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  1. I am proud to say say I am Facebook page originator Michael Fennelly's [Crabby Appleton] right hand man on that page. Come join us! FACEBOOK - Nigel-Tufnel-day
  2. It's a ten count for Joe. R.I.P Champ.
  3. I was a student of Frazier's style, and learned , from watching his fights, something I used to great effect in mine. Double left hook. get inside, use the right hand to clinch around the opponents neck, with head on his right shoulder dig the hook at the liver, immediately come back upstair to the head.If you were a good hook thrower [i was], it's devestating. Hang in there Joe.
  4. I feel sorry for you.[For missing the Beatles]
  5. I watched it...Fantastic! I was at that fight.
  6. I found Wally's "When factories were king, and America was America" bit very funny!
  7. Wally revealed last night, this was recorded in Dave Burke's basement.I spent alot of time in that basement.
  8. This song, which Wally led off with last night, is, to me, the finest song of the 60s without a proper 60s release...
  9. Wally opened with "I'd Rather You Leave Me" played solo on his 12 string rick. Dave Burke and Randy Klawon joined Wally for It's cold outside. Scott of course sang "Play On" which kicked all kinds of ass. Rich Spina and Billy Sullivan back Wally on most of the Fotomaker and Raspberries stuff. Wally closed with "Party's Over". Wally was as funny as a good stand up comedian!
  10. Happy Birthday Marv, I'll be joining you and Tim in an hour or so!
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