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  1. Don't know is this has already been posted
  2. Happy Birthday EC ! I hope this year is full of even more blessings. B
  3. This song gets stuck in my head
  4. Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together .... Look for Paul !
  5. Tina Parol - Who's Got Your Money Hahaha
  6. So Sad. Very talented brave Lady . We have lost a Treasure
  7. James ,I would never call my husband and sons bee drones ..... to their faces. They are all good, honorable men of very highest Integrity, I could not be More proud of them The caterers are cleaning the last of party mess and the dinner guests are gone. My guess is that our sons and their friends are either going to our sons homes or heading to the beach to continue the birthday V-day festivities. I wish you all love, contentment and happiness
  8. Usually, we go to a favorite place on South Beach. but this year we went to Ft Lauderdale beach. South Beach is so full of tourist this week we opted to go north. We always celebrate early or late of February 14 because it is our oldest son's birthday . Tomorrow February 14, we will have grilled steaks, shrimp, scallops ,corn, greens and some kind of potato,lemon pasta,amuse bouche, cicchetti,full bar and many appetizers, plus Birthday cake with about 20 of Adam's friends out on the pool deck. Nothing makes me happier than to have our home full of family and friends Happy Valentine's Day PS: I did receive a lovely very large, deep russian amethyst pendant from my husband. He is a very adept jewelry giver
  9. I always loved Dr Hook's A little bit more
  10. I I am crazy about Kevin Sloan's work I Love his quirky whimsical style B
  11. I am wishing a Blessed 2015 to all ! 2014 and 2013 were tough years for me. Here's to hoping 2015 is a Great year.
  12. Thank you Bernie for the Christmas gifts Merry Christmas !
  13. I'm taking a break from all the baking and prep-cooking to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all. I have so much to be grateful for and so much to remember this year. I have lost two very beloved family members and sigh with deep tears of loss. Thankfully, there is more to give thanks for then there are regrets. I Thank God for Giving and Forgiving, I hope you all have abundance and love. Happy Thanksgiving !
  14. It's still too warm for Disney, wait until at least Oct. 24... or later for pleasant weather . Universal has Halloween Horror Nights ... but be prepared for the scariest group of unwashed masses you will ever want to mingle with... I am inferring to the other creepy visitors Not the Workers. Too many frights for me.... But, Do go to Disney for your Victory Lap! It is Especially Important for your children to see your success. They do Not get it ..... yet. B
  15. Modern Family has the funniest writing ! Daughter's boyfriend -"Mr D, can I borrow your Tux" ? Phil -"Sure, but it's double breasted," Daughter's boyfriend - "That's okay, so am I".
  16. I can not say that I am upset by the slippery slope the NFL has chosen. We gave up our season tickets for many reasons........ I do not like being around smelly drunks or the unwashed masses. At Home....... We have a better view of the game Beer is not $ 13 ,plus,the ladies do not have to settle for beer. Bathroom facility's never require wading Friends,fans and food are always first quality The NFL may need to re-think the football experience.
  17. My husband did get the new smart phone today. No waiting in line or wait list. In reality, he will never use all the technology that is available in this phone and he doesn't care. Sunday, He dropped his old phone in the men's room of JFK......I didn't ask any other questions.... I just handed him a z-lock bag and hand sanitizer. It may have been saved but ....yuck. I think he wanted the bigger screen so he doesn't have to use his glasses. B
  18. I think GATW has thoroughly spanked Cherry Bomb ! B
  19. We are ahead ! Let's make a larger lead
  20. We could vote Go All The Way to #1 in the next few days. I never cared for Cherry Bomb .
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