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  1. I'm so sad. God bless Eric and his family.😢
  2. C’mon Bessieboo…We need you to post…

  3. C’mon Bessieboo…POST SOMETHING…

  4. C’mon Bessieboo…Post and let us know everything is ok…

  5. C’mon Bessieboo…Come out of hiding…

  6. C’mon Bessieboo…Come out of hiding…

  7. Too sad. God bless Ian God bless Wendy
  8. Bessieboo


    Happy Birthday, Lew !
  9. 2020 !!! God Bless you all with health, happiness,abundance and ....fun !!!!
  10. Bessieboo


    Hahaha You all are fabulous !! * Please note that I didn't say ya'll even though I really wanted to
  11. After we felt the chill in the air in upstate NY we headed south. I am currently in sunny south Florida for Christmas. My mom is not doing well. We have been in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Corsica, Italy, Monaco this year. I did not lose a dime in Monaco.... my husband not so much. We want to pack in as much travel while we can enjoy, life is short. In the coming new year we are planning a wedding for our oldest son. BTW - My eyes are not bluish purple, but the twitch is real
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