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  1. Happy Birthday Eric. i wish you happiness and prosperity! i wish for all the stars and wing! kayo.
  2. kayo

    Member #1,000?

    i'm sorry to have kept silent for such a long time. i puzzled to wall of language!(?) but i cheered Eric's music all the time!! i'm all right!! kayo
  3. Ye~~~~~~~~s. I'll leave Nagoya on 5th Feb. I'm loolking forward to the day. kayo
  4. Thanks,Great videos!!!!! Tears rolled down my cheeks. The first thing is enjoy the music for single mother!!!! Eric is AMAZING,SOPHISTICATED,GREAT・・・・ kayo
  5. Happy New Year to Eric! You attract a lot of fan. My door remained open.
  6. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Eric!! Thanks so much. Eric's song, sound, voice・・・・All are the Oasis of my life. Please shine forever!!! kayo
  7. kayo

    Route 66

    Thank's Lee! I will be search for it. kayo
  8. I love Eric's original still. kayo
  9. kayo

    Member #1,000?

    I noticed gradually a lot of things on this board. Languages is very difficult. I took matters easy. I feel my stupidity. I have a trust,I will love Eric Carmen, Raspberries and his fan. kayo
  10. kayo

    Member #1,000?

    How wonderful the 1,000th members! Fabulous! Eric is a person remarkable ability. kayo
  11. Thanks Larry! I saw Clapton’s live last month. I was impressed very much by his play. But most Japanese spectators disappointed me. Sadly, The music scene of Japan doesn't to my liking. kayo
  12. kayo

    Route 66

    Yes,He was that good. "ROUTE66" "SMILE" is my favorite. also,Let me know your recommend music. Thanks,kayo
  13. "Something" "Isn't it A Pity" "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" are wonderful!!! CLAPTON's guitar is crying. I want to hear "Something" by Eric's voice. If someone wants it, I could send. kayo
  14. kayo

    Route 66

    Today,I wanted to hear the original Version of "ROUTE 66" and bought "NAT KING COLE's CD" good good good !! kayo
  15. I have that CD."Live in Japan George Harrison with Eric Clapton and his band" That's good!! kayo
  16. Billy! In Japan, it has not snowed yet. Is it colder when I go to Seattle? kayo
  17. Trindy,Thank you for your wonderful report
  18. Billy,Thank you for your replying. I have plan to stay in Seattle Downtown. It is near the Pike Place Market. I love Seattle. kayo
  19. I'm going to Seattle during 14days from February 5 next year. If there is time,I will want to visit to Cleveland. How long does it takes from Seattle to Cleveland? Please let me know a recommend place? kayo
  20. Marv、The day of gratitude shines in your heart. It always continues being in your beautiful heart. love kayo
  21. Today is Labor Thanksgiving Day. It's a holiday by luck! It seems to be very cold in outside,and it is gloomy although it is daytime. I'm reading(translating desperately) the "Raspberries TONIGHT!" as listening to music. Please,enjoy today! kayo
  22. Chris, I also think so. kayo
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