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  1. I just saw that Prince is dead at 57. Is this true ?
  2. Rest in peace Sonny James. My Dad loved his music. youtube.com/watch?v=fMRq7h82nkM
  3. This is a big deal legacy-wise for the Raspberries. Will anyone other than Jessie Bryson be banking anything for the use for their names and music ? I hope they all make big money$$$$$!
  4. Where do you go when the party ends?
  5. Too Cool You Rock, Jim ! We are our drinking martinis in your honor .
  6. Wonderful! Another southerner who understands black eyed peas, greens and corn bread for New Year's ! Since I am in South Florida we have to incorporate roast pig and the 12 grapes and cider as well as champagne at midnight. We have a huge Cuban and S American group of neighbors we accommodate. As a nod to my husband's upbringing we will have Utica greens. I had to give the caterer the recipe. I am sure they can manage, I have never completely handed it over. But I want to have fun too, which has never be the case before.
  7. We have the honor/duty of hosting the New Year's 2016 extravaganza this year. We are planning for 50+ and hoping it will be clear so can enjoy the outside. Caterer's, dj and bar are hired and I have until Tuesday or Wednesday to confirm the tent. I do prefer attending a party to giving a party but it is our turn to host. It is easier that our sons are adult as well as their friends. I do like their friends better now that they are not trouble looking for a place to happen. God bless and Happy 2016 !
  8. Hahaha ! This cracked my up. After all these years I still think of EC at New Year's. Tuesday, the DJ will be here again. I hope to have a new play list. B
  9. https://youtu.be/t8DH2TdmVGU
  10. Way better than Mariah carey https://youtu.be/I1VkMBi9vvw Vince Vance & the Valiants - All I Want For Christmas Is You
  11. Nothing worse than being betrayed by a family member.
  12. I have no need to join a harum; since I have my own male-heerum. James, you are too funny !
  13. James..... You are so naughty !
  14. King of sad songs ...... Roy Orbison
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