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  1. Happy Birthday Eric This year keeps getting better and better! Best wishes for more happiness. B
  2. Super, Great, wonderful ! Clearly, your song has become part of our culture. You must be so pleased. When we meet again you can buy me a Martini .
  3. ABM is all over the media ! Very Cool ! Eric, did your kids notice ? But...The early nude sparkler-holding dad in the Father's Day Awkward Dad photos is fun too. http://www.today.com/id/43356246 #4 of 47
  4. Bessieboo


    I have a few favorites, I love Stag's Leap Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. Jordan - and J wines are a also top of my list. At a girls night in someone brought a bottle of Cupcake Chardonnay I avoided it because of the name, until a friend insisted I have a glass. I do not like sweet wines and I assumed it would be sickly-sweet. I really liked it ! It was crisp, well balanced and bright with a little hint of oak.... I was pleasantly suprised!
  5. Tonight 11:49pm- ish How Cool is that ?!
  6. I have never understood why some people do not or can not celebrate the happiness and success of others. Happiness is so easier or at least must more pleasant. I have friends, acquaintance's plus siblings and children who have different talents and gifts that I do not have. But I LOVE their successes ! They are wonderful! It does not take away from me that they are smarter, prettier, more talented . Poor Kay.... life is so short . Why carry bitterness and envy ? Sing with me... "Let it Go, ......Let it Go..." postscript : Dear EC, I am impressed. For all the many times that this subject has come up, you have always taken the High Rode. I'm sure it would have been easy to let other stories out, you did not " Go there". It shows you were raised better than that, I am pleased to have met you. You sir, are a Gentleman.
  7. I could not agree more ! 1974,who would want to live and dwell in that era ?..... I was preteen and never heard GATW (sheltered life). Now, we have all the joy and wonders ahead of us without the obligations. Looking forward to new EC music !
  8. Cool ! I can't wait, I have memorized my charge card numbers so I can be speedy! When ?
  9. My Daddy loved them and played their records over and over. I think this is where I acquired my passion love for tight Harmony. God, Bless him and his family.
  10. You go, Girl ! I hope you are blessed with happiness and abundance !
  11. Happy New Year, I welcome 2014 2013 gave me great times and great friends, good health, abundance and terrific travels and a loss of a dear friend . Blessings for this New Year
  12. I sat next to Frankie V less than a year ago on a flight from JFK to Syracuse. He said he was heading to Turning Stone Casino/Resort, he was very chatty and warm - it may have been the scotch my sweetie-pie treated us all to (not great) but the best Jetblue had to offer. Frankie V was a very nice man to share a flight with and hope to see again. Love the Music !
  13. OOooo James, ! Good Choice , The Bacardi family are huge in South Florida. I never knew anything about them except them but for the Rum and Money. I am going to download this asap. This is may be a name to look for in politics for the future. Very interesting.
  14. This made me physically ill when I saw it today. Just last year my husband and youngest son ran in this race. It seems like just yesterday I was waiting for them to cross the finish line. There are too many crazy people.
  15. Proof of Heaven- Eben Alexander I just received this as a gift and didn't have time to start it until now. I'll have let you know more later. Anyone read something good lately ?
  16. I love She Remembered, I can't help leaning in when it comes on. It seems so personal, almost like a whisper.
  17. I find it very interesting the songs that click for people.
  18. Love it ! Thanks, Bernie
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