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  1. To everyone who attended the event as well as those online looking for some great Winterfest highlights - believe me when I tell you that everyone associated with the band was very disappointed and frustrated with how the Winterfest event was organized and how the events of the day unfolded...needless to say things didn't go as the event planners told us they would. But we'll try to make it up to you - so stay tuned in the next few days to both raspberriesonline.com and EC.com for some great Winterfest photos and videos...AND excerpts from the live DVD that you'll only see here!
  2. I sent the photos USPS First Class with their "Delivery Confirmation" service - let me know on this thread if you don't receive your package by mid week - along with your zip code - and I'll start the tracing process. Al
  3. GREAT NEWS!! The special photo of Eric "in concert" has been selected (by Eric himself!), the prints have been processed, Eric has signed them and they are in the mail...be on the lookout for 'em!! Winners - Thanks for your patience!
  4. ...and Cartmill - just for the record - this rumored tryst was during Kenny Rogers' "First Edition" era, aka the "Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition was In")era...when he rocked out a little...
  5. I'm gonna make it easier to identify me on www.raspberriesonline.com - I'm getting rid of my multiple personalities - I'll just be "Al K" The caption contest winners will be receiving their photos soon - thanks for your patience...
  6. Tony - if you're gonna typecast me can we at least go with Bob Seger circa 1980 instead of Kenny Rogers???
  7. you ARRRe such a cARRRd Kathy...I think you need to be shuffled and dealt with!
  8. Cartmill - you even met me. I Obviously made a big impression...I do the PR stuff for the band, and if you would have bought any merchandise at the berries concerts you would have met Denise.
  9. Hi kids...it's Al, AKA "What's his name" (jealousy will get you nowhere!)I finally made it home from WAB4 after a short delay and a few hours of community service(that Bernie sure knows how to throw a party!). It was great to meet some of you for the first time and to see some others again! I'll be getting some photos to Bernie to post, and then we'll talk about the caption contest! Enjoy!
  10. Be on the lookout for these articles and interviews on The Choir Reunion: The North Coast Voice(Lake County entertainment magazine)/Cover story/Feb. 16th issue The News Herald/"Sidetracks" Cover story/Feb 26th The Free Times/March 1st Scene Magazine/March 1st Sun Newspapers/March 2nd Cleveland Plain Dealer/March 3rd Some of the guys will also be in studio guests on WMJI Majic 105.7's "Lanigan and Malone" show Tuesday Feb. 28th at about 8:00am.
  11. Oh yeah...I'll be there...probably propped up somewhere, but I'll be there! This stuff is like a dream come true for some of us Clevelanders!
  12. The 2nd show is going to be on Friday March 3rd (the night BEFORE the original show), also at the Beachland Ballroom. Tickets can be purchased online at www.beachlandballroom.com.
  14. Yes there are still some tickets left but they are going FAST! Get them online at beachlandballroom.com.
  15. Hmmm...If the fire alarm goes off...and Jim and Dave run out of the building..it won't matter anyway...cause we all know the bass player and drummer are interchangeable.
  16. It's ggggetting real ccccold out here at my mmmmailbox...
  17. Hey!!!...why are all those cars parked on Bernie and Kathy's street and in front of his house?? Why are all those people sitting on the front lawn??? Hey look - The FedEx truck can't get down the street because of all the cars and people!!! OMIGOD!!!... Someone just tackled the FedEx driver and hijacked the truck!!! It's total chaos!!!! People rioting in the streets... The FedEx driver is fighting the crowds to deliver the shipment...but there's books, pages, boxes flying everywhere...it's hysteria! OMIGOD...The humanity!!! You might ask...Is this a local NJ community's reinactment of "War of the Worlds"?? No...it's the arrival of "RASPBERRIES TONIGHT!!
  18. I'll be there...I just hope Billy's "Screechy" voice can still hold up after all these years...
  19. I've heard of some who are worried that the LA show might be cancelled - I GUARANTEE THIS SHOW WON'T BE CANCELLED! Al
  20. Hi Everyone - While there's nothing we can do to reimburse those members who lost money for airfare, hotel, etc. we DO want to try to make it up to you, so if this applies to you please send me a private message so we can show you our appreciation. Thanks. Al
  21. Hi Everyone - While there's nothing we can do to reimburse those members who lost money for airfare, hotel, etc. we DO want to try to make it up to you, so if this applies to you please send me a private message so we can show you our appreciation. Thanks. Al
  22. Thanks for the support...M & G tickets are going fast!!
  23. The M & G arrangements for the L.A. show were a bit of a challenge because although we really want to do all M & G's in the afternoon and include the sound check it's impossible to do so in L.A. as the show is on a weekday and it would be unreasonable to ask people to come to an afternoon M & G, then come back in the evening for the show...so...here's the scoop: The L.A. Meet and Greet will be at 7:15 PM. You'll not only get to say hello to the band and get the very cool Gene Taylor concert photo autographed by the band, but you'll get PRIORITY ACCESS TO THE HALL BEFORE THE DOORS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC AT 8PM!!! No waiting in line, you can get to your seat or to your place in front of the stage before anyone else!! We may have to sacrifice the number of M & G photos we take and do "group" photos (like we did at the very 1st M & G last November 26th) purely because of time constraints (we have to be done with the M & G before 8PM when the doors open so you can get your priority access). Post any M & G questions on this thread ONLY so I can be sure to answer them all. I also hear that the M & G tickets are going fast so get 'em while you still can! Thanks and we'll see you in L.A.!! Al
  24. Yes Tony, the Carneigie Hall shirt and the Distressed shirt available in the online store last year are one and the same. Look for the very cool concert poster from the Atlantic City concert in the store soon!
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