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  1. One of the best concerts I've ever seen, And I've seen plenty!
  2. Thanks! Tony, all you have to do is click notifications and shut em off!
  3. Hey guys! I still have to log in with a temp password whenever i come here,Thanks for the Birthday wishes!
  4. Well, they are MY picks, and I'd add, New York Dolls/Too Much, Too Soon...The Cars/The Cars...The Dictators/Go Girl Crazy and Full House/J Geils Band& Frampton/Peter Frampton.
  5. In no order... Ziggy Stardust/David Bowie Big Star/#1 Record Dave Edmunds/Repeat When Necessary Raspberries/Side Three Flamin Groovies/ Shake Some Action Sensational Alex Harvey Band/Next Artful Dodger/Artful Dodger Fleetwood Mac/ Rumours On The Border/Eagles Boz Scaggs/Silk Degrees Present Tense/The Shoes Jesus Of Cool/Nick Lowe Armed Forces/ Elvis Costello Blondie/Blondie Bob Dylan/Desire
  6. Pretender...good list. Kudos for In Color and Shades In Bed.Well done.
  7. Hollies fans, this would include the folks who voted them into the R&R HOF, are familiar with their catalog. Non fans are not.
  8. "Let him Run Wild", Farmers Daughter, In The Back Of My Mind, "Girl From NYC"[!!!!], Surf's Up, "Girls on The Beach", "Girl Don't tell Me", "Warmth Of The Sun", "The Lonely Sea", "Wild Honey" ...
  9. Well, it's a great song...and they're Cheap Trick.
  10. There was NO hype. I bought the record on the advice of a fellow music lover. I bought #1 Record, which had the three songs i posted, and is as far from unlistenable as you can get.
  11. Spoken like someone who has no idea of their catalog.
  12. If I was picking the songs for this tour, these would get played somewhere along the line..."Hawaii"..."Farmer's Daughter"..."Wild Honey"..."Let Him Run Wild"..."In The Back of My Mind"..."Guess i'm Dumb". Anyone know if any of those made an appearance this tour?????
  13. All you need rfrom J Geils is Full House, one of the greatest live albums ever!
  14. Mike Love is a clown and is all about the money. He was a crucial part in the BBs sound no doubt. If Brian tolerates him, I will.
  15. I see FB having staying power...however, I would never invest in it!
  16. BBs are #1 on Amazon. Brian has long said he like another hit BBs album. Such a nice story.
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