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  1. Delivery via USPS Priority mail. The sets will be mailed the week of August 6th. That's next week. By this time next week they will all be in the mail. Al
  2. Trindy, et al, To clarify: we had completed the mixing, editing and producing on the 5 tracks that are on the commercial DVD much earlier in this process. It's a whole different ballgame editing, mixing and producing 21 tracks for audio and video, with the 21 song concert DVD available in both surround and stereo playing options, plus a boatload of extras, not to mention the technical end - the very time consuming process of encoding and authoring all of this content to play very nicely and be user-friendly on the 5 different DVD menu screens. Then we threw in 6 ( and maybe 7 if I start feelin' some LOVE here!) downloads that weren't even part of the original plan. We were gonna do two tracks from the VH1 sessions. We ended up doing 4 tracks plus 2 interview segments, simply because we thought you guys would dig it. Believe me, the quality of the 5 track DVD is just as great as the HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS of extra content on the Limited and Special Edition. Hopefully this all makes sense. Al
  3. Eric Carmen and Jim Bonfanti will appear live in studio on WNCX 98.5 FM with Michael Stanley next Monday, August 6th at 3:30PM to discuss and play tracks from "Raspberries Live On Sunset Strip". Be sure to tune in, or click onto the "Listen Live" icon at www.WNCX.com to listen from your computer!
  4. Did the DJ do an intro, an outro, or make any comments about the release, the song, etc.
  5. I guess one of the "pitfalls" for fans who are involved with Eric Carmen and Raspberries projects is that people like Eric, Jim Bonfanti, Mark Linett, Bernie, Jim Bullotta and myself will not settle for imperfection if we can reasonably help it. Could we have put this Limited and Special Edition set out with a few extra imperfections and saved some time? Sure. We simply feel the fans deserve better. But, believe me, when you see all of our painstaking attention to detail to produce the highest quality release possible, and our unwavering focus on what is undoubtedly the best quality Raspberries audio and video release ever produced, our guess is that the day after you receive this set you will forget about the relatively small delay in getting it to you. We completely understand all of your frustration with the delays to get this release completed, and we all appreciate the substantial financial commitment you've made. That's actually why we decided the delay was worth it. The quality must justify the cost. And now we feel it does. If we thought the balance of less quality vs. a quicker delivery date was worth it we would have just released the set "as is'. We just won't settle for imperfection if we can reasonably make it better. Again, we really think the delay was absolutely neccessary to insure the quality is up to the standards we all expect from a Raspberries or Eric Carmen release. Because the fans deserve it. Thanks, Al
  6. You are SUCH a rock star... Just wait 'til those who get the Limited and Special Editions see and hear your great solos on "Don't Want To Say Goodbye", "I'm A Rocker", etc. Soon they'll be stalking you and waiting to mob you at the airports...
  7. Thanks, Margaret... So the message seems to be loud and clear - Support your Indie retailer, as they are support Raspberries! Everyone: please keep posting your local stores for all to see - we'll develop a database and properly thank them for their support.
  8. As for conventional "major" retailers, your best bets are with the Virgin stores and FYE, and stores that buy their inventory either direct from the labels and sub distributors (one-stops) and that are not "rack jobbed" - which means that they receive their inventory from an outside national sub-distributor who totally controls their stocking and re-stocking. Wal Mart and K-Mart stores are stocked by a rack jobber.
  9. Our best friends right now are the INDIE RETAILERS in your various cities - these are the true "music" people who in many cases totally "get" Raspberries, their place in music history, and the importance of this release to the fans. The Indie stores are the stores you need to seek out - they will more than likely have the CD's in stock.
  10. Amazon officially sold out just before midnight! Way to go!!
  11. Bernie - think about it in this perspective: if we need to sell, say, 2,000 units the 1st week to crack the Billboard Top 200 charts, and we could sell just 300 at each of some of the major national music outlets - Borders, FYE, Virgin, Amazon.com, Best Buy.com, iTunes, Barnes and Noble.com...hmmmmmmmmm.
  12. We're still at #120...how cool would it be to crack the overall top 100?? If anybody is planning to buy the Deluxe set thru Amazon, today would be a GREAT day to do so. You know the saying "Every vote counts" in elections? Well, every purchase counts BIG TIME on Amazon, and while I can't divulge Amazon's actual sales figures, I can say without a doubt that we're less than 100 units, and more likely even less than 50 units away from breaking into the top 100!
  13. Tony, Jim - the drummer - wants to handle your customer service issue PERSONALLY.
  14. The bulletin has already been written and is on it's way into cyberspace. We've been accumulating "friends" at a frantic pace, and the ability to send bulletins has always been a strategy of ours, and a great selling point of the myspace networking value. Thanks for the input!
  15. Anyone in Lake county, Ohio (east of Cleveland)can get either set at Record Den in Mentor. They have multiple copies of both versions. In metro Cleveland, I'd shoot for the FYE store at The Rock hall.
  16. Best Buy is hit and miss - and from the looks of it, mostly miss. Same with Barnes and Noble. Every Borders store I contacted had at least one in stock; same for FYE. Virgin too. Those are your best bets. Plus, most indie record stores will have both versions in stock - I saw several of both at Record Den in Mentor, Ohio. When you find a store that doesn't stock it, give 'em a little education about the band, the lead singer, the hits, the reunion, the liner notes, etc. They'll get the idea if they get feedback from the consumers.
  17. CNN will run a clip announcing the release in their "New In Stores today" / entertainment news segment TODAY, Tuesday, July 31. They will use footage from the DVD to accompany the piece. Let everyone know if you see the piece, and how it looks! Thanks, Al
  18. You're absolutely right, Billy... But unfortunately, the mission statement of most labels is... "shoulda coulda woulda..."
  19. Ryko tells me that some Best Buy stores are stocking the release, but that it's a regional decison by the store and district managers. Maybe we need to start calling and visiting our local Best Buy stores and, if they are not stocking the best release of the year, let them know of their mistake just like Baby Sister did!
  20. Doug, We're on the case - someone will be contacting you shortly.
  21. Craig, Track listing for Limited and Special Editions. CD DISC 1 I Wanna Be With You I Can't Explain Play On Tonight Should I Wait Nobody Knows Makin' It Easy Come Around And See Me If You Change Your Mind Let's Pretend Last Dance Needles And Pins I Can Remember Party's Over Don't Want To Say Goodbye CD DISC 2 Overnight Sensation (Hit Record) Hard To Get Over A Heartbreak I Don't Know What I Want Ecstasy I'm A Rocker Go All The Way BONUS DVD I Wanna Be With You I Can't Explain Play On Tonight Should I Wait Nobody Knows Makin' It Easy Come Around And See Me If You Change Your Mind) Let's Pretend Last Dance Needles And Pins I Can Remember Party's Over Don't Want To Say Goodbye Overnight Sensation (Hit Record) Hard To Get Over A Heartbreak I Don't Know What I Want Ecstasy I'm A Rocker Go All The Way Plus Many Extra Bonus Features (see www.raspberriesonline.com for details)
  22. Both Amazon and Best Buy have been advised of the errors on hteir sites and are working to get them corrected. ARGHHHHHHH!!!
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