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  1. Nothing quite like what you describe Darlene ... but ... have you ever seen just the 4 berries backing up someone else on one of that someone else's original songs?? Berry cool...berry fun...and I think berry history in the making. Not that I'm saying that will happen tonight at HOB Cleveland at 8pm sharp or anything...that would be leaking info...and I couldn't do that!
  2. I will fill you in...let's just say if you're at the show you'll see something I don't think ANYBODY has ever seen before!
  3. If you can you REALLY should catch Paul this Sunday at HOB Cleveland opening for Deana Carter. It'll be a GREAT show you WON'T forget! On Monday you'll be one of two groups of people - those who were there and those who wish they were! Al aka Mr. Subtle
  4. Keep those cards and letters and e-mails goin to The Today Show - just so you guys don't think we're sitting around at Raspberries Headquarters...we were on the phone with the Today show talent booking staff on May 27th before the show was off the air...I'll keep pushing from the inside and you all hit 'em hard with your e-mails and letters - maybe there's strength in numbers! Thanks, Al
  5. Thanks...let's make it such a landslide that the Roch Hall doesn't just induct RASPBERRIES, but builds them their own wing!!
  6. SPREAD THE WORD!!! A well renowned internet radio network, webring.com, has a survey on their homepage asking people to select the rock artist of the five listed that most deserves to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Guess which band is included in the list??? That's right - RASPBERRIES! Log onto the address below and vote !!! http://f.webring.com/hub?ring=live365comintern Thanks, Al
  7. Most pre-sales (including this one) will only sell a select number of premium seats, leaving the majority of the better seats for the "official" on sale date. The actual objective of the pre-sale is to sell more of the lower tier seats...the venue figures that an "impulse" buying decision will be made by the fans who want to get their hands on tickets as soon as possible. It's incorrectly assumed that when the premium seats are no longer available on the pre-sale that ALL those seats are gone, then the buyer decides that they better get whatever tickets they can just to get in the door.
  8. So Bernie...what'cha been up to lately? Not much, I guess, huh?? All I can say is...WOW!! Absolutely amazing. You really took EC.com to the next level...congrats!!! Al
  9. We'll be at both shows...and I may be flying our son in from college - he turns 21 on July 21st. It's funny how he's geting older but I'm not! I can't think of a better way to celebrate his big 2-1 than in NY with his parents and the berries. He may not agree. But he could get more of an education in that weekend than he'll ever get in college!
  10. Al K

    Artful Dodger

    Thanks for the link stut 5...it's cool that some of the guys are still out there playing gigs...I managed a record store in the early 80's and had AD for an in-store. I bet the Label promo guy that I'd sell 100 LP's that day...I won. I'd love to know if the band ever gets together, or if Billy and /or Gary are still playing out in the VA area or anywhere else for that matter so if anyone has info please share. Al
  11. Hey everyone...just in time to get everyone ready for the summer shows we now have the single CD reissues of the 4 Raspberries albums in the Merchandise section - "Raspberries", "Fresh", Side 3" and "Starting Over". And...we still have the "Power Pop" double LP collections and "The Very Best of Raspberries - Overnight Sensation" in stock too! Al
  12. Al K

    Artful Dodger

    Yeah...and the Rod Stewart comparison was very much an item at AOR radio...it actually hurt the band at the time - in the mid 70's it wasn't cool to be thought of as a blatant imitator of another's sound. Unlike today where an "artist" can't do anything original if they tried, and it still sells millions. The other band...AEROSMITH. The managers - LEBER/KREBS. Al
  13. Al K

    Artful Dodger

    Now that i'm thinking about it the reunion show was in the '95-'96 era...
  14. Al K

    Artful Dodger

    Wow...what a great thread Marvin! I'm a HUGE Artful Dodger fan. 4 albums...all great. John you hit it right on the head about Rave On...I still can listen to that album from start to finish, some 23 years later. Not nearly as rock as the 1st two albums but a great pop record. They played a reunion show at the Agora in Cleveland circa 1990 and it was amazing. "Think Think", "Wayside", "Honor Among Thieves", "Scream", "It's Over" (talk about two great power ballads!)Their downfall was that they had the same managers as another up and coming band who had shown greater initial success - and the managers decided to focus on the other band instead. Anybody know the other band?
  15. Bernie I'll try to get my hands on it. Sun Newspapers (sunnews.com)publishes different weekly editions in many suburbs of Cleveland, tailored to what's going on in that suburb. Some articles are in all editions, but some are only in select editions.
  16. Some fairly good news from merch land...I've struck up a relationship with both Cherry Red / RPM records in England and with Sundazed Records in New York that will allow me to buy all four of the re-released single CD and Greatest Hits CD imports (domestic for you Julia!)as well as the Choir Practice CD. In the near future we'll sell 'em @ a reasonable price either at future concerts (we hope!) or on this site's merchandise page. I'm waiting to buy them though until the dust settles on the Capitol release and the band's future plans. At least when we have that all set up the band will benefit from CD sales on this website and at concerts. To highlight Bernie's point though ...the band still won't make any royalties from the sales of any of the CD's currently in HMV and other record stores. So buy 'em from this site or when you (hopefully) see us on the road!!
  17. Hello all...rest assured we've heard your requests - both on the message boards as well as at the concerts for additional merchandise such as bumper stickers, decals, hats, etc. as well as an item with an updated photo of the band. While we can't have all the different items we've been asked about we do hope to add some new items in the coming months. Stay tuned! Al
  18. thanks for mentioning the book thing...i thought you memorized the shows alphabetically...
  19. i'd love to have seen xtc
  20. he's touring later this year...coming to Chicago for sure.
  21. G - never seen McCartney?
  22. Hey Phil - you're right - the Chicago concert was not filmed, so we'll just have to rely on each other's recollections for any clarification ... AND...if you click onto the Merchandise Banner at the top of the Message Board page and check out the "Power Pop Vol. 1" CD you'll find the studio recording of "I Can Remember"...I think it was the last song on their 1st album - at least as far as I Can Remember...
  23. FYI...the Chicago posters sold VERY well at the concert and we don't have many left. I don't think we'll re-order these posters from the individual shows so when they're gone...they're gone! Get 'em now!!
  24. Correct. The band doesn't make royalties as such, but they do get a piece of the profit...the first time they've received anything from the sale of their CD's. Jim you'll like the Choir CD.
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