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  1. Not me...Since my kids were born, I have savored EVERY minute with them...taking it ALL in.
  2. Light Hvy! in 75 I was 127, 76, 135. My Mom would not let me fight starting at 14. I snuck for 3 years! My Dad and brothers knew! Great sport that they're killing. Need Floyd to fight Manny!
  3. You boxed GMan? What weight? I must have fought a dozen PAL guys!
  4. Go buy a cheap lap top! I saw an Acer at best Buy for $299!
  5. Don't try and pin this on me, you're the one that spouted off about Dave, without knowing what you were talking about. I just called you on it. Next time send a pm. PS, you're not the only person who been through a divorce...don't lecture me on points of parenting...please.
  6. Making false assumptions is not cool. Especially when it's someone you don't know. You you have a concern, send a pm. That last sentence amounted to a personal attack...even though Dave is being cool about it.
  7. That's why this site has a PM feature.Making false assumptions is not cool.
  8. Well yeah, but I know a bitch when I read about one.
  9. I feel Dave has been slandered here. I call bullshit.
  10. Going to jail for being in arrears, when you are out of work, is not a whimsical thing. Have you ever spent time in the cooler? Didn't think so.
  11. Belle, Do you have first hand knowledge that Lobster's Ex is a fulltime Mom and does not work? I hope so.
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