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  1. MJ, I thought the same thing...LOgically speaking, but if I were betting, realizing that she has probably personalize the guitar over the years... I'd say, ODD's ARE that it was probably Eric's WHite Melody Maker.
  2. JOAN JETT was infact playing Eric's WHITE Melody Maker during the R&R Hall of Fame Induction Ceramony Monday Nite. Very Nice to see that she still has it. I'v read where the guitar was an obsession for Joan, esp because of its lavish Raspberries history and that it was a guitar that Eric used on stage and probably on a numberr of songs in the Studio....KUDO's to Joan!! Jen
  3. That's Frank Musarra, as the first drummer of the Secret, http://www.myspace.com/frankmusarra and I believe their 2nd drummer was Mark Chalmers from North Royalton who still plays in his old band (before Secret) called TEASER, reason I know this is because I use to talk with his brother Brian Chalmers who worked at the Scene, then I believe Brian worked for Columbia records. The Chalmers Brothers were extremely talented, Jen
  4. Wow, last nite at the State Theatre was really a very good performance. Iv been to FOUR (4) Clev shows thus far. AS OF NOW, the band appears Polished, tight and HIT all their lines perfectly. They are ROAD-Ready, lol if they decide to "TOUR". I thought all the guyz looked very good, esp Eric, he is just darling for a man in his 50's and Eric continues to defy his critics because he sings as well as he did in his 20's, BRAVO !!! We were sitting in a Loge front row, upper-deck, infront of Mezzannine seats and it was simply amazing. I couldnt believe my ears when Eric sat down to play "All By Myself" Billy Sulivan & Wally shared lead and it was haunting as I listened to their guitar solo's. I am very glad to see some of Eric's solo masterpieces beggining to surface into Raspberries LIVE shows. The Band & Supporting musicians looked and performed flawlessly. NOW, for GLITCH's...some minor P.A. QUE problems. Im not sure if the person directing the P.A. had a good "FEEL" for Raspberries songs or atleast how they sound on CD/Vinyl or possibly the song list was changed. Sometimes Wally's LEAD guitar Mic was BURIED or Lead Vocal or HArmony was BURIED, and Im not sure what the Crowd down below heard, but aside from subtle Mis-Que's with the MiC's my husband and I were very pleased. One thing that really bother's me is when Wally get's upset on stage, ie. They Opened with TONITE...just and amazing intro. It was perfect and near flawless, but for some reason Wally was reacting very Oddly/Angrily on stage. It appeared so Unprofessional. The poor Roadie ran out to fix the problem that was obviously MINOR during the song, but what disturbed us was that you could actually see Wally aggressively interact with his Roadie...that tongue-lashing could have waited till the end of the song Wally, certainly NOT during the Intro to the show. Moreover, I dont think Eric appreciated the few Rowdy Fans yelling-out obnoxious BLURTS inbetween songs or during Erics delicate Piano solo's/ intro's. Overall, you could not hav noe asked for a more perfect venue for a LIVE show. We've seen many LIVE musical performances at the State Theatre and even Seinfeld a few years back. The Raspberries State Theatre concert was worth every penny, Nice Job Guyz! xxox jen
  5. My Hub and I are going to the Raspberries State Theatre show Friday the 14th. I cannot wait. It's going to be a very nice homecoming. Also we are definitely going to the Benefit for Eric Robertson at the Beachland on Saturday the 15th. Since Wally, Dave & Jim will be in the area DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THEY WILL BE PLAYING Saturday night at the benefit for Eric Robertson since all were members of the Choir & MOds and since Wally & Dave played next to Eric R in the SECRET. Maybe Wally's GUITAR TECH (roadie #2 or is it roadie #3), Ernie. Maybe Ernie knows, or will it be a surprize. Happy Holidays, xox Jen.
