much better!!!!
  9. Eric, thank you so much for the back story. I just find it all so fascinating! I consider myself pretty sensitive (others might say HIGHLY) but I thought the GM commercial was just adorable. I didn't think too much of the 'jump' aspect because 'they all lived happily ever after' in my book. It's a commercial It's a robot It's a FANTASTIC SONG! Those critics need to lighten up and enjoy the music!!!!
  10. BIG congrats to Eric and Bernie!! I usually watch the SB but this year had some unfortunatly sad things to tend to (sister's friend did pass away). Just got home a bit ago. But I can't imagine how neat it must have been to hear 'that' music and voice when least expected! Thanks to whoever posted the link, I was able to watch. LOVED IT!!! NOTHING is as big as the SB when it comes to advertising. And I thought I was in "BIG" company before......wow! You BOTH ROCK!!!
  11. If I could dance I'd be doin' a jig! I can't believe I actually got the one thing I REALLY wanted for so long, doesn't usually happen but I'm thrilled beyond words! THANK YOU Bernie! It's MY pleasure to help out with this wonderful place you so graciously allow us to visit.
  12. Well austin, I certainly am not a teenaged girl anymore, not even close but I think part of the magic of Rasberries and Eric's music is, it can still make you feel that way!
  13. And to think I was upset when I saw LB with ONE woman. As soon as I left he has more women AND men.......empty words LB, empty words. I'm scarred for life! Pictures would be awesome and helpful for blackmail!!!!
  14. Hey Baby Sister and fellow Vet Tech! Yes I am/was. I have always loved all animals but didn't go to school until about 15 years ago. After I graduated I worked part-time to start in an ER!!! My goodness it was stressful but oh so rewarding for the ones we could save. However, it seems during that time I got bite by a tick. I got sicker and sicker and finally after becoming almost totally disabled, was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. But after almost three years of treatment I'm finally showing improvement and my hope is to go back to it soon. I understand about the bad back, some of those large breeds are heavy and it takes it's toll. We'll have to swap stories hopefully when we meet someday!
  15. I am beyond sad... I knew the odds even when things got better but I was so hoping against fate. I sat at my desk with tears when I heard this news. What an incredible animal. I admire the owners very much, many others just put the horse down because it will cost money vs. bring in money. I can't imagine their loss, they truely loved him. The New Bolton Center is one of the most amazing animal and equine centers in the country if not the world. It's part of the University of Penn Veterinarian Hospital. I did some of my Vet Tech studies there. My comfort is in knowing if they couldn't save him, no one could.
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