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  1. Saw this thread and thought I'd add some comments. The only Raspberrie to visit my studio (so far) is Dave who stopped by for an afternoon to review the show with me. I do own and use the original console from Western Studio 2 where some of the Beach Boys records were recorded, although most were cut down the hall in Western Studio 3. I don't have any original Smile tapes here although almost all the Beach Boys tapes have been here at one time or other for various archival projects. Some of the BBs projects that have been mixed here include the Good Vibrations boxset, The Pet Sounds Sessions box and the first stereo and later surround mix of the original album. Also the boys Hawthorne set, Live at Knebworth etc. Brian's projects here include Smile, Live at the Roxy, Pet Sounds Live, the Smile DVD and the Carnegie Hall NPR live Smile show, Bran's Xmas album and untold singles and demo recordings. And even some records by non Beach Boy related artists. You can see a few pix of the control room on my website at www.ypomr.com where there are also some links to other articles about the studio........Mark
  2. Jason wrote "There's my .02 Mark- I'm curious, are you an analog advocate or a digital believer? " A bit more than two cents I think........ quite a rundown of the various digital formats. Thanks. To answer your question I prefer digital as a storage medium and often record at 88.2/ 24 bit, but I still mix through an analog API console which is how the live CD/ DVD was done. I like to think of Pro-tools as a big ultra-fancy tape deck that allows me to do all sorts of creative things like editing that were laborious or impossible on actual tape. The quality of analog to digital converters (and vice versa) has been improving steadily in recent years and imo unless you want the "good" distortion that overdriving analog tape can provide, digital can and does sound just as good and in some ways better than analog. That said I have made records in the "old days" (1990's) on 44.1/ 16 bit digital tape decks that still sound good to me. This is of course a very subjective discussion, but overall let me say that digital audio, like multi-track tape, and analog tape itself all have made enormous changes in the way music is recorded. None are in and of themselves "better" . They are merely tools that can be used creatively and as I like to say for good or evil. Mark
  3. Actually the diff. you are hearing between the 5.1 and the stereo mix on the DVD is probably the dolby encoding on the surround which does all sorts of odd things to the audio. The levels would also be somewhat difft. but fidelity-wise the uncompressed PCM stereo would be the higher quality track...... Mark
  4. Much more importantly the project got released........But thanks for the effort. Mark
  5. Question - How many LPs have you engineered, produced, mixed, etc.? It's gotta be in the hundreds, I'm guessing...Has it mostly been live shows? Just curious.... I've been doing this for over 30 years (ouch!) so it may well be in the hundreds. Probably more studio albums than live ones actually, but I've always loved doing live records" , and have had various forms of live recording gear since the mid 80's. My recent projects have included Billy Ray Cyrus' new CD which is climbing the country charts, the fourth album from the Oakland cow punk band Red Meat plus a lot of work with Brian Wilson demoing songs for his new project. Mark
  6. Here's the tech info for the project: The show was recorded on a 48 track hard disc recorder at a samping rate of 88.2 khz/ 24 bit and then mixed through an analog API console back to digital for both the CD and DVD. Mark
  7. You're welcome. I wore out my original copy of "Starting Over" when it came out (still have it) and even transferred it to CD before the album was issued in the UK a few years back. So working with the band on this live project was a thrill for me as well , and a definate career high point. Mark
  8. I wish there was such a picture. Tho I've spent hours on the phone with JIm and especially Eric, we only met at the HOB show nearly two years ago. Thanks for the nice comments about the project. I am very proud of being involved and happy that it has finally been released. Mark Linett
  9. HDCD (high deinition compact disc) refers to the audio only and is a means of encoding a 24 bit digital signal onto a standard 16 bit CD. It can be decoded by CD players having HDCD decoders (there would be the HDCD logo on the front of the player) , but it also improves the sound on all players. The video is not HD, but incredible all the same. Hope that helps....... Mark
  10. Actually "It's Cold Outside" is on the special edition DVD along with a nice slide show. This bonus live track came from one of the other shows on the tour..... Mark
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