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  1. I said Yankees in 6... maybe I should go to Vegas. It was an exciting series... the Yankees were the better team. Arod learned to hit... and Godzilla was the MVP as I also predicted.
  2. Submissions are due Saturday night for MVP Voting in the World Series... I decided to give an extension for the people that didnt vote yet.
  3. Game 1 was spectacular... Cliff Lee's behind the back catch... complete game... Mvp canidate. The Yankees looked dazed and Confused... the fans pulled an Atlanta Braves and left early.
  4. Extension: Okay I will take submissions until saturday night.... not alot of people have voted in.
  5. Go to "Nobody Knows" and "Name that Baseball Player" And name the World Series Mvp for huge bonus points. Submission due before game time tonite!
  6. Hey everyone! Go To "Nobody Knows" and Pick World Series MVP at "Name that Baseball Player" Submissions due tonight.
  7. Joe Girardi is a class act and he grew up in the Chicago area. I wont say I am rooting for the Yanks... as a Cub fan not much of a Phillies fan.
  8. Although Wendy is making me a Phillies fan...
  9. Former Chicago Cub Joe Girardi is the manager. I like the Yankees in 6.
  10. Sorry I missed this one as well. Those were players.
  11. Glad your not into fantasy football... Happy Birthday!
  12. Eric Ipod related question: old, new, Raspberies, Solo material... what are you listening to?
  13. These Rockband games are a challenge... you have to have quick fingers.
  14. Here's a medley of all the songs it contains. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgPUqMQU7Vk&annotation_id=annotation_910405&feature=iv
  15. Anyone else pick this up on it's release date of 9-9-9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04JlvZZTQOI
  16. Farve is always good for at least 2 interceptions per game. Bears could have their best year in awhile.... 10-6 season is in order.
  17. The Bears have a new QB: Jay Cutler were all excited but on the other hand he doesnt have anyone to throw to.
  18. Eric, Do you have a top 10 list of your favorite Covers of songs that you Wrote... Raspberries or Solo.
  19. Like in the baseball league I dont think anyone will mind being in two leagues?? Fantasy Football is alot easier to manage.
  20. Please send invite for free league to my address mjk123@sbcglobal.net have been in a financial bind because of the recession. Cubbiefanmike
  21. Funny stuff.. I would add album covers by Loverboy, Chicago -Hot Streets and anything by the Bay City Rollers to the list.
  22. Why.... ? The Beatles... thats Why.
  23. Looking forward to football season... for obvious reasons.
  24. It is said that American Idol Runner up was asked to front Queen. He said that he wants to do a solo album but would consider Queen as well. Anyone have any thoughts on this.
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