  6. That is a very cool promotional print, Nice !
  7. I sincerly hope someone has grabbed the Promotional Bull-by-the-horns (for lack of better explicative) for this upcoming State Theatre show Dec 14th. I will be the first to say how ridiculously poor the HOB folks handled the Promotion for the first 'Go-Round' of Berries shows 2004-'05. I dont care what the excuse was AL, I think band management should have bitched bigtime. Im not sure who Al K is, but I bet if Eric or Jim had their way someone would have gotten 'FIRED" for simple fact that the Cleveland Berries shows were not advertised very well, esp the Nautica show July 2005. I think I read more about how bad the PA/Sound was managed etc, etc etc and the damn Venue was only a lil more than HALF-Capacity.....DUH!! There is NO Excuse. Its indefensible, sorry, its just how I feel. BTW AL K...are you making arrangements that the State Theatre show on Dec 14th is recorded properly, both audio/Video. Let's see, we've all heard and read all 'bout the Screw-up in Chicago...as being probably their BEST performance, or how bout the 2nd (Sunday) NYC show from Summer 2005, again supposedly not recorded. Please make sure there are NO MORE Mistakes and the rest of these Shows are recorded and Preserved forever. Peace, Jen.
  8. Thank You! I was not sure if someone posted this clip or not. I wasnt about to sift through 3 pages of postings. I wonder if that whole Secret show from 81 is somewhere out there floating around. Wally & Dave are very good. They nailed all their parts including vocals. No Overdubs that nite, ha ha. Im a big Fan of BRUCE, but I have to say it's amazing what Wally & Dave are able to do LIVE without a Keyboard player that night. I dont think that Max Weinberg could have played drums any better than the Secret's drummer. This is really great to watch because these guys are so good.
  9. Hi Y'all ! I am not sure if anyone posted this Youtube Video, but it appear to be another of Wally & Dave doing a Bruce Sprinsteen song. Wally and Dave are wonderful when they sing together. This Eric Robertson guy sings very well too. I never saw Raspberries at the Agora, but after watching this video I get a feeling for what it must have been like. bye, jen
  10. Donnie Iris has his OWN day in the city of Pittsburgh, sometime this month ala, "Donnie Iris DAy", no less. Donnie Iris is wonderful. His Voice is still amazingly preserved now even in his mid-60's and I still luv Ah! Leah!, but did he even attain half the success or international acclaim of Eric to earn an Official City Day to be named after...go figure!
  11. TODD solo?? I thought he was immersed in The CARS project with touring.
  12. Hi Marc, your words are strong, insightful and obviously truthful. Sometimes people living in a Caccoon dont like to hear the truth and that includes ME too, lol. I want to see how things go with the new CD/DVD before drawing any conclusions. I have not heard any rumors that the Guys are rehearsing a Promo spot for Daviid Letterman or Conan. A guest appearance on a show like that could get it moving...and I think David Letterman is a fan.
  13. Thanks for the FYI JERRY (mem# 156), I did find the SECRET'S LINK this A.M., thanks so much, peace, Jen
  14. holy smokes, those videos are really great. The Secret happened in the early 80's for sure, so the person posting is accurate. Eric Carmen KNOWS Eric Robertson very well or so i have heard. I have always heard there was a little competition between them. I am from Cleveland, still live here and I saw the Secret many times. Eric Robertson was considered the greatest male singer to come from Cleveland Ohio. I am not sure if he still lives in Cleveland or not. unfortunately Eric Robertson nor The Secret got a record deal/contract like Raspberries, so the world is clueless as to who Eric Robertson is. I think he is tremendous. This is so cool to watch. i have to thank the person posting this material because I recall watchng these guys all the time, using my older sisters I.D. to get into clubs. i was such a naughty girl, lol. hey, the person posting has other stuff. i think this was the Secret after Dave & Wally were nolonger in the band, but the new Secret band is very good too: mannn this is so cool. i cant believe i am watching this stuff or that somome actually recorded it. xoxo to the cameraman JEN
