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  1. I'll tell ya...I've been lucky enought to know the guys at various levels and to have seen them in various incarnations since the 70's when one, two, or three of them have played together and done berries, Choir and Beatles songs...and I still got chills when I heard the harmonies on "No Reply" and "DWSG', and the chord change on "It's Cold Outside"...they truly are SO much better live now than they ever have been...

  2. Thanks to all who stopped by the Merch area to say "Hi" - it was great to meet so many of you while I was workin', in the opera box I was so kindly invited to watch some of the show from, at the after show party and then when I brought Paul up to Jeff's suite and then got to meet even more of you...I think we're just gettin' warmed up with the last three concerts... You guys are GREAT!!I hope to see you all soon!


  3. maybe I can clarify Bernie's message a bit: the band is not receiving traditional "royalties" now that they weren't receiving before - it's just that now we're selling CD's at the merch areas at concerts and the website we can get the band a share of the sales. If you buy CD's anywhere else the band still won't get one penny.

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  4. I'm new too...at least to the world of message boards. So don't worry about poor english ... you'll see from the posts that many of us haven't exactly mastered english either - and english is our first language!

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