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  1. One of my fave Wally songs...ever!
  2. I like that The Killers stayed fairly true to the original...even including Jim's drum ending in their version. I do wish it was on the soundtrack, or at least commercially available on iTunes...maybe the band is saving it for inclusion on their next CD.
  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes! You guys are the ones who, with your passion for music, make it possible for the artists, managers, webmasters, etc. to do what we do...for you! ALL THE BEST! AL K
  4. Happy Birthday, Eric! I invite everyone who's on Facebook to join the Raspberries band page, where we've posted birthday wishes for Eric along with a brief summary of his career. Feel free to check it out, "Like" the page, share the page with your friends and post your own message to Eric! www.facebook.com/raspberriesrock
  5. Al K

    Jane Scott...RIP

    Here's the story behind this photo: Taken June 16, 2006. While backstage with Eric and Jim at Bruce Springsteen's Blsssom gig we ran into Jane, who was always a Raspberries and Eric Carmen fan and staunch supporter. I suggested taking a pic of the three of them, which thrilled Jane. As soon as I took the pic I just knew it was a "keeper". I just visited Jane about two months ago to this day, on her 92nd birthday May 3, 2011, and gave her this photo framed as a birthday present...wow. Rest in peace, Jane.
  6. Yes, Sid, the band and crew have many fond memories of Kent, who along with Al Trevarthen, were the band's first two roadies in the early days. Kent's service was today. Jim and Wally attended.
  7. Thanks for the positive feedback on the new merchandise items! Unfortunately we are now out of stock on the Japanese mini-album CD's, and EMI has deleted the CD's from their catalog...
  8. Great job, everyone! Keep 'em coming! This will make a great reference thread for anyone who might not know the scope of Eric's contribution to pop - and pop music - culture!
  9. Thanks for the feedback, John...the check is in the mail.
  10. ..."All By Myself" is #2 on the Billboard Pop Charts and #1 just about everywhere else. Eric - To look at the life this song has sustained...from it's release in December 1975, through all the music legends who covered - and continue to cover - the song throughout the years, to just last week when it was so prominently featured on "American Idol" and the subsequent national press you received very favorably comparing your original recording to the "Idol" version...is nothing short of amazing. Then there are the facts that counting Raspberries and your solo catalog you've had 14 top-40 hits, your songs have been major influences to some of rock's finest artists and that your songs are significant reasons for the success of 3 of the worldwide top selling albums of all time. The "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack featuring your hit "Hungry Eyes" (42 million worldwide), Celine Dion's "Falling Into You" featuring "All By Myself" (32 million), and the "Footloose" soundtrack featuring "Almost Paradise" (18 million). You have written or sung featured tracks on albums that have sold over 90 MILLION COPIES and counting. Then add in just a few of the the multi-million selling albums featuring Eric's hits by artists including Shaun Cassidy, Il Divo, 3T (with Michael Jackson) just to name a few and that number grows to over 100 MILLION. Not a bad run (SO FAR!) Congratulations Eric on a great career - SO FAR! AL
  11. Wendy...the pic of Eric could be life size and in 3-D and it would still be too small for you! FYI...The shirts range in sizes from medium to 2XL in mens and medium to XL in ladies, and they are "relaxed" and not tailored or fitted...that's the best we can do, so order your sizes accordingly. As for the caps, I'll contact our supplier and ask if there is a cap that adjusts any larger than what we currently have. Thanks everyone for the feedback! AL
  12. The new items are in stock NOW @ www.raspberriesonline.com!!
  13. The picture of the new items is now up with the first post in this thread...thanks!
  14. Coming soon to the online store @ www.RaspberriesOnline.com NEW Raspberries Legacy Poster, 11X17, suitable for framing. This beautiful poster includes a classic 2007 concert photo by Gene Taylor, a band discography with cover art for each release and complete track listings. ($15.00 value) NEW Raspberries Logo embroidered black adjustable cap - a much better quality hat with bigger & better quality logo than the cap we sold in 2005. ($20.00 value) Also, we're going to be selling a NEW "Raspberries Gift Set" where we'll include the poster, the cap, the "Distressed" logo T-shirt (now available on the website for $25.00 in both mens AND ladies sizes), and the NEW downloads of two new Raspberries studio tracks recorded in 2007 - the original lineup's first recordings since 1973 - "Substitute" & "No Reply". This set will be a great value and will be much more affordably priced than the $99.95 "Deluxe Gift Set", which was previously the only way to get the two new tracks. Thanks!
  15. The ad I was thinking about was a car commercial (?) where the scene was the front of a house and someone was in a bedroom window looking outside? I also remember a TV show from a couple of years ago, a cop show I think, where GATW was played almost in its entirety during a scene at the end of the episode where the cops were walking through a bar / club, probably looking for a "perp"... Then I think there's a scene from "Almost Famous" where the beginning of GATW is played... Does anyone remember these? My oldtimers disease is catching up with me...
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