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  1. SFla or the Eastern Carribean is soooooo much better this time of year. But, I love to visit Winter. In less than a 14 days we head to upstate NY.
  2. Wow Colder than Hell ! Stay warm !
  3. Eric is rockin in his spiked jacket..... Love I absolutly love Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes voices together but...... I truly wished Jennifer Warnes had a better personal stylist. Super bad fem-tuxeto !!!! ?? I don't know her ........................but.. Jennifer W............. Unfortunate fashion choices
  4. It's 72* this morning not a cloud in the sky. Perfection
  5. I have not seen this one before Have you ?
  6. That piano sounds like the one at my grandmother's house
  7. I just got home from the Carribean to cool weather here in south Florida. I was surprised to hear about the crazy cold up north. Are you keeping warm? What do you do while this weather is blowing ? Is it a binge watching day or are you catching up on house work?
  8. Not Rock, but Robert Plant and Alison Krauss -Sister Rosetta goes before us I love love love Alison Krauss
  9. We are in the eastern Caribbean clear skies and we saw the eclipse last night. I don't know about a Super Blood Wolf Moon It was pink here Beautiful !
  10. Okay , I have No idea why 2 become 1 . I tried to delete the second video........ but it may be some kind of message.
  11. Spice Girls I'll tell you what I want What I really, really want Read more: Spice Girls - Wannabe Lyrics | MetroLyrics
  12. Beyonc'e is Rockin If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it
  13. He tells me in his bedroom voice"Come on, honey, let's go make some noise" Who could forget James !
  14. We saw the Righteous Brothers in Ft Lauderdale tonight it was excellent! Bill Medley and his new partner Bucky Heard are a terrific match and Bill Medley's daughter was one of the background singers. McKenna Medley joined her dad for Time of My Life, the girl can sing! Here she is
  15. As a kid I thought Secret agent man was Secret Asian man. I wasn't too bright
  16. lenny and the squigtones .....sit down relax and dance We kiss in a phone booth or under a car............. I am so very easily entertained we are like lollipops and caviar
  17. Beach,baby,beach and the unfortunate choice of tight white pants 2:14
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