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  1. Bosco. Micky's Banana Flips, Frosty's Root Beer, and Dog and Suds.
  2. The song, my favorite song ever peaked at #32 nationally, yet hit #5 on WIXY in Cleveland!
  3. The great thing is I can hear, smell taste and feel that moment like it happened 5 minutes ago.
  4. To this day,my favorite song!
  5. You know, it is...one of my favorites.
  6. Christmas Eve 1965, went to my Grandparents house on E66th in Cleveland. My Mom would buy a pack of hydrox vanilla cookies once a week. Between three boys, they lasted about five minutes...and that was it for the week...BUT...at my Grandmother's house...it was right out of a movie, shelf after shelf of sweets! She would let us go nuts! I can close my eyes and see it right now...aaahhhhh. Anyway, I remember this Christmas Eve for a very special reason. It was Cold, and snowy that evening, I can actually smell the winter's air as I type this. We were loaded up with our presents from grandfather and grandmother, and all of the sudden this wonderful sound came out of their fancy hi-fi. I stopped dead as the wonderful guitar gave way to the greatest melody ...and then...THE HARMONIES! I actually refused to move, and I asked my Aunt Pat if that was the Beatles on the radio,[Keep in mind, I'm 7 years old]"No, it's The Hollies",she said. I listened until they played that final wonderful Dm chord, and walked out into that cold super crisp air, arms full of presents, and a new favorite song, "Look Through Any Window" which, to this day, is a Christmas song to me. And I know the EXACT day I first heard it. That's all.
  7. JohnO, Where do you get that you offended me? Nothing you said offended me.
  8. Talk about a non story!I like Tebow, have no problem with him being vocal about his faith, and his team has been winning games they should have lost.But enough already! LOL!
  9. Ernie's little brother Danny. Romeo Anya, Rafeal Herrera, Rubuen Olivares,George "Windmill" Wright!
  10. hollies65

    Favre Frets

    Tough being a Browns fan..for sure. Rodgers on the other hand is playing as well as any QB I have ever seen...but three seasons does not make a career!
  11. That's not the point...the point is I did box as a young man, for years. During that time Ali, and to a lesser extent Frazier were idols to me [And I'm sure Gman]...I remember them as Young, and in teriffic shape. It's sobering, and yes, it definetly makes one think of their own mortality.It hardly means we dwell on it all day!
  12. That picture makes guys my age very aware of their own mortality.
  13. I LOVE TRAFFIC & WEATHER, however, the first two FOW albums remain their best work IMO.
  14. Other than Stacy's Mom, they are not real well known here either. One of my favorite present day bands!
  15. This clip in particular is a mindblower...lots of talent in this band!
  16. Have the best Birthday John! Dos Santos over Cain...you heard it here first!
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