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  1. You saw them are they guys? -There are bets being made here!!
  2. Beach was great it was 82 with a nice breeze. Only trouble was- Our sons brought home 10 surfing friends and are now eating us out of house and home.My husband hasn't left the grill yet.I need to bring him a beer so he will keep the smile on his face. thanks for asking Muzza
  3. SORRY make the sweet # 12 I get it now - -Little willy- My kids explained it to me I am a little slow
  4. I added this from another post. I think it burned my brain!! 11. The Sweet -Little willy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZD-M_ZK-It8 Un-natural- is it a guy or a girl in the silver shorts and platform shoes/boots??-far left.
  5. 6.Julia Robert's marriges 7.Brittney spear's marriges 8.jeffier Lopez's marriges 10.Micheal Jackon's marriges 11.Brad Pitt's Marriges ( But who wouldn't marry Brad Pitt?)
  6. I am new to many things.But I am always willing to learn. While getting rid of old cassettes,I came across a few groups I never saw any video's or tv shows appearances.So I looked them up on Youtube. I laughed myself sick. see for your self I knew there was a reason we called My son william-Ryan not "Little Willy"!! What things have you seen that you should not have seen?
  7. 1.Donald Trumps Hair 2.Three Wise Men?? Yuh Right! 3.Michael Jackson 4.estimated miles per gallon 5.Star Jacksons weight loss
  8. One more... The Beautiful rendition of Over the rainbow By The Hawaiian Brudda Iz. Stands on its own beyond The Wizard of OZ classic. 32.over the rainbow -Iz
  9. 27.Thunder and Lighting Polka-J Straus 28.Trying to reason with Hurricane season-Jimmy Buffet 29.Summer nights-KC & Sunshine Band 30.Stars on the water-Jimmy Buffet 31.Butterflies & Hurricanes-The Muse That's It I have no more!!
  10. 16.Banana wind-Jimmy Buffet 17.Kick into second wind-Jimmy Buffe 18.Misty-Ray Stevens 19.That ol' wind-Garth Brooks 20.To Spring -Edvard Grieg 21.She's like the wind-Dirty dancing 22.Hot summer nights-Miami sound machine 23.Moonlite feels right-Starbuck 24.The tide is High- Blondie 25.It came upon a midnight clear 26.Baby its cold outside-Tom Jones
  11. My brain started working again 8.It's in the Rain-Enya 9.Amid the falling snow-Enya 10.Boys(Summertime Love)Sabrina 11.Remember when it rained-Josh Groban 12.silent Night-All is calm,all is bright. Okay it's a stretch! 13.The Four Seasons-Sting 14.Let it snow,Let it snow,Let it snow 15.Bright Sunny South-Alison Krauss,UnionStation They are going w/o me !!! Bye
  12. All Right I'll jump right in- the weather is great here,I am heading for the beach soon so,I will hurry! 1.It's raining men-The Weather Girls 2.Cool Jerk-the Capitols 3.Shakin all over-(Earthquakes)-the Guess Who 4.KC& Sunshine Band 5.Sunshine on my Shoulders-John Denver 6.The other side of summer-Elvis Costello 7.the Wizzard of OZ-(the tornado)
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