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  1. Last night Jim Bonfanti and I attended the 1st of two concerts dubbed "The Battle of Ohio".

    For those not familiar with Cleveland's "The Paul Green School Of Rock Music" (think the Jack Black movie, which was very loosely based on the original Philadelphia location, but much more organized and disciplined and with just as much passion and focus on quality music teaching), it's been around for a couple of years, has an east side and a west side facility, and provides performanced-based interactive instruction in Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Drums, and Keyboards to kids of all ages.

    Last night's concert - with a second show tonight - featured the results of an extensive "course' on the history of popular music in Ohio. The kids played two 12-song sets with multiple selections from Joe Walsh, The James Gang, The Pretenders and our own favorite band RASPBERRIES (the kids performed "Tonight" and "I Wanna Be With You"). The kids also did a very entertaining "punk" version of The Choir's "It's Cold Outside".

    The show was very enjoyable, and it was very refreshing to see these kids - who obviously are very serious about learning their craft - showing their skills and passion for music. They all definitely get an "A" for effort, and several of these kids showed off some very impressive rock and roll chops!

    If you're looking for something to do early tonight and want to support our future musical giants you can catch the 2nd of these two concerts, beginning at 6:15pm and going until about 8:30, at The Brothers Lounge, 11609 Detroit Avenue in Lakewood. A good time will be had by all!


  2. There are many other artists in the "LiveNation TV" archives...keep trying!

    One more exciting piece of news - this live version of "Go All The Way" will soon be in rotation on the closed circuit TV's that are played in ALL of the House Of Blues venues before their concerts begin...keep an eye out for it!

  3. Tommy Rich is a great guy, a helluva drummer and a big Raspberries fan...in addition to his "School Of Rock" duties Tommy is also the drummer for the local band "Sumrada". Jim Bonfanti and Paul Sidoti pretty much have an open invitation to come out and play with the band anytime, and they have taken up their offer several times!

  4. ...Recorded LIVE at The House Of Blues Sunset Strip this past November 30th, 2007...

    3 songs:

    Party's Over

    Should I Wait

    Go All The Way

    You'll be able to see these 3 songs exclusively in LiveNation.com's "LiveNation TV" section...and they'll look SO MUCH better than the lousy quality bootleg videos from last fall's shows recently available on YouTube!

    There will also be a link to these songs on the band's website, www.raspberriesonline.com.

    The songs should be online within a week.


  5. As I always try to stay in touch with my feminine side (OK, who am I kidding - my wife told me about it. I never read this stuff.)...

    In the current issue of SELF magazine, Jennifer Garner (who's on the cover - now I'm paying attention!) talks about her favorite songs. She names two, and Eric's "Make Me Lose Control" is one of them! I think I need to work diligently on leveraging this potential networking opportunity! laugh

  6. MJ, et al,

    Good news - you can now get a new digitally released DC5 package - "Dave Clark 5 - The Hits" on iTunes. I think it was just released today, and it is one of the "rolling" releases featured on the iTunes homepage. If not just do a power search. This is a new hits packge that is being released digitally first, then in CD format in a couple of weeks. I already have a 30 track hits CD, but it has no booklet. I'm very tempted to buy this one as well just for the booklet to see if it contains any bio info, notes, lyrics, etc. Let me know if you buy it and how it is.


  7. Vera,

    You already know how the band and I feel about Valorie (and you). You and Valorie are in our thoughts, you both left quite an impression on us, and and it was our pleasure to meet both of you last December. We were honored to have you both as our guests.

    Please pass along our best to Valorie.

    All The Best,


  8. I had the pleasure of spending some with Joan Jett last night, and she told me of her fondness for Raspberries and especially for Eric's guitar he used to play on many of the band's songs including many of the hits. Joan fond that Eric sold this guitar sometime after Raspberries broke up, and Joan bought the guitar from the person who bought it from Eric. Joan was SO excited to have the guitar she preceeded to use it to record virtualy all of her hits, even taking the guitar on the road for many years during her 80's solo heyday. Joan eventually retired the guitar from the road, still owns it and keeps it safely tucked away.

    Many of you have heard or read of this story, but I don't know if anyone in the band's entourage had ever heard the story first hand...'til now!!


  9. Hey Beatnut...GO FOR IT!

    Just because the topic has been discussed on this board before does NOT mean that you or ANYONE who feels the need to contact the RRHOFM cannot do so anytime and as often as you so feel inclined...thanks for your passion, and be sure to let us know if you get a response.

    On behalf of the band thanks again for your passion and support - and keep it up!!


  10. Hey Beatnut,

    I saw you placed an order for the Special Edition set today, and I just happened to log on and read your post about the party you're having this weekend. I'll personally make sure your order gets in the mail first thing tomorrow AM, and I'll send it via USPS Priority Mail so that with a little luck, some good Raspberry "manager mojo" and and the postal god's blessing you'll receive it in time for your party...and as a bonus I'll throw in a little "surprise" for you to give away at your party...

    Let me know if you get the package in time, and have a great time at your party!

    Al K.

  11. This was not John Soeder's call. John is not the editor. He goes where he is told. John supported the band with very nice preview pieces both Thursday and Friday. Direct your comments to John's editor, Laura DeMarco, who also supported the band by authorizing both preview pieces but for some reason decided against reviewing the show.

  12. Thanks, Trindy, for the grammar correction. I think it may have been a "Freudian slip", as my continued dealings with Ryko regarding the less than stellar job they did in marketing, promoting and getting the deluxe release into retail stores continue to make me "ill"...

  13. The illusive, hard to find RYKODISC "Deluxe Edition" of "Live On Sunset Strip", with the 2 CD's and the 5 song bonus DVD, is now in stock at www.raspberriesonline.com.

    Also in stock is the new black "Live 2007" t-shirts that made their debut at the west coast shows to rave reviews, with the dates of the NYC, west coast and Cleveland shows on the back.

    Supplies are limited! Get 'em now!!

    Order now for your best chance at delivery before the holidays!

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