  15. Frankenberrie, I could not agree with you more. Iv often felt that being or attempting to be a professional musician is like a "Calling". Kinda like the desire to become a Catholic Priest, (even though im not catholic). You essentially give-up much of your life or atleast sacrifice to no-end for your passion, your love. Unfortunately as a musician, you will be poor, the odds will always be stacked against you till you are BROKEN. I cannot speak from experience but I infact have known OH SO many people that have dreamed, tried, worked and tried again only to be frustrated. Eric's revelations bear witness to what many of us could only imagine. Eric is succesful because not only because he is amazingly talented but he has savy, he is very intelligent and was obviously smart enough to protect his personal interests at very critical points in his life as a solo artist. That is a very difficult thing to do and be creative at the same time. Im sure Eric will be the first to tell anyone that despite having some very well charted, succesful HIT records with Raspberries that the money seen wasn't very good and even with national TV appearances I dont think he was walking away with a life's ransom. It takes not only hardwork, talent, TIMING, LUCK and that one big-HIT-single, like ALL BY MYSELF. My husband and I were visiting friends in Manhattan NY about a month ago. We visited a club after dinner and were entertained by a young, extremely talented musician named RUSS FINK www.russfink.com This kid impressed me so much that both My Husband and I got to chatting with him inbetween his Acoustic Sets. Russ was a real charmer. His story is so much like many other young talented kids, Wide-eyed, brimming with ideas, hopes, dreams and he probably couldnt even get arrested, let alone be signed to a record deal, lol. Turns out that Russ Fink is from Cleveland Ohio, who would have guessed. He is a huge RASPBERRIE fan, and absolutely loves Eric's work. When I first heard him sing/play I instantly thought of Marshall Crenshaw. My husband thought Bryan Adams. Either way, Russ Fink is an example of a young talented kid that should be given some type consideration but given the powers-that-be im sure he'll be back in Cleveland within a couple of years. A very familiar scenario.
  16. Marvin and Roadie#3 have the right TAKE. Forget anytype of Reunion Tour. I agree with promoting the new CD/DVD as a Current effort incl some Solo stuff. Good idea. But that is going to take alot of effort. It will be interesting to see if the guys have enough energy to do it. Frankly, I find it interesting that I never READ or HEAR about Jim or Wally "Playing Out" anywhere, since they still live locally here NE Ohio. NEVER! aside from that very cool Choir show I attended last Spring '06 at the Beachland. Many of the Local musicians that Jim and Wally use to playOut/hang with STILL do infact playout regularly. My Hub and I recently went to go watch Billy Sullivan perform locally...what a treat. Billy is a great musician. As far as SOLO material, that would be a very SENSATIVE consideration. Eric's Solo material is more Orchestral, esp Boats and Desperate Fools. Their Vocals would work, but Im not too sure how Wally's guitar could be arranged, esp with Hungry Eyes...probably NOT! If Solo material would be considered it should be very Limited. Dave wrote a song for his Internal Monolog CD a few years ago that Incl a song called, SOONER or LATER. I infact heard that song while Dave & Wally played in their old Cleveland band called THE SECRET back in 1984 or 85. It was arranged alot differently when performed with THE SECRET. It had a tempo, drive, WAlly's awesome guitar playing and unbelievable vocals. So Yes, I agree with Marvin and Roadie#3 that Solo material would be a very good idea, but to be displayed and performed as Raspberries material.
