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  1. When Hollies mentioned "Timothy" by The Buoys, I thought for a moment that this one could be on the list too...

    "Timothy, Timothy, Joe was lookin' at you

    Timothy, Timothy, God what did we do?"

    Ahhh...there's nothin' like a good snack!

  2. FYI...Ryko is doing a total redesign of their website, and that's why it hasn't been updated in a several months. I'm told the band will be featured prominently when the redesigned site is up and running.

    Regarding the Special Limited Edition sets...They are also being released on July 31, but we hope to get them to you a little sooner than that. The rest of the "gory details" are coming soon...in a week or so...and you won't be disappointed!

  3. luv,

    Right now it looks like we will post a notification on raspberriesonline.com and here also when the sets ship. I'l be letting you know of any updates as they become official. I don't think there will be any individual e-mail notifications.

    FYI - The best place to ask any questions, to get your questions answered as quickly as possible, and to get any updates is on raspberriesonline.com, in the message board, in the "Raspberries Music" forum, in the "Limited Edition Update" topic. Anyone who has a question or comment - or anyone who sees a question or comment regarding the new release, the Limited Edition set, etc. on another thread - please direct the questions and comments to the above site / forum / topic as that is the place where I check most consistently. I try to check as many of the threads as I can on both sites, but I wouldn't want to miss a question and keep anyone hangin'!



  4. Congrats, Bernie. You're truly one of a kind, and all in EC / Berryland are lucky to have you around.

    But enough about you...I REALLY like bananna cake, and that Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake with the oreo crust would take care of both of my cake and ice cream fix all in one...

  5. Keep checking raspberriesonline.com for updates, but we still hope to deliver in late spring.

    Rykodisc has not given us a firm release date yet, and at this point we are at Rykodisc's mercy as to when the release will happen. I can tell you that the release date WON'T happen before June 26th. As soon as we have a firm release date, you all at ec.com and those at raspberriesonline.com will be the first to know.


  6. "...Like almost every band that felt they did not receive their just deserts, The Raspberries reformed as old men. The results were unspectacular and Eric Carmen wisely declined."

    Uhhhh...to paraphrase a couple of TV shows:

    I don't think so, Bryan.

    Bryan you ignorant slut.

    College education:100 grand

    MAC computer: 3 grand

    Dictionary: 5 bucks

    A reliable fact checker: PRICELESS!

  7. Great question! I think the majority of those either in or working with the band would say that they're VERY happy we sold 300 sets in 3 weeks! While this set is a GREAT value, it wasn't exactly inexpensive. Plus the fact that the presale came during the time of year when money is usually very tight, and we were all very sensitive to insuring the buyer received a great value for the price. As we didn't advertise or promote this set at all outside of the websites we were all cautiously optimistic about how we'd do. So I'd say the consensus is that we sold out ahead of expectations. In fact, we've already had many inquiries about the sets from people who wanted to order but didn't find out about it's availability until it was too late, and I know the band and staff feel very bad for those who didn't order in time. Where we initially thought 300 sets were more than enough to satisfy the demand, now we're thinking we may have been too conservative.

  8. HT - Jim is being a little modest. We have significantly less than 125 to sell. Yesterday was one of our strongest sales days. I think more people are finding out about the berries website and the Limited Edition offer, and are figuring out that this would be an EXCELLENT holiday gift! These sets will all be sold very soon, so get 'em while you can!!

    I just hope that all the REAL berries fans get this set before it's sold out. It's such a rare, unique collection, and it's not like a t-shirt or a piece of merchandise that will always be in stock and can be bought anytime.

    Just to be able to see the 21 songs on DVD, to hear them with a surround sound mix, and to have them as a part of your musical collection is...priceless!!

  9. JohnO - it IS safe to assume your thoughts regarding the 5 video tracks. The Internet release is actually missing 3 songs from the L.A. show - "It Seemed So Easy" wasn't recorded because of technical difficulties. "I Saw The Light" and "Starting Over" were recorded but didn't make the cut for quality reasons.

    There is a thread on www.raspberriesonline.com for any questions regarding this release. That's the place where any questions will be best directed for a prompt reply.


    Al K

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