  17. Behind the Music story in Cleveland Mag is good. The PiX are basically all the same PiX that we've seen before, one time or another. The article really doesnt reveal anything that we haven't already heard or read about. It's basically a CLIFF NOTE 'TAKE' on what's been happening with the band. I'll tell ya what, depite the fact that Wally is my Fav, Im getting real tired of hearing about this Song writing Credit for Go All The Way. It's getting quite annoying. I can best illustrate my view in this way from other examples in the music business. The DOORS were a musical group inwhich all four mems collaborated to make some wonderful classic sounding records WAY BACK in the Day. The Intro to LIGHT MY FIRE was written by Ray Manzerek, and everyone know's that to be fact. However, the song is credited to Robbie Krieger because Krieger wrote the melody and most of the Lyrics and when you hear the song on the radio, esp the INTRO <<<<<<<<<it is instantly recognizable>>>>>>>> but RAy Manzerek's name is never credited and you most certainly never hear or read about Ray Manzerek discussing it 37years after the fact. SAme goes for Eric Clapton's Solo IMPROV on the Beatles WHILE My GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS. It wasn't George Harrison's guitar weeping, IT WAS CLAPTON's...and you never saw Clapton's name Credited because it was George Harrison's song. Same for GOLDEN SLUMBERS 'Outtro' all Beatle Melody and Beatle lyrics....end of story. Based on Eric Carmen's writing track record, it's fairly obvious, beyond a shadow of doubt that Eric and only Eric is resposible for GO ALL THE WAY...Gee Wiz...maybe that Roger Oscer Meyer dude who made the Raspberries LIMITER used to mix the recording should also ask for a credit....enough is enough. Getting back to the Article, it represented the guys very well and it was overall a good storyline...Let's all hope for a something special in the near future, Jen.
  18. Wow, I never anticipated my 2 or 3 sentence Reply about I CAN REMEMBER to evoke such a response. ERIc, I truly appreciate your reply. Your inspiration for it was obviously from the heart at a very specific point in time. I recall first listening to it around 1982-83' and my girfriend crying in my ear about her boyfriend leaving her, then he ultimately died in a car crash. The song is sentimental, because her and I would sit, drink wine, listen to I CAN REMEMBER and NEVER GONNA FALL IN LOVE AGAIN...we get silly drunk, cry with each other, laugh, then cry somemore..like silly young girls. I felt deeply sad for her.'Hell hath no fury like a womans scorn'...not a good song lyric for a song, LOLOL. BUT now you see that I CAN REMEMBER is a song that means different things to different people. It is, AND ALWAYS will me a masterpiece to my ears. Moreover, I can appreciate Marvin Mathews opinion regarding the two movements as being somewhat disjointed, but like any slow ballad, the song was just waiting to be infused with Tempo. It's StoryLine was begging for a transition and the perfect one was Wally's guitar fade. HAppy Joyous Hanukkah, jen
  19. Eric's song, I CAN REMEMBER, still sends chills everytime I hear it, and "No Eric", the strings R not that flat. U guys recorded in real time, there were no "Pro Tools" in 1972, LOL. Jimmy Ienner melting-in the Electric Guitar to the Strings was really EPIC..at that time. THAT WAS Genius. If you were attempting to emulate Pete Townsend on that song, well you certainly succeeded in my book. Id luv to know your inspiration for I CAN REMEMBER, jen.
  20. I abolutely LOVE, A Temporary Hero. Just like Eric's song, I CAn Remember, I enjoy playing this song on our piano. I still have yet to hear a STUDIO version of it. I've only heard the DEMO version of Eric singing solo with Piano accompnymnt. I never knew what TIME FRAME the song was written. Actually, I thought it more to be with EC first album with All by Myself, but if infact it was slated for BOATS, it would have been epic. A Temporary Hero is beautiful. I'v always wondered how Jimmy Ienner would have developed it.
  21. Sir Paul, might possibly be needing to raise a few bub for his upcoming divorce...NOT !! LOLOL. Unless the $$ is going to charity, I think it's SILLY. I recall Roger Mcguinn's Rickenbacker exceeding >100K at auction and same with Clapton's BLACKIE. As for a nostalgic piece of Rock N Roll history...well in my opinion, that Hofner Bass belongs in the Rock n' Roll HAll of Fame, and NOT in some collectors closet. I recall seeing Pete HAM's RED Gibson at the RnR Hall of Fame and my husband pointed out that THAT guitar was also owned by George HArrrion, subsequently given to Pete HAmm...So I got to ENJOY viewing it at the Roch HAll in my Home town, but I dont think too many people realize that the guitar was originally owned by George.
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